Google Technical Program Manager Salary

Google is a multinational company in America that focuses on search engines, cloud computing, computer software, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, etc. It is one of the biggest power companies in the world. It is also one of the most valuable brands in the world. Let’s know more about Google technical program manager salary.

Google technical program manager salary

On 4th September 1998 google was founded by Sergy Ben and Larry Page, the Ph.D. students of Standard University, California. They togetherly own a 14% share of this company. In 2004, the company became publicly by (IPO). Google-owned the subsidiary of 

Alphabet.Inc in 2015. On 24th October 2015, Sundar Pichai became the new CEO of this company replacing Larry Page. Pichai also became the CEO of Alphabet on 3rd December 2019.

This company has rapid growth and holds a dominant position in the market. Google also offers multiple products and services like email, navigation, cloud computing, operating system, productivity, artificial intelligence, gaming, web browser, music streaming, and many more.


The highly technological innovation of Google is aimed at solving the biggest problems of humans. Some of those are quantum computing, smart cities, self-driving cars, and transformers models. Like Facebook and Twitter, Google and youtube are the most visited sites. Google is the largest web browser, navigation, search engine, video-sharing platform, email provider, mobile operating system, photo and cloud storage, AI virtual assistant, and office suite in this world that is measured by market share. Google is ranked 2nd in the list of most valuable brands and ranks 4th by Interbrand. The first Google logo was designed by Sergey Brin. Since 1998, Google always designed a temporary logo for every special event and occasion which is seen on the home page of Google. Google also has a tradition of creating jokes on April Fool’s day. 

Technical program manager: The technical program manager plays a vital role, they have to use their technical skill to lead a complicated project from the beginning to the end. They also have to work with stakeholders to plan for the requirements. They also have to take risks in many cases, manage projects, and communicate clearly with the company partners. They have a lot of responsibilities like they have to manage a technical team and growing the team. They also have to solve many inter-team problems and challenges. And also to manage many normal to highly complicated projects. Last but not least build a positive relationship through good communication and a trustful one. As program managers, they have to join the cloud platforms team. They have to mobilize the cross-functional teams and also deliver solutions and some decision-making in market solutions that help the customers to get success in the cloud. In this role, they have to face many engineering problems and lead a team for better production, and also to manage the teams through discipline to finish the work in proper time. They also have to resolve many problems.

Responsibilities: They have to mentor, lead, manage and grow a technical team. They also have to set a vision and direct the program by outlining its goals. They also have to enable the execution among the multiple groups and also to get engaged with the engineers and also with the product leaders and other TPM groups to manage the objectives and the results, released on time, and many more. They also have to help their teammates to make the work easier for them, and finish it in time resulting in a successful execution of the project.

Skill required: Must be a graduate in Computer Science, related to the same field of engineering or practical experience. They can also lead some functional programs, manage some stakeholders, and handle a team in a large organization.


 The salary of the technical program manager depends on their level of them. Mainly the salary of them is between $172k to $522. The total salary of level 3 is $172k with a bonus of $18k. Like this, the salary of level 4 is $229k with a bonus of $25k. Level 5 gets a total salary of $297k with a bonus of $32k. Level 6 gets $389k as a total and $50 as a bonus. Level 7 gets $522k as the total salary with a bonus of $67k.


The minimum qualifications needed for this position are:

The applicant has to complete a bachelor’s degree in CSE (Computer Science Engineering) or related to some technical field. And a technical experience of 5 years with 2 years of experience in managing a team of technical operators or engineering. Also, some experience working with sales, marketing teams, engineers, and services.

It is much better if someone has a master’s degree or Ph.D. degree or the same experience in Engineering, technical-related fields, or computer science. Have some experience in hiring, and leading teams, and also some good communication skills to handle the clients, and the ability to solve the software engineering challenges.

Google is an amazing company that offers humans, a lot of facilities like a search engine, video interaction, a video streaming platform, a map for navigation, an assistant, and a lot more. It is one of the biggest companies in the world. We can also say that Google is a brand. It also helps us with advertising, giving us information about anything and makes our life a bit easier. 


We can also do online shopping with the help of Google. Google changed the lifestyle of the people compared to the old days, now we can get any information, news, stocks price, and many more from that one place, which is Google. Google helps us in the study also. Now the technical program manager of Google plays a vital role in the company, by which we can get better results from Google. The manager leads, manages, communicates with everybody to make complex projects, and many more. We should be thankful to all the people who work in this company and also to this excellent company for giving us such facilities and making our life so easy and simple

Google Technical Program Manager Salary

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