How to Get a Job at Lockheed Martin?

Lockheed Martin is an American Company. It deals with aerospace, arms, defense, and information security. The company has its headquarters in Washington DC. The company has built a name of its own and the adversaries are still trying to match up with their level of expertise. This security and aerospace company conducts research, works on design, and manufactures newly advanced technologies and products. Lockheed Martin now provides career opportunities and internships in different areas. Let’s know about how to get a job at Lockheed martin.

Get a Job at Lockheed Martin

A job hunter might apply for a position at Lockheed Martin through its official website or connect with its employees at LinkedIn. Create an account on the website and upload the resume. A successful application will get a mail or a call for an interview. There is an on-call interview and an in-person interview. You get the job once you complete both these interviews successfully. 

Getting a job at Lockheed Martin might look challenging, thus this article narrows down the whole process in detail.

Application Process:

  • Check Lockheed Martin’s official website to search for the career opportunities available. 
  • The website lists the qualifications and experience required for the post. Choose a post that is suitable for you. 
  • One can apply for more than one role if fit for them.
  • Create an account and fill in the details asked for. 
  • One might try connecting with the current employees at the company to know about the upcoming opportunities. 

Interview Process:

  • The hiring manager after going through the application schedules a screening over a telephone call. 
  • An in-person interview is taken if you successfully pass the telephone screening. 
  • The interviewer might test you on communication skills and critical thinking skills. 

Preparation for Interview:

  1. How well do you handle work pressure?

The work in the company might get a bit stressful from time to time. You might want to approach the question by stating real-life situations where you performed better under pressure or where you dealt with such situations. 

  1. Why do you want the job?

    You will want to talk about how the company has grown over a period of time. How working at Lockheed Martin will provide you with a boost in your professional life. 

  1. Describe yourself from the aspect of your colleagues at your last job.

Make sure what you tell about yourself matches your work history in your CV. Talk about the bonds you managed to build with your work colleagues. Bring up your strengths.

  1. Set out your management style.

You will want to avoid coming across as rigid. You can share real-life work experiences where your team performed well. 

  1. Will you be good at working in a team?

For you to bag a job at Lockheed Martin, you will want to come across as a team player. Grow your communication skills and learn to adjust with various people. 

Tips for Interview:

  • Get acquainted with your resume.
  • Let your own unique professional persona come through.
  • Dress for your position. 
  • Be honest. 
  • Focus your attention on the team-based projects you have worked on. 
  • Do complete research about the company.

Background Check and Drug Test:

  • Lockheed Martin does conduct an expert-level background check. It verifies the details provided by you and checks for criminal history. 
  • The company policy believes in giving Equal Opportunity, but many employers have stated that Lockheed Martin does not have a good record of hiring felons. 
  • However, since the company policy doesn’t expressly state that felons cannot be hired, one might have a chance at the job by having an impressive resume. 
  • Lockheed Martin takes a pre-employment drug test. Expect a urine test once you are selected.

Roles at Lockheed Martin:

The company has five skills sections focusing on STEM. Each section creates employment opportunities. 

  • Administrative Assistant: It is an entry-level job. The duties of this role include answering phones, scheduling interviews, sending emails, and filing. 
  • Data Engineer: As a data engineer, the company looks for someone with strong analytical skills and some experience in computer programming. Knowledge of instrumentation devices is a must. To be eligible for the post one must be a US citizen and have an ID card. There must be an NCIC background check and access to Pax NAS. The education requirement for the job is a Master’s degree in the appropriate field. According to the work experience of the employee, a data engineer can be paid around $80,000 to $100,000.
  • Real-Time Simulation Integration Engineer: The job post would require you to communicate with the stakeholders and manage the tea members. The eligibility criteria for the job is a bachelor’s in computer science degree, the company also seeks around 8 years of experience. The candidate must have a good command of C and C++. Expect your pay to be around $150,000 to $200,000. 
  • Software Developer: The candidate has to be strong in Java, Python, and Spring. The company also seeks some work experience in Jira and Confluence. The post seeks experience of more than 15 years in the field. If you are eligible for this job post, you are most likely to be eligible for the other available job posts too. The annual remuneration for the job is somewhere around $250,000. 
  • Cloud Software Engineer: The position will require you to undertake software development activities that also include program management. The company expects you to be well versed in Java, Python, and Spring. A suitable candidate for this job must have around 8 years of experience in software engineering and understand cloud technologies. The annual pay for a cloud software engineer is somewhere about $150,000 to $200,000.


As an employee of Lockheed Martin, you will be a subject of continuous training. The company believes in customizing experienced professionals to be customized as per the requirements to fit the job description. The pieces of training offer an opportunity to grow. The experienced seniors impart knowledge about the company’s practices.

Dress Code for Employees:

The employees usually pick up casual attire for work. Most employees might be seen in khaki pants and a buttoned-up shirt. Polos also work fine with the employees at Lockheed Martin.

Why Work at Lockheed Martin?

  • The company provides its employees with immense growth opportunities through continuous mentoring and training. 
  • Along with job security, Lockheed Martin employees are provided with various other benefits.
  • Life insurance and health insurance are provided to the employees. 
  • Paid time off, Sick leave are allowed.
  • The company has an active retirement savings plan. 
  • Wellness-related employee programs are also a perk. 
  • Diversity Inclusive Work Environment: Lockheed Martin believes in employing people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. The company policy requires its employees to work as a team irrespective of cultural differences.
  • Recognition: An employee with exceptional performance gets entitled to some awards like Special Recognition Awards, NOVA Awards Spot Awards, or Longevity Award.

 Internship at Lockheed Martin: 

The company hires summer interns who get an opportunity to work with highly experienced professionals. The company promises an experience that gives the scope to create a real impact on the world. The interns are placed in different departments. The company explores the potential of the interns in engineering, cyber department, digital department, business development, and numerous others. A majority of about 70% of the interns are placed in the company after completing their internships.

Lockheed Martin seeks employees who are the best in their respective fields. The attractive benefits and remuneration get the company lots of applicants. In such a scenario, going for an internship at Lockheed Martin might help you to bag a permanent opportunity. This company is always in search of self-driven, solution-oriented employees. Applying for multiple job posts which fit well with the criteria can increase your chances of getting a job. Try to reflect on how your experience and skills can help you handle the position’s responsibilities. Get an idea about how the company works by creating contact with the presently hired employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How difficult it is to be hired at Lockheed Martin?

 Lockheed Martin gets an overwhelming response to the available job vacancies. The company deals with a business of sensitive nature and, thus it always seeks employees with the best potential. The hiring managers are diligent and choose their employees carefully. So yes, it might be difficult to get a job with the company.

  1. Does Lockheed Martin look good on a resume?

Lockheed Martin is a well-known name and is known for being the best in the business. It provides you with great networking opportunities while working. 

  1. How long does the whole hiring process at Lockheed Martin take?

The selection process includes the screening of applications followed by a telephonic interview. An in-person interview is the final stage. Later on, a background check is done. The whole process might take a month or even more than that. 

  1. Does Lockheed Martin pay well?

It can be said that the remuneration at Lockheed Martin is well above average. The employees in the nonprofit sector earn about $106,000 annually. Even the engineering department employees can earn about $96,000 annually.

How to Get a Job at Lockheed Martin?

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