Football Operations Jobs: A Complete Guide

Do you love sports? How about landing a job position that will help you make your passion a profession? If you are interested in sports and are looking forward to exploring a career in the same football operations job can be a right fit for you. Know more about Football Operations Jobs: A Complete Guide

Football Operations Jobs: A Complete Guide

Football operations jobs are quite popular in the sports industry. Several big as well as small teams and organizations ensure to form an effective operations team that will help them to achieve strong and sturdy results during matches

The job titles with operations are often related to managerial positions, finance, coaching, staff, medical operations, camera, marketing, and many more. A candidate who is versatile in different specializations can easily take the job in the operations field making the most of the opportunity. 

The guide mentions all the required details that you would need to land a job in football operations.

What are football operations jobs?

Football operations are spread across a variegated field and include all the necessary things that can make the team win at the big game. A football operations team consists of people who deal with the organizational structure of the team, working with finance control, team planning, strategizing, analysis, recruitment of talents, medical theory, and many more. 

The football operations team usually consists of operation managers, coaches, stadium directors, marketers, assistant coaches, and many more that constantly deal with the upliftment of the team.

  • Scouting 

The operations team that works toward the scouting usually works with the identification of talents in several areas and aspects. It includes assessment of players, dealing with the players, looking for players, working with opposition players, and assessment of player intelligence to ensure the scouting is carried out in perfect order. 

  • Recruitment

The next team that takes direct control after scouting is recruitment. The recruitment includes developing marketing strategies to attract professional players to the team. The department also works with recruiting coaches and other professional staff for the team. The recruitment team works with making contracts for the players, planning the succession of the team. To sum up the department in a single line, the Recruitment department works with putting a professional team together.

  • Sports science

The sports science department of the operations department deals with the health aspects of the team. They look after the diet, exercise, and nutrition plans of the team. Every player is monitored for several health aspects according to the game. The department thus deals with all the conditioning aspects to ensure that the players remain during the game. 

  • The medical aspect of sports

The medical aspects of the sports are another department that football operations deal with. The medical department looks after physiotherapy, medical conditions, rehab, and other medical conditions of the team. The medical department is also divided into several aspects where the staff deals with both on and off-ground injuries. 

  • Analysis and prediction

The analysis and prediction department of the operations involves analysis of matches and videos to perform the analysis on the strategies used in the match, and what strategies failed. Sometimes the analysis is also carried out to understand the game of the opposition team and statistically deduce plans for future matches. 

When all the factors and departments are concerned the major job positions encountered are: 

  • Director of the stadium.
  • Director of operations
  • Director of camera operations
  • Coaches
  • Staff

Let’s understand the job titles in the subsequent sections. 

How to get into football operations?

To land a job in the field of football operations a candidate needs to have initial experience in the field of sports. The position can be readily available for candidates who have exercised their duties of coach, or former players of a team. The minimum educational qualification required for the position includes the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science or related fields.
  • Graduates degree in the specialization of application (optional) 
  • Additional courses related to the operational duty and structure.
  • Certificates required for the position. ( if applicable) 

Apart from the above-mentioned details, specific job positions might require specific educational qualifications that can differ depending upon the organization and the seniority of the position. 

Football operations jobs

  1. Football operations Data Scientist

Football operations data scientists are often responsible for looking after the aggregation of video analysis, and prediction. They use different machine learning technologies and algorithms to derive reports and data that the teams could use in the future. The data that is received from the analysis is used to make future planning for the game. Data scientists work with different analysis generations that help them derive various listings for the game. They look after the curated data list of players and ensure to enlist them according to player identity and upcoming games. They use these player identities and distribute them to organizations and clubs to inform the recruits to inform them about the availability of a player for a particular game. 

The minimum qualification required for the job is a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and related fields. A good understanding of the sports and the players can add plus points to your profile. 

Average payscale: $140,631 annually

  1. Director of Football Operations

Directors of Football operations are responsible for looking after the development, management, and monitoring of the team. They work with several organization members and staff to deduce programs and activities, looking for the future development of the team. Some jobs also demand directors of football operations to have strong analytical skills as they could be given the responsibility to generate reports, budgets, contracts, and analyses on several aspects of the game. Directors are also responsible to make effective plans and distribute the work amongst staff. They further look after the supervision, and monitoring of staff to ensure all the activities are effectively completed. 

The minimum qualifications required to become a Director of Football operations is a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in operations of a football program or equivalent.

Average payscale: $297,872 annually. 

