Usps Mail Processing Clerk Job Description – Salary & Duties

Usps Mail Processing Clerk Job Description, Salary, Duties


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a separate government entity under the Executive Branch. We will discuss USPS Mail Processing Clerk Job Description here. The United States Postal Service and one of only a few government agencies sanctioned by the United States Constitution. The Postal Clause gives the USPS agency the authority to allow international travel. Many people have asked how to get a job with both the post office; learn more about the postal service and various methods for obtaining employment with the job center. The Postal Service of the United States is a massive organization. The department owns more than 200,000 commercial vehicles. In 2017, the United States Postal Service hired about 645,000 people. The USPS’s enormous scale has unfortunately complicated the process of hiring new employees. Although the automated job application is available 24 hours a day, it is not particularly user-friendly.

Many USPS work candidates are rejected due to a simple clerical mistake that should have been avoided. The following narrative is intended to assist you in navigating the USPS work application process or avoiding costly errors. Sorting, measuring, and measuring mail, delivering mail thus according to existing company processes and regulations, and stocking the mailroom with bulk polymerization supplies are all part of their duties.

Who is USPS Mail Processing Clerk?

Order clerks, also recognized as processing clerks, assist companies in completing services and product orders. Processing clerks type order information into a computer program and help in ensuring that the goods are shipped correctly as customers make purchases. Jobs in this category can be found in several sectors, including apparel and furniture. You can work as a processing clerk if you have basic entering data skills and a keen eye for information.

A mail processing clerk’s primary responsibility is to operate and maintain the different forms of automatic sorting & scanning devices used in the postal processing and delivery process. Individuals seem to be in charge of manually sorting letters and emails as required. A sorting clerk’s other main responsibilities include organizing and moving processed mail to transportation distribution regions, which necessitates transport and carrying large bags & boxes.

Role of USPS Mail Processing Clerk

The job of a USPS mail processing clerk would be to learn just about everything there is known about either the complicated process of sorting mail. This method decides whether packages arrive at their destinations accurately and on time. However, it is primarily dependent on whether mail processing clerks have adequately separated and arranged the mail on hand. Such industry professionals must also strive to keep every work area completely supplied with the required equipment and provide customer support, including understanding and following safety protocols to avoid injuries and industrial accidents.

USPS Mail Processing Clerk Job Description

The US Postal Service is an important part of society because mail delivery is important for individuals and companies. The mail processing clerk is amongst the most valuable members of the post office’s team of people who work hard to guarantee that parcels arrive at their destinations in a timely fashion. This person is in charge of separating and organizing all mail so that it could be distributed. There is a lot to learn about processing mail, or mail processing clerks must learn everything, such as how to load mail into automatic equipment and all sorting processes; the USPS has strict methods that must be done to ensure that almost all mail gets to wherever it needs to go. They must keep their work area fully supplied with any materials they may need during the move. They may even provide service just at the public window and assist with purchases, so patience and product knowledge are advantageous. Also, all safety precautions must be trained so that there are no incidents and injuries on the job. For this job, a high school degree or GED is typically needed. However, applicants are usually given an examination to assess their knowledge of post office procedures and ensure that every worker is up to date with anything they need should know for their role.

Objective of Usps Mail Processing Clerk

  • Our goal was to examine the efficacy of the Postal Service in decreasing non-career staff turnover and the underlying causes of non-career staff turnover.
  • To augment the existing workforce and minimize labor expenses, the Postal Service employs non-career workers. Non-career staff members are contract staff who do not earn the same benefits as full-time employees, do not often have a fixed schedule, and work anywhere from one to 7 days each week.
  • Approximately 136,000 non-career workers made up about 21% of the Postal Service’s 633,000 employees in a fiscal and monetary year (FY) 2019.

There are several non-career employee labor constructions or skills at the Postal Service:

  • Unloads and transfers mail in plants as just a mail handler helps.
  • Role of postal support employee — handles mail and offers postage at post offices.
  • City carrier assistant — delivers mail along predetermined city paths.
  • A rural carrier associate is responsible for delivering mail on rural roads.
  • As part of an annual National Measuring Performance, the Postal Service sets a target for non-career employee turnover (NPA). This target is used to monitor non-career employee turnover to lower the cost of recruiting non-career workers for the Postal Service. The target for FY 2019 was 34.08 percentage points.
  • We went to 14 district headquarters, 12 post offices, and two production and distribution centers for site visits (P&DC). These visits covered locations with the lowest and highest unemployment and otherwise especially non-employee turnover from all seven Postal Major markets.

Tasks of a Usps Mail Processing Clerk

  • Load and perhaps unload mail, removing objects that cannot be handled automatically.
  • Assist with other projects as required.
  • Prepare and arrange the work area, making sure all equipment and tools are in working order.
  • Operate the mail sorting system, clearing congestion and maintaining mail flow.

