Amazon SQL Interview Questions -Know More

If you are a software developer, data, or software engineer, and have experience in working with Structured Query Language (SQL), then you might have a job offer from Amazon. So prepare for the interview with the help of the tricks and tips given in this article. And ace the dreaded interview. Let us learn about “Amazon SQL Interview Questions”

Amazon SQL Interview Questions

In Amazon SQL interviews, questions are asked from all fields of SQL. However, there is a trend of 50% of questions being from data storage in tables and merging of data. Questions on COUNT of SUM, GROUP BY, WHERE, and ORDER BY are also popular.

Requirements For Applying To The SQL Job At Amazon

The requirements for applying to the SQL job at Amazon may vary depending on the position you are applying to, but typically there is a coding test and an interview. You should prepare for questions related to your skills in SQL (Structured Query Language), which is the language used to manipulate and query data in a database.

Applications are typically submitted through online job application portals and should include your resume as well as examples of your Database Programming skills in action. It is also important to provide evidence of relevant experience working within an organization that uses MySQL or another popular relational database system.

If you tick all the boxes of requirements, you’ll be called for an interview for a final assessment of your knowledge in the relevant field.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

What Is The Interview Process Like?

Once your profile is shortlisted, you’d most likely be called for an interview. As the number of candidacies is creasing every day, the interview process has become more elaborate and stringent. The interview consists of three parts – a phone interview, a technical interview, and a live performance assessment. 

Phone interview generally consists of asking for a resume, previous work experiences, soft skills, etc. This part assesses the interviewee as a person. In the next part of the interview, all sorts of technical questions are asked to gauge your depth of knowledge, and skillset. Be prepared to tackle and solve all the complex problems, the interviewer prepares for you.

If you pass the grueling technical round, you’d enter the on-site interview, where interviewers check your coding skills further with more real problems for you to solve. If you can pass this round, then congratulations on getting on a team of a few handpicked smart individuals.

Sample Questions for the Amazon SQL Interview (With Answers)

Here is a collection of some of the most common questions asked in SQL interviews at Amazon. So start brushing up your skills with these.

What Is The Difference Between A Table And A View?

Sample Answer: A table, on the other hand, is simply an organizing structure for your database files. It stores information about your users, accounts receivable, orders placed by customers, etc.

A view is a type of table that allows you to see data in a different way or at a different time. Views are more efficient than tables.

How Can You Cache Data In Amazon S3 For Faster Retrieval?

Sample Answer: You can cache data using either the AWS CloudFront service or the AWS Glacier storage service. 

Which Functions Are Available To Query Data In A Table?

Sample Answer: A SELECT statement allows you to retrieve data from a table. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as retrieving specific values or entire rows.

How Would You Go About Troubleshooting An Issue With Your BEA WebLogic Tnstance?

Sample Answer: If you are having trouble with your BEA WebLogic instance, the first thing you should do is check to see if there are any error messages in your system log. If not, then next try locating and using the “diagnose” tool that is provided with BEA WebLogic.

5 Essential Tips For Acing Your SQL Interview

There are certain tips you can keep in mind to lessen your hard work and help your interview process.

  • Having a good understanding of the core principles of SQL such as SELECT, FROM, and WHERE should be well-understood. Familiarity with different types of databases, table structures, and indexing can also come in handy during the interview.
  • While most larger companies use some form of the database management system (DBMS), knowing how to query MySQL effectively remains important for candidates.
  • Be aware of optimizations. Many times questions in SQL Interviews boil down to tweaking certain statements/parameters in order not only to produce correct output but also to yield faster load times on systems under scrutiny (eg., web applications).
  • Know your data structures and tuning techniques well enough that you can quickly drill down into specific issues.
  • Practice working with various joins and groupings until every query feels easy to execute (even complex ones) and there are no surprises at runtime.


Some great Amazon SQL interview questions are given here for your convenience. They are not taken straight from your interview session but are the generalized questions asked over the years. The aim is to help engineers steer on the right path to kick-start their careers. Hone your skills and have the confidence to ace the interview.

  1. Do you think that hiring managers are becoming more open-minded about candidates with different degrees and skillsets than they used to be 10 years ago?

It true. Many employers now prefer employees who have a mix of education and experience, mainly due to the growing trend of “learn or lose.”

  1. Can you join users and posts with a view so that we can see who posted what on which day?

Yes, you can join users and posts to see who posted what on which day.

  1. What are some tips that you would give to someone new to Amazon SQL who is trying to optimize their queries?

An effective to do when optimizing your queries is to use good design practices. Try reducing the number of id columns in the table by using a user metadata column.

  1. If you were to do it all over again, what would you do differently during your interview experience?

Try to stay calm and not overthink. Because skills and honesty will be enough to ace the test.

Amazon SQL Interview Questions -Know More

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