Job And Internship At Brookings

Brookings is an America-based research group which was established in 1916 in Washington DC. Brookings is known for conducting Research and study in the Social Sciences field and focuses on economics, city policies, governance and foreign policy. Let us know about the ‘Job And Internship At Brookings’.

Job And Internship At Brookings

Currently, Brookings has five research programs in Washington DC and They also operate their businesses and Research from 3 International locations in Qatar, China, and India.

Over the years various media houses describe Brookings to be a centrist, Centre-left, liberal or right-wing organization. But brooking mentioned that their employees represent diverse ideologies and points of view and state themselves as nonpartisan organizations. 

Despite these factors, every year brooking received several applications for job and internship positions and they selected employees for different positions. In this article, we are going to talk about the acceptance rate at brooking and how to get into Brookings.

Job and Internship at Brookings

Broking is a Not for profit organization in the USA and over the years they provided several research and studies in different fields. From their establishment, this organization had a serious impact on US policy decisions and also impacted domestic and abroad affairs.

Being an important policy and economic organization in the USA, Every year they attract a large number of applicants to their company for internship opportunities. On average, they receive 500 applications every year and out of them, they roughly select 30 applications which means they have a 16.6% of acceptance rate.

To get a job and internship in Brookings, candidates need to follow certain things to get recruited by a company and then clear all selection rounds. To stand out among the competition you need to refine your knowledge and preparations according to the requirements of the company.

First internship and job in Brookings which help your career

1. Connect with employees

Connecting with the current employees of the company is one of the beneficial ways if you are going to apply for Brookings. It is beneficial for many reasons. Connecting with the employees helps you establish relationships with the active employees and they also provide tips to get into the company.

You can connect with them through LinkedIn by sending requests to them and they will provide their input in your preparation for an internship and a full-time job.

2. Build a resume

Building a strong resume helps you to stand out among many applications. The first thing that gets the attention of the recruiter is your resume and you need to spend a good time building a resume for jobs.

If you have a good relationship with the active employees of the company then you can easily directly pitch your resume to the recruiter. If you have good experience according to the requirements you will get an edge over the others.

3. Prepare a cover letter

Brookings. is one of the best companies in the USA. A cover letter is one of the Unique ways to present yourself in a very good way before an interview. In the cover letter, you mention your skills and provide how you will be beneficial to the company.

They also help you to pick your personalities in front of them in a very formal way which might impress the recruiter.

4. Relax before the interview 

As we already mentioned, the acceptance rate At Brookings is very low because there are many applications. Any candidate gets rejected during the interview part due to many reasons. The main reason is that they did not prepare properly for the interview.

During the interview, it is really important to be relaxed and focused because you are going to apply for a professional role. They look for employees who are relaxed and aware of themselves. They are not going to hire robots for their job and internships.

5. Follow up with a recruiter

One of the main pieces of advice which are given to all applicants is that they should ask follow-up questions to recruiters and interviewers. Asking a question sources your confidence and your mindset that you are not nervous.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions because it can clear your doubts and make a good impression in front of the interviewer.

6. Write a sample 

Once you clear all interviews and the above rounds the selected candidates need to submit a final writing sample to their recruiter. It includes a professional reference in your studies and research in that field and also whether you can be a good candidate for the desired position.

You also need to submit a letter of recommendation from your college from where you passed out and your previous experience in the research field.


Broking is a Not for profit organization in the USA and over the years they provided several research and studies in different fields. Getting a job or internship in Brookings requires a good amount of effort and interest in the research field. Every year the acceptance rate for jobs and internships in Brookings is around 17% and they go through intense interview processes.

There are certain things you need to prepare to get shortlisted among many competitions and deserving candidates. If you have prior experience in the research field then you can easily get the opportunity to work with Brookings.


1. How to get into Brookings?

You can apply for a job or internship through their website or any third-party job website. Then you need to submit your updated resume on their website and after submitting your resume you are contacted by one of the recruiters of Brookings to submit your cover letter and a writing Sample.

2. Is it difficult to get a job in Brookings?

If you have good experience and have already done good research in economic and social sciences, then you can get an edge over other candidates in the Recruitment process.

3. How much does Brookings pay their employees?

As an Intern, they offer up to $1k-6k who their interns and for full-time jobs, they offer up to $5k-15k annually which is a very good amount to start your career

Job And Internship At Brookings

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