  1. Stadium Groundskeeper

Stadium groundskeepers are responsible for maintaining the grounds or the fields where matches would be held. They ensure that the environment of the ground is altered according to the climate, and upcoming games. The groundskeeper mows the grass, water the fields regularly in an attempt to maintain the vegetation. The groundskeeper also ensures to make arrangements for the game day, ensuring all the “attention layers” are appropriately placed in different locations to ensure the field is reusable in case of rains or any adverse conditions. 

The minimum educational requirement to become a Stadium groundskeeper is a degree in agronomy. Though not mandatory it can add effective results in terms of the cultivation of land. 

Average payscale:  $28,110 annually/ $13.51 per hour

  1. Camera Operator

A sports camera operator is responsible for taking a video of the entire game and shooting different players at different intervals. One of the major responsibilities of the position is to film specific shots in the game to ensure that the videos can be used for further analysis of the game. They look after the camera equipment and all the related operations that filming required during the game and ensure that all the necessary things are captured accurately. A camera operator head is responsible to maintain all the cameras that are present in the field and ensure that the staff under the manager is accurately informed about the roles and responsibilities. 

The position does not require a dedicated degree. Though prior experience with shooting, filmmaking, and a degree in related fields can add brownie points to the profile of the candidate. 

Average Payscale: $52,990 annually

  1. Ticket Sales Account Executive

Ticket Sales Account Executives are responsible for the sales of the tickets and looking after the customer needs during the sale. Every game has a dedicated number of target sales that is designed by the organization, an account executive needs to ensure that all the targets are effectively met. Apart from managing the sales and client requirements, they are also responsible to draft ideas and generate plans that could help the organization improve the overall sales of the ticket. The position includes responsibilities like planning the sales, generating revenue,  meeting targets and deadlines, and much more. 

The minimum qualifications required for recognition include a degree in management and accounts of any other related field. A degree is not mandatory in the case of small teams. Experiences with sales and the executive department can make up for the educational qualifications.  

 Average Payscale: $97,500 annually 

  1. Athletic director

Athletic directors are responsible for looking after different aspects of the team. They handle budgeting, marketing, accomplishing specific growth goals, and implementing organizational and infrastructural improvements. They look after the budgeting for salaries and look after the team travels of the organization. They work with alignment with the coaches of the team to maintain the working of the department and also ensure that practice sessions and other kinds of scheduling are effectively managed. The Athletic director can be present in different structures and work for colleges and schools as well as different leagues. 

The minimum qualification required to be an Athletic Director involves a bachelor’s degree in education, physical education, or a related field. If a candidate is applying for specific colleges and schools then additional teaching certification is also mandatory. 

Average Payscale: $100,000 annually

  1. Equipment manager

Equipment managers are responsible for looking after all the equipment that is necessary including uniforms, gym materials, practice materials, balls, t-shirt, dietary supplements, and other necessities. They look after the stocks that are available for the team and ensure that all the equipment is effectively managed for players as well as coaches. Equipment Managers also look after the individual budgeting of the materials they require and work with the accounts team to manage the material stock. Some equipment directors also handle staff under them that are responsible to look after the management of equipment when not in use. 

The minimum educational qualification required for the position includes a bachelor’s degree in sports-related and management fields. The degree is not mandatory and basic knowledge about equipment can also be a great way to land the position. 

Average Payscale: $96,000 annually

  1. Assistant Football Coach

An assistant football coach is responsible for working alongside head football coaches and looking after the practice session of the team. Apart from maintaining the schedule of practice they also work with scouting and recruitment of different players. They also work to monitor the players and work with student-athletes and monitor their games. Assistant coaches are also responsible to look after academic progress, scheduling, managing travel and scholarships, discipline, conduct, and much more. 

The minimum requirement to become an assistant football coach is a high school diploma or GED certificate. A bachelor’s degree and graduates degree in any sports-related field also add a plus point to the profile of the coaches. 

Average Payscale: $59,000 annually

  1. Sports Program Associate

Sports program associates work along with the director to manage and plan the course of action for the team. They work on developing reports and managing the finances based on team-level management and look after travel budgets and other necessary details of the team. Some of the organizations hire sports program associates to derive plans and track the membership of the organization, this includes budgeting and donations from several organizations. A sports program associate is also responsible to attract brand ambassadors for the team to ensure that effective budgeting and marketing are carried out. 

The minimum educational qualification to become a sports program associate is a bachelor’s degree in management and sales. Other related degrees in sports and operation management can also be a great way to land the position. 

