Tj Maxx Hiring Age

Tj Maxx Hiring Age

Retailers in clothes, beds, shoes, furniture, and gift items Tj Maxx has around 1000 stores in the US itself, thereby marking itself as the largest clothing retailer in the country that provides merchandise at fairly lesser prices than other stores. It employs based on the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and does not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever. 16 years of age is the minimum Tj Maxx Hiring Age requirement for being considered for a job. A high school diploma with commendable skills increases your chance of getting hired for entry-level positions.

What is the hiring process like? | Tj Maxx Hiring Age

  • One can go to the company’s career website and apply online by filling the four-page long application, which includes personal details of name, address, contact information, desired job position, previous experience, skills, education, and other qualifications along with references if any.
  • Or you can also take a printout of the form, fill it with ink, and then submit it at the nearest store.
  • Interviews can be one or two in number depending on whether you have applied for an entry-level position or managerial, and they typically last for about 20-30 minutes.
  • A drug test is done on every employee before hiring.
  • Background checks are also very common.
  • Paid orientation and training is the last step after which the store formally hires you.

What are the operational hours of the store? 

Monday to Saturday, the operational hours of the Store are from 10 am to 7 pm, and Sunday feels like one because of an hour of delay at the beginning of the day, making the schedule from11 am to 7 pm.

The Holiday chart followed by Tj Maxx is listed below:

Stores are closed on Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. On all other holidays, the stores remain open for regular hours so that customers can avail of shopping for their loved ones on holidays. At the same time, they have extended hours exclusively on the occasion of Black Friday.

Average payments per hour of various positions are mentioned below:

  • Cashier receives $11 ranging from $8 to $14
  • Sales associate receives $11 ranging from $9 to $15
  • The merchandise Coordinator receives $13 ranging from $10 to $16
  • The customer service provider receives $12 ranging from $8 to $16
  • The backroom coordinator receives $12 ranging from $10 to $17
  • The keyholder receives $13 ranging from $10 to $18
  • Unloader  receives $8.50 
  • Store manager receives $18

All the payments are made on a weekly basis.

Hours of service and breaks for employees are:

20-25 hours of part-time work a week is expected from an employee. Every  6 hours of work allows you to take a 45-minute lunch break along with two additional breaks of 15 minutes each.

What are the employees expected to come dressed in ?

There is no fixed dress code for the service providers. One can wear whatever they please, except for wearing tank tops, shorts, and gym wear. Tattoos are allowed along with colored hair, but certain employers may not specifically prefer these. No headscarves are preferred unless put on for religious purposes.

Benefits of working at Tj Maxx are as follows:

  • They provide paid vacations. 
  • Give employee discount (10%-20%)
  • Offer paid sick leaves.
  • Allows casual dress
  • Gives flexibility in schedule, 
  • Life insurance and
  • Disability insurance as well.

However, Holiday pay for full-time employees and part-time employees varies in number and hours as well. The former gets 7 hours to pay for 7 holidays in a year while the latter gets 4 hours to pay for less than 7 holidays.

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Tj Maxx Hiring Age

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