Staples Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Staples Job Opportunities, Salary, Age Limit, Application Process, Interview Questions

Staples is the go-to place for office supplies for the people of the United States of America, and it is regarded as one of the most visited retail stores since it has opened more than 1000 plus stores throughout the country. Since its establishment back in 1986, it has been a great place for customers to get supplies at an affordable rate, which has prompted many people and companies to keep looking for it to buy supplies. Due to Staples’s overwhelming response from the public, it has expanded its stores everywhere throughout the United States. It has given job opportunities to thousands of employees through hundreds of different locations. The positions and salaries vary, but the employees’ customer service and spirit have stayed the same throughout their tenure of service. We will discuss Staples Job Opportunities here.

There are many reasons that Staples has hired an overwhelming number of people in the past few years. The most significant is that the people working in the company have had a lot of workload due to the increased dependence of small-time companies and individuals. This is mostly because the locals prefer getting all their office materials at one point to save time and money. The second is that the overwhelming workload has been a reason for employees to quit midway through the job, which is why to reduce the number of people quitting, they are beginning to fill people in for various positions to make sure they get the work done by providing help to employees and ensuring the customers are getting their requirements fulfilled.

The main reason people join is due to the experience they get by working in a professional and office-related environment and meeting new people, learning how to work better in a team, and earning a little money by the availability of the hourly jobs. The managerial positions are filled by experienced people in the field who have degrees in business administration. Therefore it is difficult to get a job but not impossible. We will be looking at different job opportunities, salary, age limit, application processes, and interview questions that will help you get the job you want inside staples, along with a couple of tips for the interview process. The tips will help your behavior and your approach to the interview.

Staples Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities in Staples, as we previously discussed. Still, it requires immense experience and talent to fill out the managerial positions as they are rarely available. There is a lot of competition for each position. Therefore, you need to remember that the hourly rated jobs are the best in terms of qualitative experience and your time’s best utilization. Plus, there is no permanent commitment to the company. The job opportunities that we will be looking at will provide you with the overall experience of working in a formal environment and some perks and side cash that will help your future and living. This is a great opportunity for college students to learn more about retail. It is even better if you’re studying business since getting a job as a cashier or a front desk representative will help you a lot in terms of interaction experience and learning to participate in team activities.

It would be best if you remember many things before applying for the jobs, and we will be discussing them along with the qualities you require to appear for those jobs. The three main jobs that you can get are:-

  1. Cashier – Cashiers are the first face anyone sees whenever entering a retail store or fast-food restaurant. They are responsible for making the customers feel at home and welcoming them with a warm smile. They are in charge of painting the cash machine and calculating transactions, providing the customers with assistance regarding various items, and keeping a stock of extra items near the register. They must always remember to be polite to their customers as well as their team members. They have to coordinate with other team members and inform them about the progress of the registry. They are answerable to the general manager and have to carry out orders received by them. At the end of the day’s work, they are responsible for balancing the cash registers, and they restock items on the shelves in most cases. They are in charge of scanning items that the customers purchased and making bills for them. They are also required to check in regularly with the warehouse to keep stock of the available items. They earn a salary of 8 to 10 dollars per hour, depending on the location they work at.

  2. Sales Associate – Sales Associates are important parts of the center’s overall functioning as they are responsible for solving the queries of the customers by providing them with information about the products they want to buy and providing the names of replacements in case they do not have the same products. They should contact the warehouse whenever some products are out of stock. This position is filled with social interaction, and you have to be a people person if you want to enter this position. They must provide the answers to every need the customers have and process requests. They also have to perform other responsibilities like providing the customers with the required products, doing checkouts, doing the returns, and checking up with different online orders. Whenever they are not on the sales floor, they are responsible for cleaning the shelves and other spots, helping the other employees restock the shelves, and maintaining a clean and sanitized environment. They must remain in close touch with the cashiers and the manager to provide daily rundowns of the transactions. They typically make the minimum wage of 8 to 10 dollars an hour.

