How To Get A Job At VMware?

What is VMware?

VMware is a pace-setting company of global fame with a known reputation for offering multi-cloud services for all apps and virtualization technology. The company was founded in 1998 by Diane Green, Mendel Rosenblum, Scot Devine, Ellon Wang, and Edouard Bugnon. Though it is headquartered at Palo Alto, California, USA, it has an international presence  with established offices in about 24 countries. Lets know How To Get A Job At VMware?

How To Get A Job At VMware?

Why should you think of working at VMware?

Apart from positive reviews the company continues to enjoy, they are rated No 39 on the list of Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for and are actually of the best in terms of benefits and compensation package alongside other tech giants like Google and Facebook (now recently renamed Meta). It is therefore very understandable and reasonable why people of at least moderate ambition are eager to work there. However, looking at the vast population of people with similar intentions, it is good that one increases his chances of getting a job at VMware by learning some basic tips and information that not many people are privy to. So, how can one get a job at VMware? We’ll be answering that presently.

VMware is an equal opportunity employer, therefore, to work with them it is advisable to research the specific job requirements of the position being applied for. But generally, most employees starting as interns at the company are usually enrolled in a bachelor’s programme or a Masters at least. In addition to that, an acquaintance with their recruitment process would also prove most beneficial as we shall see later.

The Recruitment Process at VMware.

VMware uses a 4-5 stage staff selection process in order to sort out the most suitable candidates who would be the best fits for various roles at different points in time. Being a cutting-edge leader in the technology space themselves, the company looks out for creativity and analytical prowess in a longlist of candidates applying for different positions with them. 

Regardless of the role being applied for, the 4-5 stage recruitment process usually starts with an online written test which is followed up with 3-4 interviews. The company also occasionally conducts campus recruitments for fresh graduates. In such cases however, the company may require an eligibility criterion of minimum CGPA/percentage under such hiring conditions. Generally, the grade pass is usually set as a minimum of 7.0  CGPA–or its equivalent–before being called for the test.

Selection Stages and Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is progressive and occurs across three different levels or stages as follows:

  • Pre-qualification test (online test)
  • Technical rounds
  • Managerial and HR round (final)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum of 70% in class 10, 12, and graduation
  • Graduate with a B.E or BTech in any of the following disciplines: Computer, Information Technology (IT), Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or an equivalent discipline and degree. 

Note: there are different roles one could apply for at VMware Inc, so the exact requirement would vary respectively with each role. Kindly make sure to find out the specific requirements of the role you want to apply for.

Pre-qualification Assessment (Online Test)

This is the first stage of the recruitment process. This online written test consists of five different sections. The difficulty level of this round usually ranges from moderate to hard. The test pattern takes slight variations per year as it relates to the length of time limit and number of questions. Certain features such as the cut-off of different sections and negative marking have remained relatively stable. Depicted in the table below is the latest test pattern for this round of the VMware recruitment process.

SectionNumber of questionsDuration
Logical reasoning2535

Technical Rounds

Upon passing the online pre-qualification assessment, the candidate would be called for more than one round of technical interviews whose questions would be dependent on the role you are applying for.

There is a sum total of 120 minutes for the technical rounds–usually 60 minutes for two different technical rounds. Here, the interview panel tends to check the technical and academic prowess of the candidate.

Candidates would stand a good chance if they have at least a good knowledge of Data Structures, DBMS, Operating Systems, Networking and other relevant topics associated with the role they are applying for.

In typical HR fashion, they would like to know some past projects that have been executed by the interviewee before. Though not always the case, candidates might also be required to take some crash tests.

Managerial Rounds

This stage constitutes the final and last rounds of the selection process. Candidates who have successfully scaled through the other stages up to the Technical Rounds progress into this stage after a 1-2 weeks interval period.

The crucial stage consists of a managerial and an HR interview. The first interview, which is the managerial interview, takes about half an hour which is then followed  up by an HR interview lasting about 10-15 minutes.

It is during these interviews that the candidate is asked questions bordering around his career aspirations, interests, personal values, family background, and other interesting details referred to in his resume.

TIP: Do not answer these questions tactlessly and, in all you do, try not to mention that you are a Republican by political affiliation. While it is true that VMware have a very high culture of inclusiveness with workers representing a very diverse demographic of sex and nationality, this inclusiveness, unfortunately, does not seem to extend to politics. It is estimated that about 80% of VMware’s employees are Democrats by political affiliation.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

Question 1: What are some positions I can apply to at VMware?

Answer: There is a wide range of specialties and positions one could apply for at VMware depending on which role needs to be filled per time and your individual interest. Some of the roles that can be applied for include Senior DevOps, Backend Software Engineer, Networking Development Engineer, etc. Though VMware is a tech company, candidates can also apply for non-tech positions such as Admin and HR roles.

Question 2: What is the payment package like at VMware?

Answer: VMware is actually rated one of the best companies to work with when it comes to employee benefits and remuneration. The average salary of VMware Inc employees is estimated to be about 130,057 USD or 62 USD per hour. There are employees that earn very significantly higher than that. VMware offers different payment packages including bonus and allowances to their employees depending on their different roles.

Question 3: Is VMware a good place to work in?

Answer: VMware enjoys positive reviews from their employees and other objective bodies such as Glassdoor. They also have a good employee retention rate with most of their employees staying an average of 4-5 years minimum with them. With an overall rating of about 3.6  out of 5.0 stars by, VMware seems a really good place to work at.

For more information on the work culture, and more specific job requirements at VMware, kindly visit their careers page at 

How To Get A Job At VMware?

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