Navy Job Titles – Know More

While getting a job or building a career in the navy might seem astoundingly difficult and complex, the wide variety of job titles/roles available makes it quite effortless for people to settle into distinct roles. Having a career in the navy is well-revered, and exhilarating and comes with approvingly patriotic responsibilities and duties. However, for different departments, there are different job roles each concomitant with its perks and cons. 

Navy Job Titles

In the USA, one needs an average targeted score of at least 35 for each subject in ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test to become eligible for navy job titles. Based on your scores and other factors (health, physical strength, etc.) your eligibility is tested and, a job role is allotted. A broad spectrum of job roles is available in the navy. 

Job designations are enumerated below

  • Navy Diver
  • Aircrewman
  • Navy electrician
  • Military Police
  • Mass communications specialist
  • Structural Mechanic
  • Culinary Specialist
  • Damage control man
  • Electronic technician
  • Navy legal man
  • Air traffic controller
  • Navy pilot
  • Navy intelligence specialist

Navy Diver (ND)

  • A navy diver has to perform a lot of duties: supervising diving operations, conducting underwater dives, explosive demolitions, salvage operations, ship repair operations, battle operations, warfare operations, port and harbor security, etc. Sometimes, navy divers are supposed to perform certain submarine rescue operations as well. Navy divers are not only provided with their respective toolkits of equipment but also are trained for every operation beforehand.
  • The average salary of a Navy Diver in the USA is $60,000/-


  • The job title, Aircrewman, has different sub-roles depending on the branch of an individual. For example, an individual might be Aircrewman Mechanical (AWF), Aircrewman Operator (AWO), Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter (AWR), Aircrewman Helicopter (AWS), and Aircrewman Avionics (AWV). While most of the assignments given to Aircrewman are situated near the near, only a few of them might take place in the air as well. Aircrewman is generally responsible for guiding ways to the navy teams.
  • The average salary of an Aircrewman in the USA is $50,000/-

Navy Electrician

  • Navy electricians are responsible for managing and maintaining the electrical systems by laying out a wide range of electrical tests. They have to ensure safety and security as well whilst maintaining smooth connectivity and power flow. An individual might be asked to work on a variety of electricity-related systems like power generators, convertors, ACs, DCS, etc. a navy electrician is also responsible for battery storage, power backups, power distribution, connecting circuits (interior wiring, switchboards, telephone repairment, etc.), etc.
  • The average salary of a Navy Electrician in the USA is $47,000/-

Military Police

  • Naval military police work along with other armed forces of a country to ensure safety and proper functioning and regulation of public interests. They ensure the execution of military laws from time to time to maintain dignity, and peace and control crimes performed against a country or within a country.  A set of naval rules have been established by the government of every country for the safety of their country. Navy police have to ensure the regulation of these rules. Alternatively, naval military Police are also known as Master-at-Arms (MA).
  • The average Salary of a Naval Military Police in the USA is $70,000/-

Mass Communication Specialist

  • A navy mass communication specialist’s job is to creatively communicate through stories and media to a wide range of audiences. They need to draft, create, and publish information regarding navy officers, navy proceedings, and other things to communicate effectively and efficiently. They are not only responsible for finding and creating effective solutions to make communication easy and strategic but also responsible for handling public relations commendably. 
  • The average salary of a mass communication specialist in the USA is $60,000/-

Structural Mechanic

  • An Aviation Structural Mechanic is responsible for the safety of aircraft, equipment, utility systems, air conditioning, etc. they are not only responsible for the safety but also for ensuring the proper functioning of these equipment and utility systems from time to time. It is also considered one of the highest-paying professions. AM and AME are also responsible for maintaining hydraulic power systems, aircraft power systems, engines, navy ships, generators, etc. 
  • The average Salary of a structural mechanic in the USA is $60,000/-

Culinary Specialist (CS)

  • A navy culinary specialist’s job is to prepare food and dining facilities for navy staff and members. A culinary specialist deals with the procedures of the kitchen and food. They are not only responsible for cooking and preparing meals for everyone but also are required to store and organize food products as per the requirements. They perform all the budgeting, rationing, and storing activities as well. Sometimes, they are also required to perform double duty (as a soldier).
  • The average salary of a culinary specialist in the USA is $62,000/-

