Amazon System Design Interview Questions

Interviewing questions and answers is a crucial part of an interview. Likewise, the amazon system design consists of a protocol for conducting the interview. This system challenge one’s ability to solve problems, be creative, and solve company as well as clients/customers’ problems. It’s a brainstorming interview where ones discuss a complex system efficiently. Let us know ‘Amazon System Design Interview Questions’.

Amazon System Design Interview Questions

Amazon System Design Interview Questions

It is a role for almost every interview to take the start of the interview through open-ended questions. These questions don’t have any restrictions. One is open to asking and answering questions during the interview. The questions mostly related to the designation of the job. It used to hire employees who are always on time, fast, competent, smart, and meet the need of the company or customers. Hence, ones must prepare for Amazon system design interview questions to gain a job in the company. First of all, a screening round was conducted to select the participant. Then, if one passes the screening round, ones will be invited for a video call interview. It is a runtime-based interview. Mostly the interview lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes. This interview style is used to hire a manager or the candidates as per their role.

These are some asked Amazon system design interview questions and their answers;

  • How would ones design a search type ahead?

This is a basic question mostly interviewing asked during the interview. Ones should answer it as saved search queries in the database, keep new fresh data, then match the appropriate entered string, handle the questions through the system and then display the best match string in the database. 

  • What aspects would ones consider while designing/preparing a Web Crawler?

This question is also asked during the interview, ones should answer it by selecting the prioritized web pages that are dynamics from the search engine that appear most frequently, on the same domain don’t crawl and then build the new system from web pages. 

Other questions that are most frequently during amazon system design interviews are as follows and one should consider and prepare for them while appearing in the interview; 

  1. How to design a warehouse system?
  2. How to handle traffic on amazon?
  3. How to design Amazon database customers, database orders, and database products?
  4. How to design games?
  5. How to do parking garage? 
  6. How to do video streaming?
  7. How to do an online bookstore? 
  8. How to do a proximity server?
  9. How to do type-ahead service?
  10. How to do vending machines?
  11. How do limit order book?
  12. How to do an elevator system?
  13. How would ones go about designing an e-commerce website?
  14. How will ones handle transactions?
  15. What is network protocol?
  16. What are databases?
  17. What is concurrency?
  18. What is API modeling?
  19. How to work on File Systems?
  20. What are Online Processing Systems?
  21. How to do Systems Design Case Studies?
  22. What is loading?
  23. What is Caching?
  24. How to deal with Distributed Systems?
  25. How to deal with customers?
  26. What are the ones can get by working through Amazon?
  27. What do you know about its policies of Amazon?
  28. How can ones deal with a difficult client?
  29. Tell me about how one deals with negative feedback?
  30. Tell me an example of how one can manage the poor performance of an employee while working as s an Amazon team?

How to crake the interview?

  1. Don’t become over efficient to solve the problem 

During the interview don’t try to solve the problem. If interviewing puts you in solving the problem, then, be precise and valid while answering a question. 

  1. Be confident 

Don’t give up hope. Answer the questions precisely and intelligently. During the interview straighten up yourself and should just believe in yourself. 

  1. Focus on your strength 

Just remember during the interview, they need you. You have the abilities and skills. You are the master who has knowledge and skills. You are the boss of your interview. You are not selling yourself in front of them. 

What strategies should one do before the interview? 

  1. Practice

Before the interview practice, the questions and answers related to the interview. Focus on quality because it is more valuable than quantity. Practice easy to a difficult level of questions. Don’t put too much pressure while preparing for an interview. 

  1. Leverage your experience

Ones should aware of real-life products and know the products because the practical experience will be challenged during the interview. So, if you have experience, read books, and have a recommendation, then, you can easily come up with the interview. 

  1. Read books

You should read books to build up knowledge before appearing in an interview. The books are easily available, on the internet Such as “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” by Martin Fowler, etc. 

  1. Review core concepts

You have already some concepts. Therefore, you should have to go through these concepts before appearing in an interview such as abstraction, concurrency, database, network, etc. 

  1. Exercise mock interviews

You can enhance their skills if you practice interviews like a mock one. This healthy practice makes you master their skills and comes up with interviews easily. 


The Amazon System Design Interview Questions are a complete protocol of questions that are asked during the interview to select the candidates for the company. The amazon system design questions challenge your ability and skills. These questions are related to your experience, qualifications, and skills. You will easily pass the interview if you have prior knowledge, experience, and skills. 


Q1. How to pass interview questions?

One should study the important systems design questions and hold the concepts while appearing in the interview. At least practice the questions for three weeks to attend the interview. 

Q2. How many questions are asked at the Amazon interview?

The interview is not time-based. Most interviews consist of questions related to one’s experience and systems-related questions. The questions are practically based. 

Q3. It is tough to crack the interviews?

Amazon systems design interviews are the top companies interview, challenging, competitive but ones can easily pass through them by doing practice and skills. 

Q4. What is the process of the Amazon system design interview?

The on-site interview is called a Loop. In this interview, the questions mostly related to the company are asked. The interview is not time-based but mostly lasts after thirty to forty-five minutes. The interviewing mostly asked typical company-related questions. The interviewing emphasizes software-related questions. 

Q5. Which concepts are mostly inquired about in the system design interviews?

Ones should prepare for the scalable systems architecture, API modeling, file system, loading, and caching. 

Amazon System Design Interview Questions

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