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If you are looking to secure a job at Zehrs Supermarket but do not know which jobs are available at the supermarket, this article will help you find out the different job titles at Zehrs so that you can apply for the right job. Let’s get to know about Zehrs Job Title.

Zehrs Job Title

Zehrs is one of the top food retailers in Canada under the control of Loblaw Companies Ltd and provides employment opportunities at both entry and professional levels in its supermarkets. The job titles at Zehrs range from clerks, and cashiers, to employees at the managerial levels. The employees have specific roles to perform at Zehrs concerning their job titles.  We will discuss the different job titles available at Zehrs and the roles you are expected to carry out as an employee under these titles.

Job Titles Available at Zehrs

Zehrs offers job positions like every other supermarket; therefore, the following are the job titles you can apply for at Zehrs:

  • Clerks

The clerk positions at Zehrs are available as Deli Clerks, Bakery Clerks, Dairy Clerks, Produce Clerks, Grocery Clerks, Inventory Clerks, Meat Clerks, and Retail-Service Clerks. A clerk at Zehrs earns an average of $10 to $20 per hour with many of the clerks earning $15 per hour.

The roles of clerks at Zehrs include:

  1. Keeping the store well-arranged and tidy at all times
  2. Help in transporting packages within the store and are needed to stand for a longer period during work hours
  3. Help in operating machines in some departments e.g the meat clerks
  4. Help during production and storage of food items
  • Cashiers

The cashiers work at the front-end of the store and earn an average of $14 per hour at Zehrs.

The following are the roles of cashiers at Zehrs:

  1. Cashiers are accountable for financial activities in the store
  2. Ensure all cash and receipts are well documented
  3. Communicate with the customers to resolve payment issues
  4. Operates register systems on the computers
  5. Keep track of all purchases made in a day
  • Night Crew

The night crew consists of workers who resume after closing hours and sign out before the opening hours.

They earn an average of $13 to $16 per hour at Zehrs and perform the following roles in the supermarket:

  1. Helps in storing large deliveries that arrive at night
  2. Ensure that the store is well-arranged before opening hours the next day
  3. Help during production at the night
  • Personal shoppers

 A personal shopper helps the customers find their way around the store and earn an average of $14 per hour at Zehrs.

The roles of a personal shopper include:

  1. Helps the customers in locating items in the supermarket
  2. Helps the customers to move large items to the cashier desk after shopping
  3. Is vigilant and assists in capturing store-lifters in the supermarket
  • Managerial Titles

Applying for a managerial title at Zehrs will require the applicant to have undergone professional training in the field to gain the necessary skills needed to manage or supervise a store effectively. The job titles under the management section at Zehrs include Bakery Manager, Front-End Manager, Front-End Supervisor, Retail Store Manager, Grocery Manager, Meat Department Manager, etc.

A manager or supervisor at Zehrs earns an average of $20 to $30 per hour.

The following are the roles of the management at Zehrs:

  1. Report periodically to the Executive Committee
  2. Ensure the smooth running of events in the supermarkets
  3. Assign roles to other workers of the supermarkets
  4. Ensure salaries and wages are paid when due

Apart from these listed job titles, some other job titles are also available at Zehrs but might be peculiar to some of its supermarkets.

The other job titles are:

  • Cake Decorator
  • Floral Designer
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Security Personnel (all)

How to apply for a job title at Zehrs?

The employment process at Zehrs is overseen by the parent company, Loblaw Companies Ltd and is entirely online to ensure the selections are free from personal preference. Interested job seekers are expected to show their interest in any of the available job titles at Zehrs by completing the online application form of the supermarket.

However, before you can complete the online application form, you must have already created Loblaw Companies’ custom profile. The profile can be created on Loblaw’s website and will need you to submit details about your contact, education, skills, work experience, etc. The customer profile is just like your CV and will be used to consider if you are fit for a job title.

Why Work At Zehrs?

Zehrs and its parent company are reputable businesses in Canada and other countries where they have locations.

They are a lot of financial and non-financial benefits to working at Zehrs and some of them include:

  1. Employees at Zehrs are open to opportunities to get employed at the parent company, Loblaw Companies Ltd
  2. Free medical services from both Zehrs and its parent company
  3. In-house training programs to promote career and personal development
  4. Scholarship opportunities and tuition assistance
  5. Referral programs for employees for helping to build the workforce at Zehrs
  6. Money management services such as savings and investment on Loblaw Financials
  7. Retirement benefits and saving programs for retirement


There are several Zehrs Job Title you can apply depending on your experience, qualifications, and skills. You should put these factors into consideration while deciding on the job title you should apply for. Since the minimum age to work at Zehrs is 15 years old and 18 years old for some departments that might require the operation of machines; age should not be a barrier to applying for a job at any of Zehrs’ supermarkets. Select the best job title for your level and apply for it; hopefully, you will get the job.


  1. Can I apply for a job title at Zehrs?

Yes, you can if you are above 15 and ready to work in the supermarket. Go online and complete the application form to show interest in working at the supermarket.

  1. What is the minimum age to apply for a job at Zehrs?

The minimum age to apply for a job at Zehrs is 15.

  1. How many supermarkets does Zehrs have?

Zehrs has over 40 supermarkets Iocated across Canada and the UK with about 4 present in Kitchener.

Zehrs Job Title -Know More

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