Utility Clerk Job Description, Duties, Salary

Utility Clerk Job Description, Duties, Salary

When it comes to being a utility clerk, there is more than meets the eye. It is a great task with huge security and a respectable salary. If you are eager, you may take some test exams, get promoted as an officer, and circulate up. If you no longer desire, you may maintain as a clerk. This article will guide you on the job description, duties, and salary of a utility clerk. 

Job Description Of Utility Clerk:

Utility clerks are workers liable for cleansing and keeping the employer’s premises and equipment. They work in diverse institutions, and their responsibilities range depending on the area of employment. Their task is to preserve the upkeep of the employer facilities, restore damaged equipment, look into completed projects and fulfill the state’s safety and health laws. 

They play a massive role in maintaining utility structures, including water, gas, electricity, and operating at all times. Working as a utility clerk calls for one to be bodily active as there is a lot of physical activity involved. They may be employed by construction corporates, offices, and different businesses that have particular upkeep requirements. 

While it is not crucial for utility clerk to be formally educated, they should possess a high school diploma or identical to be suitable for this role. No university majors or educational applications are required, meaning that post-secondary training is not always required for this sort of job. However, about 24% of utility clerks in the US have bachelor’s degrees, and 1.3% have master’s degrees. You may also locate that encounters with different jobs will assist you to emerge as a utility clerk. In fact, many clerk jobs require experience in a position like a cashier. Meanwhile, many utility clerks additionally have preceding professional backgrounds, such as sales associate or customer service representative. 

Skills Required For Utility Clerk Job:

Like any other career, a utility clerk job requires one to have skills and competencies to carry out the tasks assigned. Utility clerks ought to have high-quality guide dexterity and the capacity to work with numerous equipment. Successful utility employees learn new abilities quickly, control their time effectively and spend lots of time speaking with different workers. Employers also anticipate utility clerk applicants to have these skills;

  • Problem-solving: They should find complicated issues and review associated facts to broaden and compare alternatives and enforce solutions.
  • Positive attitude: The utility clerk should handle client’s complaints, retaining a practical mindset. They should also communicate with clients and co-employees while retaining a positive mindset in harsh conditions to ensure overall client satisfaction. 
  • Critical thinking: They need good judgment and reasoning to pick out weaknesses and strengths of solutions’ choice, strategies, or conclusion to problems.
  • Learning strategies: Choosing and using training or instructional strategies and methods suitable for the scenario whilst mastering or coaching new things. 
  • Good communication skills: The clerk should perform good oral and written communication skills to ensure exceptional client service. They should retain ongoing verbal exchange with supervising coordinator concerning problems that arise at some point of the assessment process. 
  • Customer service: They should plan and hold a smooth vicinity communication with clients to offer top-notch customer support. They should give outstanding customer support with a friendly-being concerned mindset in all interactions with the client. 
  • Active listening: They should give complete interest to what different individuals are saying, taking time to recognize the factors being made, and asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at irrelevant times. 
  • Monitoring: Assessing the overall performance of oneself, different people, or agencies to make an enhancement or take corrective actions. 
  • Time management: The utility clerk should manage their own time and others by planning all their schedules. 
  • Detail-oriented: They should be thorough while carrying out their work. They should project their undivided interest and adjustments before they rapidly grow into a larger problem. 

Qualifications Of A Utility Clerk:

  • Capacity to understand dangers and take measures to keep away from them.
  • Capability to examine meters, blueprints, maps, pipelines, and drawings.
  • Strong capacity to observe oral and written commands properly.
  • In-depth understanding of simple preservative and universal preservative activities.
  • Bodily active aimed towards executing hard manual labor.
  • Able to expand and hold efficient working connections with a technical group of people. 
  • Solid comprehension of establishing and preserving utility systems. 

Duties Of The Utility Clerk:

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of the utility clerk.

  • Accord with safety standards: The utility clerk must observe published protection requirements and put on a private shielding attire where necessary since they regularly deal with cleansing fluids and different dangerous chemicals. They should smooth up the spill according to the organization’s policy and set up protection requirements if a chemical spill happens.
  • Restore and reinstate damaged equipment: They help mechanics and another technical workforce in cleaning, testing, and mending utility systems. They also provide aid in restoring gutter and potholes.  
  • Uphold clean facilities: Remove and cleanse workplaces of debris and other unsafe substances, and they make sure that they are reinstated to their unique states. They must maintain a faultless work area all the time.
  • Locate parts and tools: They should find their parts and tools before starting an assigned task to ensure successful completion of that task. 
  • Sift through finish projects: The utility clerk inspects to ensure that the task is finalized correctly upon completing a project.

Salary Of A Utility Clerk:

According to PayScale, a utility clerk earns an average of $12.15 per hour, while in Glassdoor, they earn an average of $25681 annually. As of recently, a utility clerk earns an average of $26935 annually. Their highest earned salary amounts to $32000, while the lowest is $20000 annually. Although the mean pay varies widely, it indicates that there can be many possibilities for development and salary increment based totally on demographic location, talent level, and years of experience. 

Here is a list of salary according to experience according to Pay Scale. 

Experience                                                                                Average salary earned per hour.

Less than 1 year (entry-level)                                                            $10.76

1 to 4 years                                                                                      $11.12

5 to 9 years                                                                                             $13.11

10 to 19 years                                                                                         $14.60

20 years and above                                                                                $17.00

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Utility Clerk Job Description, Duties, Salary

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