Duties of Usps Mail Processing Clerk

Sorting & organizing mail for delivery and hand-sorting mail are among the responsibilities of a mail processing clerk. In their everyday work, USPS employees should expect to experience the following tasks:

  • The Mail Processor can figure outbound and inbound mail objects using various sort programs or manual delivery schematics.
  • The Mail Processor supervises & formulates the mail processing work area, ensuring that all necessary equipment, labels, containers, and other resources and materials are present.
  • The Mail Processor collects sorted mail and distributes it all to the appropriate bins for further processing.
  • The Mail Processor is in charge of inserting email into keyboard instruments.
  • The Mail Processor is in charge of eliminating non-letter mail objects from letter mail, like parcels, rolls, and oddly shaped products.
  • The Mail Processor regulates the flow of posts into the processing facilities to ensure a consistent feed.
  • The Mail Processor is in charge of keeping processing equipment running smoothly by removing jams and notifying adjustments when necessary.
  • The Mail Processor assists customers at the community window with non-monetary payments when required.
  • As needed, the Mail Processor performs certain duties.
  • Bundle, mark, & route mail by defined deadlines & processes, as well as their locations.
  • Using character recognition readers such as scanners, mimeographs, as well as addressographs.

Qualifications required for Usps Mail Processing Clerk

  • Pass the required United States Postal Service tests with flying colors.
  • Ability to pass a full background check, a drug test, and a physical exam
  • Precision and eye for detail
  • Familiarity with clerical practices and processes
  • You must be 18 years old or have a high school diploma if you are 16 years old.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, or a citizen of American Samoa or another US territory.
  • The ability to pass a criminal record check, a drug test, and a medical examination.
  • Selective Service registration is required (if applicable).

The Necessary Skills For Usps Mail Processing Clerk

For aspiring young processing clerks, basic computer & keyboard capabilities are essential. You need to be able to type quickly and accurately. When dealing with patients and coworkers, excellent communication skills are also important. You must show strong listening skills and communicate information properly while you are gathering and providing data. Customer support abilities are also important. You must treat customers with respect & try to find ways to meet their desires as a processing clerk. Since you’ll be talking to customers on the phone a lot, you’ll need a clear vocal range.

Usps Mail Processing Clerk Job Specifications

Separating the criteria into two categories: required/preferred qualifications will aid readers once writing the work qualifications & skills portion. Some postal service clerk employment contract provisions may be a trade deal, but others could be more lenient. Making it crystal clear which categories belong to which will increase the answer to your opening. The postal service clerk’s work requirements details, if done correctly, will avoid a great flood of unqualified candidates and guarantee that enough performance achieved apply. Make the qualifications segment as short as possible. While it should be the simplest section of your postal service clerk job title, this would not imply that it is the least significant. You also shouldn’t document it haphazardly because the details you provide will determine who applies. Evaluate what the organization is searching for and devise a strategy to ensure the right people apply. The examples that follow show both obligatory and preferred conditions.

  • Excellent written & verbal leadership skills.
  • Well-organized and capable of accurately carrying out administrative duties.
  • 2 years of experience in the postal service or as a clerk is required.
  • A WPM with at least 60 is needed.

Responsibilities of Usps Mail Processing Clerk

  • Inspect incoming messages to ensure the correct postage has been used such that parcels and letters are properly prepared for mailing a letter and transportation.
  • Determine the cost of shipping letters, packages, & parcels by measuring, computing, and properly classifying them according to their form, weight, and location.
  • Accurately apply postage and, if necessary, labels to email communications presented by customers.
  • Sort inbound and outbound network mail by hands or by computer, then sort by location and sort.
  • Answer consumers’ questions regarding post office plastic boxes, mailing equipment, and other Post Office items, as well as policies, rules, mailing practices, as well as delivery charges.
  • Respond to customer concerns and issues by conducting required research, giving information, and proposing feasible strategies.
  • Transfer postal between desktops to make a proper collection, sorting, and distribution easier.
  • Before dispensing licensed, approved, or express mail, confirm recipient details and collect signatures.
  • Loading postal trucks as well as ensuring that parcels are packed in the correct distribution route order.
  • Loading & running mail delivery, sorting, and cancellation equipment.

Earning of a Usps Mail Processing Clerk

The average salary for a US Postal Service Post Processing Clerk is $18. The salary range for a Mail Processing Clerk at the US Postal Service is $14 to $1,318. This calculation is based on 250 pay reports submitted anonymously by US Postal Service PSE Mail Processing Clerk personnel or calculated using statistical techniques. The average hourly wage was $15.33, or $31,880 annually. The job market isn’t exactly rosy. As per O Net Online, the volume of processing clerk jobs decreases by 3% around 2012 to 2022. The average annual salary for mail processing clerks employed for the USPS is $42,000, or $15.97 per hour. Practitioners in the 90th percent receive additional to $59,000 annually, but those in the lowest 10% earn about $31,000 annually. Entrance mail processing clerks can expect to receive only about $35,000 annually, and those with more than 20 years of expertise can expect to make there about $55,000 annually. As per PayScale, midfield workers with five to ten years of personal experience receive an average annual salary of $39,000.

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Usps Mail Processing Clerk Job Description – Salary & Duties

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