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We don’t live our lives expecting fire accidents, but these things happen, and sometimes they are inevitable. We will discuss Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Job Description here. What we need to do is to adequately be prepared to fight and keep the fire out when we are faced with a fire emergency. Hence, the need for the fire service department. The fire service department involves volunteer firefighters to ensure that our homes, offices, and religious centers are not engulfed in fire. They also put in their best to rescue victims of fire accidents and reduce loss of lives and properties.

The Deputy Fire Chief is the second in command in the fire department that performs administrative duties and ensures that fire and emergency operations run smoothly. They are charged with training team members and ensuring that they abide by the departmental policies and guidelines. If you are passionate about building a career in the fire department and also possess the added advantage of having an educational background in fire services, this could be the best job position for you. Volunteering as a deputy fire chief would give you the best exposure to handling and managing emergencies. So, let’s carefully look at what the job position entails before filling your application.

What Is A Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief?

Known as the second in command in a fire service department, a female usually occupies this position.  However, it is not solely for the female alone. A volunteer deputy fire chief is charged with handling the administrative segment of the fire department and the management of field operations. He/she gets involved in instructing team members to ensure that everything functions well in the management and curtailment of a fire outbreak. They also get involved when they need to. On certain occasions, they join team members in visiting locations to put out a fire in an emergency. In addition to all of these, they have to take on the duties of the fire chief when he is not available. So, to function in this job position, you must be hardworking and very open to working as you will be taking multiple roles from time to time. You must also have a service mentality to operate well without grudges and remember that you are dealing with the lives of individuals, and it must be done well.

Why Does A Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Job Position Exist?

This is another way to ask why the fire service department needs a volunteer deputy fire chief? Well, the answer is far-fetched. It is because every department or agency won’t function effectively without an administrative head, someone who will be there to ensure that operations run smoothly, oversee the performance of team members, settling grievances, presenting policies and programs, preparing budget and monitoring expenditures, and showing new team members practical examples of their duties. So the fire service department needs a deputy fire chief because they understand that the fire chief cannot properly manage the functioning and operations. If an employee is overworked, he/she wouldn’t maximally be at his best. Before applying for this job position, please understand that more than anything, you will be working closely with the Fire Chief, and your role will be supportive. You will also need to hold meetings with team members and sometimes speak on behalf of the fire chief when necessary.

What Are The Qualities Needed For A Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief?

Going further, let’s look at the skills and qualifications required to operate in this job position. As a volunteer deputy fire chief, you will be operating in a very sensitive position. Some years of experience(2-3 years) in fire fighting and fire prevention will be an added advantage. Also, possessing a bachelor’s degree in fire or public administration makes you a considered option for the job position. Or, if you have completed the State Fire Marshal’s Fire Management Series or equivalent, it will also boost your chances of securing this job. This position does not entertain a novice because of its peculiarity. So do yourself the favor of getting acquainted with the fire services series. Let’s quickly look at the skills that you will require on the job:

  • Good Communication Abilities: As stated earlier, your duties will involve interaction with both team members (co firefighters) and individuals involved in a fire accident. You will also need to represent the Fire Chief in meetings, and how you communicate would matter a lot. Beyond oral communication, it is also expected that you know how to express yourself well in writing.

  • Supervisory abilities: You will be in charge of supervising the activities of volunteer firefighters. From their induction training to their performance output on the job, you will need to monitor them generally. 

  • Problem-solving abilities: There would be times when a difficult scenario may surface. You need to be proactive in proffering solutions as time is essential in the fire service department.

  • Administrative abilities: As an administrator, you will need to design roasters for duty, organize programs for the development of the firefighters, come up with quarterly plans, ensure policies are kept and make sure that all fire service activities are carried out following federal, state, and county laws.

  • Ability to build good relationships: This is as important as your responsibility on the job. So, you must learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with superiors, co-employees, and members of the general public.

  • Good decision-making abilities: Working as a volunteer deputy fire chief requires that you occasionally make good decisions. To that end, your ability to make good decisions must be very sound. You should be able to discern when action will produce a negative result and bring forth a positive outcome.

In addition to all of these, you must properly understand the management of tools involved in your daily operations and possess a basic understanding of first aid treatment in case of emergencies. Any knowledge related to handling fire services will greatly help your performance on the job. Be open-minded and give yourself to grow daily.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief?

Having properly assessed yourself with the above-listed qualities, understanding your responsibilities and duties will help you assess your strengths for this job position. Your tasks would involve the following:

  • Represent the Fire Chief where and when necessary.
  • Respond to fire alarms immediately
  • Design and monitor programs for new team members
  • Supervise the training of firefighters.
  • Ensure that departmental policies and programs are carried out properly.
  • Create budgets and submit quarterly reports
  • Speak at board meetings or public events
  • Assign departmental tools to team members
  • Settles disputes between team members, assign daily tasks, and generally monitors daily activities within the department. These may seem a little demanding, but it is an opportunity for you to stretch yourself and be at your best.

How Many Hours Does A Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Works?

As a volunteer deputy fire chief, you work around the clock. You would need to turn in for morning shifts and also be there for night shifts. You will also be required to work in the office, bus, tunnels, and sometimes under unpleasant conditions.

How Much Do I Earn As A Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief?

Depending on the location of the fire department, your earnings could defer. But on average, a deputy fire chief earns $83 000 per annum. This could be unique to a state or county, ensuring that you know what is obtainable in the location you are applying to. However, it is important to note that not all organizations pay volunteer deputy fire chiefs.

What Would Your Interview Session Entail?

Your interview session would involve some questions to test your understanding of the job role. These questions can also unveil your character personality and know if you are the best candidate for the job. Some of the questions include the following:

  • How would you feel doing the same job repeatedly daily? They want to know if your morale will be sustained on the job if you have to go from office to fire scenes repeatedly.
  • Why are you the best candidate for the job? Hiring managers want to hear what will make you perform better than other candidates, showing them your strengths.
  • How would you handle a difficult situation amongst team members? Give your interviewers practical examples of how you will settle grievances among firefighters.


  1. Do fire service departments pay volunteer deputy fire chiefs?

Some locations pay their volunteer deputy fire chiefs, while some don’t. The fire service department understands that this job position is usually demanding, making provision for various compensations.

  1. How best can I function as a volunteer deputy fire chief? 

Be diligent and pay attention to every detail that involves your duties. Also, communicate properly where necessary.

  1. What does a volunteer deputy fire chief do?

They are in charge of the administrative operations in the fire service department. 

Do you want to volunteer in this position? If yes, then let’s get started!! 

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Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Job Description 2021

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