Damage Control Man

  • Damage control Manis responsible for controlling the damages and ensuring safety at times of emergencies. They are provided proper training regarding first aid, illness and injury prevention, aids, accident care, ship stability, firefighting, defense, etc. They are required to conduct certain local operations whilst ensuring the safety and protection of people as well as the environment.
  • The average salary of a damage control man in the USA is $52,000/-

Electronic Technician

  • To be an Electronic Technician in the navy is not an easy job. An individual has to perform a lot of duties like detecting, tracking, and identifying equipment and other stuff as per the requirements of the operation allotted. an electronic technician has to follow through complex adversities and directions to assemble, organize and repair electronic systems and configurations. Therefore, an electronic technician must be detail-focused and must possess high problem-solving aptitudes.
  • The average salary of an electronic technician in the USA is $61,000/-

Navy legal man (LN)

  • A navy legal man has to perform many duties like making provisions, handling legal proceedings and legal cases, maintaining legal documents, providing justice, legal administration, and assistance, etc. they are majorly considered responsible for providing support to higher authorities in their legal proceedings and maintaining legal functioning of the navy efficiently. They supervise the proper and effective functioning of courts, court inquiries, proceedings, and other legal matters.
  • The average salary of a navy egal man in the USA is $85,000/-

Air Traffic Controller

  • An air traffic controller is responsible for detecting and tracing ships and aircraft. They are not only responsible for maintaining records of aircraft and ships those lands or leave the station but also the enemy aircraft and ships to ensure safety and security. They provide direction and guidance to crafts and ships, making the route easy for them to travel. 
  • The average salary of an Air Traffic Controller in the USA is $52,000/-

Navy Pilot

  • A navy pilot’s job is not only intriguing and seemingly astounding but also pays extremely well. Navy pilots are responsible for operating aircraft, ships, and other carriers like helicopters. They need to be highly skilled not only to operate but also to carry out certain missions and operations. They are also required to carry equipment, troops, and sometimes people to carry out their local operations successfully. 
  • The average salary of a navy pilot in the USA is $200,000/-

Navy Intelligence Specialist

  • A navy specialist is responsible for collecting information, analyzing and organizing it to publish it. Their primary goal is to plan and build strategies, missions, executions, tactics, implications, etc. to ease out their processes. They are required to perform necessary creative problem-solving strategies, prepare reports and create inventive solutions. Navy intelligence specialists are also required to extrapolate information from time to time whilst carrying out myriad assigned projects. 
  • The average salary of a navy intelligence specialist in the USA is $57,000/-

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the lowest rank in the Navy?

Seaman Recruit is the lowest rank in the navy. A seaman recruits not only recruits but also performs cleaning, sweeping, washing, general maintenance, sanitation, repairing, and other duties. They are responsible for handling various generic equipment like (lifeguard jackets, clothing, ropes, buckets, boats, etc.)

2. What are the duties of a navy hospital corpsman?

A navy hospital Corpsman has to provide treatment and first aid to the injured and suffering, assist doctors and physicians, maintain patient records, provide proper medications, diagnose patients, take general care of patients, etc.   

3. What are the various types of Navy officers?

There are different ranks for navy officers – commissioned officers and warrant officers. Depending on their ranks these classifications are listed as follows:

Warrant officer (CW02, CW03, CW04, CW05), Ensign (ENS, 01), Lieutenant (LTJG, O2, and LT, O3), Lieutenant Commander (LCDR, O5), Commander (CDR, O5), Navy Admirals (lower halves, upper halves, and vice admirals), Admirals (ADM, O10), Fleet Admiral (FADM) and Captain (CAPT, O6) 


Navy jobs are considered one of the most highly renowned, revered, and professional jobs that not only provide life-changing pay but an astounding career that also aids an individual to serve their own country by maintaining dignity, safety, and security. An eclectic pool of careers is furnished by the navy. These jobs vary depending on the responsibilities, locations, requirements, and qualifications. Jobs in the navy might be that of a navy officer, aircrewman, navy military officer, navy culinary specialist, navy legal man, air traffic controller, navy diver navy pilot, navy damage control man, navy mass communication specialist, navy intelligence specialist, navy electronic technician, electronic mechanic, etc. 

Navy Job Titles – Know More

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