Technical Lead Job Description – Responsibilities and Skills

Technical Lead Job Description

A successful software development cycle requires optimized performance from every cog in the system. We will discuss Technical Lead Job Description here. Any unforeseeable, unmitigated, or unplanned bottleneck delays the project, escalates the project cost and ultimately, fails customer expectations. A crucial member of the team is the Technical Lead. They fix the pain points in the projects. As the development cycle is complex and features diverse disciplines, you need a central contact point for functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency. 

The Network

The tech lead primary network, frequent contact team members, and go-to people include;

  • System Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Engineering Team Leaders 
  • Project and Product Managers.
  • Documentation Team(if any)

 But what exactly is the technical lead’s role?

Technical Lead Job Description

Technical Lead Responsibilities

  • Ensure Code Quality

Code quality differs across different niches, target audiences, and contexts. A tech lead should understand how the existing or proposed code fits the three and then seek ways to improve it. Subjectivity and personal opinions should not be a factor when making this decision. The key objective is to meet the customer requirements while maintaining easy functionality and use as per the software development cycle best practices.

  • Provide Project Direction

An effective technical leader ensures projects run smoothly by owning the different technical teams and processes. As the chief liaison, ensure the deliverables meet the desired customer and in-house requirements through data-driven decisions and innate technical skills. Over the cycle, the tech leader plans, designs, manages and executes solutions to ensure project success. Thus, the right candidate should exhibit technical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

In addition, a successful technical team lead should expand their industry knowledge in the niche industry. This includes the latest industry trends, resources, team engagement, management skills, and trends. You achieve high-level project milestones while ensuring your project teams remain motivated through communicated, encouraged, achieved, and rewarded KPIs and deliverables. 

  • Ultimate Code Quality Analyst

High code quality, especially for established companies, sensitive industry niches, and large projects, is critical for continued company success and minimal resource losses. The technical lead ensures standardization and common style guides across the platforms. Also, they should maintain common and accessible repositories, with updated version controls and access for the relevant team members for the smooth running of different projects.

  • Minimize Technical Debt

Technical debt refers to compromising on code quality for speedy delivery. Some companies do this, especially due to limited resources, pressure to deliver, and intense client competition. Unfortunately, this erodes company output, reputation, escalates project costs due to the rework and frequent variables. The detrimental contributing factors include changes to user requirements, market pressures, and existing old legacy systems.

As the technical lead, you are expected to establish a quantifiable metric to evaluate the technical debt across the different projects versus the speed and resources available.  This involves anticipating technical debt variables and the workable fixes. The technical lead is tasked with ensuring the costs remain manageable over the project timeline. Also, the technical lead should exhibit skills and knowledge in the common technical debt detection and management tools. Most tools feature AI capabilities for insight on code quality and generate reports for team review over the project timeline.

  • Reviewing Code

The code review process is a critical component in the software development cycle. It promotes team collaboration, brainstorming, knowledge, and skills transfer, solves issues, and builds morale. The technical leader sets deliverables times for pull requests, prompt and proactive review, and input and solutions. In this aspect, the ideal candidate should be knowledgeable, approachable, collaborative, and accommodative. 

  • Promote Teamwork and Engagement

A notable qualm in working with subject experts in different disciplines is the subjective completion approach. A software development cycle requires ardent team engagement and cohesion to succeed, especially for large projects. The tech lead implements measurable metrics to maximize input and optimize productivity from the different team members. This filters out the mere approvers and decliners and focuses more weight on the actual collaborators. With this metric, the technical lead can measure, promote and foster engagement and input.

  • Ensure the Team Delivers Quality Code on Time

Tech leads should add value to the code quality and ensure speedy deployment. They were closely tied to encouraging team collaboration, delegate tasks to the relevant team members, depending on the deployment frequency and urgency. At the same time, you can detect the number of issues in a given time and calculate the regularity and cause. By sorting out the causative variable, it is easy to ensure fast code shipping.

Job Description Summary

Monitor and mentor junior team members with the help of the project manager and the senior technical team.

  • Own modules in one or more company projects.
  • Strive to maintain high team morale, especially for complex projects.
  • Ensure constant high attention to detail and quality over the project lifetime.
  • Organize and follow up on agreed deliverables as per the user requirement.
  • Motivate staff by ensuring they have the right resources and a comfortable space to ask questions openly and safely voice project concerns.
  • Determine project technical requirements, schedule and allocate to the right resource
  • Delegate tasks and monitor deliverables.
  • Together with the project manager, regularly update the management on the project.
  • Liaise with the in-house team to ensure client requirements are met.
  • Identify risks and initiate a contingency plan.
  • Pre-analyze existing resources and schedule upgrades and relevant team training. 
  • Utilize standard tools to view and manage technical debt.
  • Organize and host release events, especially Go/No Go instances.
  • Monitor post-release highlights and work on improvement opportunities.
  • Serve as the main point of contact for internal and external technology management processes.

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, informational technology, software development, or a related field in the industry.
  • A project management certification in the field may be required.
  • Ability to build professional relationships with team members across different departments.
  • Excellent motivational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Previous experience in a similar role would be highly preferred.
  • Skilled in documenting and communicating target audience optimized information.

Expected Remuneration

The base salary for a Tech Lead position varies across different companies and regions, but this depends on skills, experience, and project scale.

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Technical Lead Job Description – Responsibilities and Skills

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