Average Payscale: $55,886 annually

  1. Director of coaching

Directors of coaching are responsible for looking after the plans and management of coaching for the team. They look after the coaching sessions of the game and ensure to make strategies and plans for the games. The director of coaching works near different assistant coaches to develop plans for the team and make individual player analyses. Directors of coaching also develop different developmental programs for the players and ensure that the players are effectively trained according to their strengths and weaknesses. Apart from looking after the team, they work on generating reports for the head of the organizations and explain to them all the plans and strategies for the future games. They also work with finalizing the team for the games and recruiting new talents.

The minimum qualification required to become directors of coaching is a bachelor’s degree in sports-related fields along with management courses. A Graduates’ degree in coaching and operations and courses that exclusively relate to coaching.

Average Payscale: $150,000 annually

The football operations field is often related to job positions that focus on a different major with a melange of sports. Though several of the positions do not exclusively ask for educational requirements in sports or related fields, quite a few of the positions demand a different major altogether. Depending on the position, a candidate needs to be versatile in sports and have an additional degree in the position they apply for.

Skills and other minimum requirements to join Football Operations

As the field is spread over a wide spectrum various positions and descriptions will demand different skills. The major skills and the minimum requirement that would be useful in all aspects of the football operations job are listed below.

  1. Soft skills 

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest skills any candidate should possess is soft skills. This involves communication, time management, presentation, and many more. Football operations jobs on a great deal revolve around aspects of recruiting people, formulating plans, coaching, etc. So an important aspect for all the above would be good soft skills that will help you to communicate your point as well as keep you informed. 

  1. Understanding of the game

Another important aspect of a football operations position is to understand the game. It is impossible to move forward in the field without knowing the basics of the game. So, a candidate who is willing to apply for the position must know the basics of sports. Understanding the basics and having a general idea about what the sports deal with will give the candidates an upper hand in seeking the position. Though not mandatory for several positions this skill could be useful in a variety of aspects. 

  1. Coaching experience

Prior coaching experience can be a great way to accelerate your career in football operations. Having prior coaching experience can help with several operations positions for a person. He or she can land a job as an operations manager to draft strategies for the games, they can look after the analysis and prediction, formulate plans, and many more. Having coaching experience will also bring about a keen eye for recruitment and scouting of candidates, which is one of the basic job positions in football operations.  

  1. Critical thinking

Critical Thinking can prove to be another key skill for football operations jobs. Many of the operations jobs listed look for detail-oriented people who are quick-witted and can make risky decisions for the team. A critically sound person can ensure to make great strategies for the team and ensure that the formulated plans are well drafted. The skill of thinking critically will also help the candidates to look into different perspectives of the game and formulate plans per the opposition team analysis. 

  1. Knowledgeable

A person applying for football operation jobs needs to be knowledgeable about the rules and regulations of the sports. Apart from knowing the basics of sports, they must also be aware of the rules that are followed by different organizations where their team will represent in the future.  Understanding and knowing different laws from different perspectives will help the candidates to effectively plan the course of action of the team, ensuring the team does not face any adverse challenges. 

A candidate also needs to be well informed about the position they would be applying for and know how they can effectively contribute in terms of the sport they are representing. 

  1. Management 

Football operations jobs also require great management skills. Several positions discussed above deal with making crucial decisions for the team and the organization, be it scouting talents from colleges to the recruitment of world-renowned coaches and staff, all the work in the operations department requires a great deal of management. A candidate who is skillful in management can easily pick the responsibilities assigned to them, and ensure that the entire team is benefited through their management skills. 

Be it planning on strategizing for the team every concept is incomplete without proper management.  


If your passion for sports drives you to make it a profession, football operations can be a great choice for you. The jobs are scattered in different fields and candidates can choose a suitable job depending upon their field of expertise. The positions that are widely known are:

  • Director of the coach
  • Director of Stadium
  • Ticket Marketing
  • Finance control
  • Director of equipment 

All the positions have a lucrative pay scale, providing candidates with excellent financial security for the future. According to seniority and experience, the pay scale will exponentially improve. Being a mandatory department for any sports team, football operations jobs are available in college-level teams, district teams, as well as in Nation and International leagues. 

So, if you are looking for a job in football operations, you can search for the same on different career portals. 


  1. What is the average salary to expect in a Football Operations position?

The average salary for a Football Operations position can vary according to the title. However, a candidate can receive an average of $60,000 annually for any title under Football Operations.

  1. Are Football Operations directors responsible for college teams?

Yes, Football Operations directors look after the internal and external football operations of the team.   

  1. Where can one look for jobs in the field of football operations?

Football operations jobs are available for job hunt on several career portals. Candidates can also look through dedicated sports websites, college sports websites, and other similar portals to find a suitable position. 

Football Operations Jobs: A Complete Guide

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