Is Medtronic A Good Company To Work For?

A leading global provider of medical devices, Medtronic has introduced cutting-edge products to the market including the battery-powered miniature pacemakers they are best known for. Is Medtronic A Good Company To Work For? Let’s find out

Is Medtronic A Good Company To Work For?

The world’s leading provider of medical technology, Medtronic employs more than 90,000 people in 150 countries

“A positive corporate culture” was cited as the most important factor in respondents’ voting for their company. The company claims to have an encompassing and multifaceted culture as the source of its innovation and ingenuity. Medtronic strives to provide a diverse work and living environment that reflects the global community in which we live.

Medtronic has a welcoming culture and supportive environment for their interns as well. With Medtronic, interns begin a lifelong career of discovery, reform, and advancing healthcare quality, equity, and availability to all with a healthcare technology company helping to relieve pain, recover health, and prolong life every second of every day. 

Interns at Medtronic 

At Medtronic, interns can:

  • Contribute to a better world while augmenting their contributions to causes they care about
  • Develop a career that reflects their skills, passion, and expertise
  • Engage in a process of ongoing learning that is adaptive and comprehensive.

The Medtronic Company is the ideal workplace for individuals who wish to make a positive impact on society. According to Great Place to Work Canada, the company has the best workplace.

Employees at the company have an innovative culture and a diverse work environment. In addition to ensuring gender diversity and empowerment, Medtronic is a top employer for women.

Employee benefits offered at Medtronic

Medtronic employees’ unique perspectives and approaches add to productivity, ingenuity, and improved management across its global organization, culminating in better care for patients.

Medtronic is known for its learning culture. Innovators and collaborators, Medtronic teams are committed to making sure patients receive the best products. Employees at Medtronic are also deeply involved in their communities. 

The dynamic employee communities at Medtronic are committed to improving lives and opening doors to healthcare by taking into account each individual’s unique outlook and expertise.

  • Competitive salaries and bonuses: The company offers competitive compensation packages, including base salaries, incentive plans, and equity ownership opportunities, which emphasize performance-based compensation.
  • Employee stock purchase plan: Medtronic offers an Employee Stock Purchase Plan that allows most employees worldwide to purchase the company’s stock at a discounted rate every quarter.
  • Financial planning and support: Employee benefits, such as life insurance, disability insurance, and pensions, are available all around the world. A variety of options are available, including government programs, company-sponsored plans, and consortiums. In addition to providing support, Medtronic also offers retailer discounts and transportation assistance.
  • Work-life balance: Take advantage of paid time off, in addition to statutory holidays, and the allowance may be flexible in certain regions and roles. Due to the unique needs of each individual, flexible working arrangements, vacation, and paid time off are available in some locations and roles.
  • Networking opportunities: The employees get a chance to be a part of great Networking opportunities in terms of Regional and global meetings, which allow them to collaborate and share knowledge with colleagues worldwide. Participate in employee resource groups and events to get in touch with your colleagues and your community.
  • Maternity and Paternity leave: the company allows around 6 months of maternity leave and one or two weeks of paternity leave as per the specific branch and policies.
  • Health care and Insurance: The offers both life insurance and disability insurance, with about Rs 5 lacs coverage for direct families. An extension for Parent’s insurance can be purchased along with it.

As per employee reviews, the following are the pros and cons of working at Medtronic:

Having new experiences every day, inspiring learningLack of balance between work and life and poor control of processes
Performing challenging tasks that enrich your skillsMandatory two years degree for promotions
Boost the ability to think outside the boxThe company, like many large enterprises, can be bureaucratic
Preventing and treating disease by improving health facilities hence saving numerous livesOften the work is too much to handle
Providing growth opportunitiesEquity in remuneration and politics in the workplace
An engaged workforce that includes motivated employeesInequitable compensation
A work environment that has variabilityA matrix that plans for only first-pass success, and fails to concentrate on contingencies.


If you want to help save lives and provide for the community, Medtronic is a good place to work. The employees of Medtronic are working hard for improving health facilities that prevent and treat disease, hence saving several lives.

You encounter new, challenging things every day that allow you to learn and develop your skills and gain valuable experience. On the other hand, the company may also be strict about its working policies and adopt a bureaucratic approach. We have explained all these properties in great detail so that you can make an informed decision that will influence your career.


Q1. Is it challenging to have a social life while working at Medtronic?

The frequency and intensity of workload depend on the department and level that you are on. But mostly, it is not so hard to maintain a good social life while working at Medtronic as the work hours are set, and working overtime or on the weekend is quite rare. 

Q2. Does Medtronic have an interview process?

Yes, there is a proper application process after which you have to wait until an interview with the recruiter and then the hiring manager. There is also an onsite interview with some associates followed by an offer extension and a 2-3 week notice period.

Q3. How flexible are their working hours and is it allowed to work remotely?

This depends on the position that you are handling. Most of the time, the work hours can be altered as per certain emergencies or events, that is, it can be flexible to accommodate family obligations. Working from home can also be allowed on specific occasions. A few times a month, the company is open to working remotely.

Is Medtronic A Good Company To Work For?

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