Zscaler Office Locations & Headquarters

Zscaler is an IT company based in the United States and majoring in cyber security. Zscaler is known for its diverse tech and software systems. Established in 2007, they have quickly become one of the leading global companies in the cyber security market. They maintain a strong focus on innovation and leadership, providing cybersecurity support to small-time companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Let’s know Zscaler Office Locations & Headquarters.

Zscaler Office Locations & Headquarters

Zscaler is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices in Boston, New York City (Manhattan), London (UK), Washington DC (Southeast), and Sydney. Zscaler has expanded its operations to include an international presence.

Zscaler Office Locations & Headquarters

Deepak Krishnamurthy and Jay Chaudhry founded scale in 2006 as a start-up company in Silicon Valley. The company has increased its service offerings to give organizations the ability to mitigate cyber-attacks and other IT threats globally. They have operations in countries like Singapore, India, UAE, China, Korea, etc.

On May 31, 2013, Zscaler announced that it had expanded its operations to offer customers in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East additional security management options by setting up a new Local Presence facility in Singapore. Zscaler is readily available to offer cybersecurity solutions and 24x7x365 technical support and coverage. Zscaler customers can log directly with an agent through their website or social media to get information on services, articles, and products.

The staff consists of experts in several areas such as malware protection, intrusion detection, web application vulnerability analysis, and penetration testing. All the staff members have years of experience in computer security, including CISCO networks and routers, and penetration testers. Employees are trained to be professionals in their respective fields. Zscaler has a global presence with employees in 14 different countries.

Zscaler leverages a distributed architecture and central data center to ensure uninterrupted delivery of services to clients globally. Unlike traditional vulnerabilities that stem directly from the perimeter or infrastructure of an organization, Zscaler’s approach is focused on the data flow between end-users and the application they are running to identify the best way to remediate those vulnerabilities.

Zscaler As A Leader In The IT Field

From its beginning, Zscaler has been focused on providing a robust cloud-based security solution at a low cost. The company has evolved to the point that it is now one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Zscaler was named one of the “World’s most Innovative Companies” “y Gartner Inc., and also named one of GaGartner’sC”ol Vendors in Security.”

The company invented the first cloud-based security platform, enabling organizations to extend their network security to the Cloud, called Managed Cloud Security. Zscaler has raised $215 million in equity funding, including three rounds of private financing and a $250 million credit facility from The Bank of Nova Scotia. On February 1, 2017, Zscaler announced that it had closed a $100 million credit facility led by Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc. On December 8, 2016, the company announced that it had raised $100 million in debt financing from Macquarie Capital.

Multinationals use Zscaler’s solutions to protect their organization’s connections to the Cloud. Some of these Multinationals are American Express, Philips, Honda Motor Company, Toshiba, and more. The company has offices in the United States, Mumbai, and Wokingham.

What Services Does Zscaler Offer?

ZsZscaler’sroducts include web security solutions to provide end-to-end protection against known web application threats and advanced threat prevention (ATP) technologies such as SSL Proxy, SSL Inspection, and Application Control. 

Zscaler Solutions enable an organization’s IT administrators to use a single pane of glass to assess the security posture of the entire website or network, including traffic monitoring, intrusion detection capabilities, identity management and control for users, malware protection for web applications, and content management websites, data loss prevention (DLP) tools and advanced user threat intelligence modeling capabilities.

Over 400 banks, companies, government entities, and educational institutions around the globe trust Zscaler to protect their sites and users.

Cyber Security At Zscaler

Cybersecurity is the art of defending our online selves from potential threats. It is a constantly changing and evolving field. To stay ahead of the hackers, we must learn how to keep up with the latest security news and continuously hone our skills in detecting cyber-attacks.

Cyber security is now an integral part of our everyday lives, and as such, everyone must do what they can to protect themselves online. ThThat’shy today, we will be looking at Zscaler: a leading provider of cloud-based security for businesses and individuals.

Zscaler has been protecting organizations for over eight years, providing them with a secure connection and ensuring that their employee’s access to the web content is safe from intrusion from cybercriminals. Additionally, Zscaler protects for home users to keep their information safe while surfing the web at home or on public networks like coffee shops or even in your home.

Their skilled software engineers work to ensure that the company’s products are top of the class, unparalleled performers with unmatched features. Zscaler is a company known for its dedication to innovation and customer service, and these are qualities found throughout all of its practices. As an IT company, Zscaler provides cyber security technology solutions which help large numbers of corporations stay safe from cyber attacks.

Career Opportunities At Zscaler?

Zscaler offers career opportunities to professionals in IT, especially in cyber security, network security, and cloud computing. You can find job listings on their website. Aspiring employees will need to submit an online application with a resume, cover letter, and references.

Applicants must also take a test that consists of forty-eight questions that assess their knowledge of IT topics as follows: 8 (24%) of the test are questions on network security, 10 (28%) on cyber security, and 18 (54%) are general IT questions in areas such as programming languages, different types of networks and cloud computing concepts.

How Can You Contact Zscaler?

You can reach out to Zscaler through their website or contact them with the phone number listed on the website. They provide solutions to the issues of a growing internet. They ensure that security will not be sacrificed for speed. They understand the importance for customers to be profitable with their products and services and want them to feel confident in their spending.

When you want ultimate protection against hackers and cybercriminals, turn to Zscaler. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing businesses with robust security solutions designed around their needs, giving them peace of mind by offering more than just protection from the outside world.


We recommend that for cyber security services, please reach out to Zscaler. Zscaler is a leading global endpoint security company focusing on delivering next-generation firewall, antivirus, and web content-filtering for small to large enterprises. Zscaler offers unmatched performance and the broadest coverage of the market, making it easy for your business to protect your endpoints and networks against today’s most sophisticated threats while keeping pace with new ones.

Zscaler Office Locations & Headquarters

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