Talent Acquisition Job Titles-Know More

Talent acquisition is quite similar to what recruiters do. Recruiters are expert people who advertise, offer a variety of choices, and attract job hunters. Recruiters’ role is crucial in a company. Talent acquisition is just a part of it. Recruiters wholly own the talent acquisition process while hiring freshers or experienced people. Let us know about that the Talent Acquisition Job Titles.

Talent Acquisition Job Titles

Their major role is to, 

  • design applications
  • make accurate forms for applicants
  • design a properly formatted job description with clear details
  • review every résumé
  • have a spot-on-eye to find the right person fit for the role
  • conduct proper interviews with selected candidates. 

Is the recruiting job as easy as it sounds?

No, even though it sounds quite easy and convenient for a person to speak about recruitment as simple as making a packet of Maggi, it requires a lot of hard work and effort. Recruiters highly need to hone their leadership skills and be careful about time management, and team management. They work with hiring managers to procure the required details of a selected candidate and go about the further process.

Even though it is a consistent job with everyday duty calls 24×7, it is quite challenging. Apart from inquiring a few questions for hiring and recruiting, a true recruiter is someone who goes through every detail of a candidate. A recruiter must enjoy her/his work. They must understand the other person’s ideas, and recognize the right talent they showcase. A recruiter’s job is to stay benevolent and push people by motivating them toward achieving their goals. The recruiter must inculcate a relationship with the person and handle the processing with grace and harmony. Recruiters reject more candidates than the number they hire for the position, so, it is essential to have an open mind and prepare a rejection letter or an email for the candidate. It is not only polite, but it also saves the candidate’s expectations and allows them to get closure to move forward and chase after more opportunities. 

So how is talent acquisition different from recruitment?

Recruiting is about hurrying up the process of hiring people due to vacancy, whereas, talent acquisition is a detailed process of assessing the well-talented person fit for the role. It is almost a similar role, but more advanced than recruiting. Even though recruiting is a part of their role, talent acquisition specialists are highly known for having the bullseye to finding the right one. Talent acquisition is also known as the (HR) department; of Human Resource Management. Here, the person’s role as a human resource professional is to have a knack for recruiting. They are especially known for creating a brand value for the company to attract qualified people for the role rather than just putting forward the general skill sets required for the role. Talent acquisition professionals help the brand hire the right fits working in the right niche for them. They plan strategies and step forward to face new challenges in a healthy-working environment. A talent acquisition specialist does not need training. They do their research and know how to reach out to the qualified candidate for the role and place their top talents forward to the company. They implement the strategy and conduct meetings with the candidate to assess their talent. 

There are many ways for a talent acquisition executive to assess a person through a google form multiple-choice questionnaire, an article challenge, or a virtual meet. They plan the whole structure of hiring accordingly and review the résumé, then schedule a meeting, and interview the candidate. Talent acquisition specialists also represent themselves at major events of the company and attract the audience through networking and marketing strategies. They also consult with the internal team to discuss salary, corporate and health benefits, and other safety measures applied according to the terms and conditions of a company. They make sure to be precise and crisp about the role and ensure that they are satisfied with their doubts cleared. 

Different titles of talent acquisition 

Now that we have understood the exact role of a person building a talent acquisition team with significant responsibilities, we will look at several titles that come under this role. i

There are a variety of name roles like,

  • Junior Talent Acquisition Associate
  • Senior Talent Acquisition Associate
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Campus Recruiter
  • College Recruiter
  • Executive Talent Acquisition 
  • Hire Recruiter
  • Graduate Recruiter
  • Head of Recruitment 
  • Head of Recruitment Operation 
  • HR 
  • HR Manager
  • Recruitment Team Lead
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Talent Acquisition Lead
  • Talent Acquisition Associate
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Talent Specialist 
  • Chief HR Officer

Like these, there are a variety of options to choose from. There are plenty of opportunities for a person to enter this field with great experience and a passion for facing new challenges. 

General questions a talent recruiter may ask

Now that I have portrayed a list of titles, I will also show you the other side of their role. I will put down the most common questions a recruiter or a talent acquisition specialist may ask during an interview. The general questions a professional inquiry to the candidate to determine and assess the person’s true talent. It helps them find the accurate skills, abilities, personality, talent, communication skills, and overall management skills of a candidate.

  1. They ask you about yourself i.e., to get a gist of your family background, your experience in the field, or any related educational qualifications. 
  1. They ask you what piqued your interest in the field you applied for, to acknowledge themselves. 
  1. They ask you about the skills that make you qualified for the job (maybe also provide you with a task to examine your quality). 
  1. They might ask how you would make sure to not lose interest and ask you how you would stay updated with the trends depending on the role. 
  1. Finally, they ask you whether you are comfortable with a virtual meeting to be scheduled and discuss the benefits as and when you get your doubt. 

This is all you may need to know about talent acquisition and its job titles, which is quite similar to recruiting; in an advanced and more professional manner.

Talent Acquisition Job Titles-Know More

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