  3. Manager – The managers are the heart and soul of every retail store and fast food restaurant. They are in charge of maintaining the order and teamwork between the employees and report to the higher-ups and coordinate with them to achieve specific weekly goals and sales targets set by them. They discuss ways to achieve them with the other members and are also in charge of boosting team morale by encouraging them to work harder and better. They coordinate with every area of the center and borrow information from each area to analyze and track the sales trajectory. They also must maintain a positive relationship with the customers, which keeps them returning and increases their trust in the company. They coordinate with the cashiers and the sales associates to ensure that their interactions are pleasant and inquire about the sales statistics. They are in charge of maintaining the retail store’s sanity and must ensure that everything is up to par. The salary for the managers differs from the positions( sales, general, associate). Still, they make a salary ranging between 30 to 50,000 dollars per year and different perks such as 401 k plans, paid leaves, insurance plans, and various other advantages for the job.

Age Limit

The age limit of working in a Staples warehouse and retail center is 18 years. It provides the perfect kind of business microenvironment that the college students can get used to and gain experience from. The office shipment and the marketing will allow them to get experience in accounting, sales, and marketing aspects of the job. The main thing for them is to learn as much as possible while also earning some extra cash to help with their daily expenses.

Application Process

The application process is one of the most important parts of getting a job. It determines your initial impression of the employer and establishes your work experience and the level of your abilities to them. Therefore it is important for you to properly customize your CV and resumes according to the job you want in the company and research the position before applying to get a clear view of the work you are going to be doing.

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before applying for a position. First, you must have experience in positions that do not give hourly rates, like managerial positions. These positions are more suitable for degree holders and those who have already been working in the field for 2 to 3 years. Their experience is much more suitable for the job, and also they will be able to direct the employees properly.

To apply, you need to either fill the application online or submit it on site. Filling it online will allow you to fill in all details properly, such as the address, your name, phone number, and other details. The reply to this application will usually take 3 days and can go up to 2 weeks. If they do not reply, be sure to call them or email your local Staples to get in contact and ask about the application.

Be sure to put in your resume to increase the chances of getting the job. If you’re submitting the form on the site, be sure to dress properly and personally hand your application to the manager. If he takes a look at it immediately and sees your resume, it might prompt an interview immediately. Do your research and be prepared for any questions by learning about the company.

By visiting the site, you will get to know about the work environment and the people you will be working with, which is a huge advantage for a new employee.

Interview Questions

The interview is the final stage of the job as it involves you going face to face with the employer and then finding out what kind of employee you will be. Be prepared to answer some tough questions. You should be ready by researching the company work techniques and policies and interacting with the workers to let yourself know about the environment.

There are three important questions that your employer might ask you which is of the highest importance, those three questions are:-

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. Are you good with people?
  3. Are you willing to work overtime?
  • The first question talks about your abilities required for the job. It would be best if you referred to the job description for this question. Mention all the qualities that it requires, and make sure you talk about your skills naturally without forcing yourself into them. This creates the natural impression that you are confident about your skills.

  • The second question talks about the need to interact with people and your fellow employees for the face pace and the job’s integrity. In this company, interaction with people is important, and your employer requires you to fit well with the team to communicate well and solve all the problems and help customers faster. Teamwork is the core of any employee’s abilities.

  • Say yes only if you’re doing it because there might be times when you have to stay back in case of extra workload or to stock items and empty the shelves. Working overtime can sometimes lead to a promotion, so be sure to answer this question after considering your options carefully.

The Takeaway

There are many things you need to remember to pass the interview, make sure to know about the company and be confident. Dress well and be polite to your interviewer. There is always going to be employment needed in big companies like these so make sure to always try hard to get into the companies by giving your best. Remember that being polite and considerate goes a long way in an interview and can be a deal-breaker on most occasions. Good luck!

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Staples Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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