Police Sergeant Interview Questions [+Sample Answers]

Police Sergeant Interview Questions

Police sergeants supervise many day-to-day activities. The most suitable person will demonstrate some highlighting points of their life while serving this industry. Interviewing a police officer would be some tricky job, but a good police sergeant would not hesitate to reveal the true answers to every question with a lot of wisdom. We will discuss Police Sergeant Interview Questions here.

Police Sergeant Interview Questions

The questions are as follows- 

  • What made you enter this industry?

Answer: I was 6 years old when my father died in a car accident. Because of a rash driver, my entire family had to pay its cost. And we had to lose our mainframe of the family. From that day, I made an oath somewhere in my mind to work against the crime and make sure not a single person was left with injustice. 

Whenever I am working on some case, something just swears in my mind, and that thing makes sure not to spare a single piece of the puzzle. Another fun fact I like shooting criminals. I am kidding. No one should take the law into their own hands whatever happens.

  • Tell me about your previous job.

Answer: Exact 6 years ago, I finished my engineering. While I was graduating, I grew some interest in art and curriculum. Then I created my own website and pages on social media as an artist. And start earning some penny through the painting. But after a year, I took a small break and decided to quit this. I questioned myself what would make me happy, suddenly the incident came in front of me from my childhood, fixed, I would make myself best for this job, and I am happy I did.

  • What made you to take a gap and do you regret it?

Answer: Obviously not. I don’t regret it. Sometimes you need space from things to make a great decision. What I was doing before I’m not saying that wasn’t a worthy option, that was, but the somewhere inner voice was saying my destiny is not this. I was waiting for some direction to reach my destiny, then suddenly I came across my early dream, as I mentioned to you before.

Taking a break or gap isn’t a thing of regret. Everyone needs some guidance or direction to choose his correct path. Till that you need to wait, not means only failures do these things is obviously not true. 

  • Tell me about your chief.

Answer: When I entered this industry, I was a novice man, but my chief always gave me a helping hand in every situation. Even they guide me as my father at every step, they stood behind me. You must have experienced some barrier between you and your high-positioned colleagues. This barrier can be of anything behavior, position, experience, etc. But I am so glad to tell you I never felt that kind of barrier between me and my chief. 

At the same time, my colleagues also were so supportive today. I feel it is my new family. This job gave me many things in my life, and some are yet to come in my life.

  • Have you ever faced corrupt behavior in your department?

Answer: Not all fingers are the same. Just like that, not all humans can be the same in all kinds. We had faced this situation in our department also and took action against it too. But such men are pawns of some big fish. Until the big fish not caught, we can’t say our department is 100% corruption-free. Another hand, I am blaming police personnel too who kneels in front of braggers. 

Corruption is a disease acquiring itself in every sector of civilization. And finding someone of such corrupt behavior in your own department makes all bias environments. 

  • Does the life penalty or imprisonment decrease the potential of crime or criminal?

Answer: If we look at the crime rate of 5 years, the crime rate has been increased by 43%. Life penalty/death sentence vanish the criminals, not a crime. The reason behind this is, so many crimes appear on the spur-of-the-moment, one can’t handle temperament under a critical and heated movement. And the second reason is, the will of one to commit a crime itself says instability of one’s mind. Resulting, them commit a crime. That’s why it would not be a bias answer to say death sentencing is a process of vanishing criminals, not a crime.

As we talk about lifetime imprisonment or imprisonment till some duration mostly results in decreasing the potential of criminal. Also, we have seen good behavioral changes in prisons in the period of imprisonment. So, on behalf of this fact, I can say imprisonment is quite a punishment and second chance in itself for wrongdoers to repair their past mistakes and give a new start.

  • The importance of exercise in your life.

Answer: A Police official should always be fit and should not adopt a lethargic lifestyle. Otherwise, it would clearly show on his physique. A funny thing is we see some personnel having a large belly protruding. That’s so embarrassing. It is compulsory to exercise daily and maintain a fit body. In some situations, we need to chase someone, so it would not be possible to catch him if the policeman cannot rush in speed because of his weak physique.

This rule is not just for us but for everyone too. We are living lives full of amenities. We don’t face lots of physical efforts, so keep the body healthy is so important. Nowadays, your health is the greatest wealth to secure. 

  • Have you ever face tough choices over family?

Answer:  Yes, sometimes. My family is so supportive, especially my mother and my wife, that my job’s urgency never let them down on anything. Sometimes, what happens, you know, we plan something to do together, and I had to leave them for some emergency, so somewhere it hurts them, not be able to spend quality time with the main of the family. But there is nothing that caused large harm in my personal life. They kind of proud of me and support me and motivate me not to stop here but go further. 

  • What qualities make you a good police sergeant?

Answer: I am serving in this department for 5 years. Everyone talks and boasts about my honesty, dedication, and my will. Also, I have strong leadership skills. And most important, good police sergeants listen to their staff and resolve issues with consecutive solutions.

  • How would you handle a dispute among police officers?

Answer: If it is in their personal space, then we cannot interfere without their consent. But if there is some serious matter and I know I can help solve a dispute in a consecutive manner, I would obviously take over the conversation, which demonstrates the officer’s good conflict resolution skills abilities.

  • If you were on TV right now then what it will you deliver to youth?

Answer: Frankly speaking, as I see, the youth is in sweet sleep. Most of the youth is nowadays busy in their own so-called world, wasting time over social media, living virtually not visually, but what worse thing is, they cannot realize this world is full of chaos, there is much more to do, much more to explore. There are needs, if not economically, you can help someone, but you can help someone physically. Youth has great power, united youth can do whatever they want, and no one can beat them if they seriously did some valuable changes. But the thing is, we need something which will disturb their sweet sleep and make them realize what the real world is and how much work is where they have to do. They should know how much the world needs them as the main salt of a recipe. The more you do, the more it shows. You cannot deny the fact that this generation is living in a fake world. The reason behind this they are living a life full bowl of cherries, and they actually don’t know the real world. They never struggle to achieve something. And you know this youth is living blindly they don’t even know what is their real passion, what will make them happy, they don’t even dream what they want to, and that’s disappointing. 

Half of the youth is engaged in alcohol, drug abuse, and other toxic things and playing all around these dope. Suppose we started perishing the country’s very base, then what else will remain to bring a new era to the country. In crime rates, mostly 53% of crime is committed by youth. ‘’A new blood’’ we call them, this blood is so much active in crimes, no? The whole youth should come together and increase garbage in their localities and work for some NGOs. Many organizations need citizen power to draw activities. Anticipating such activities will make living easy. There are lots of things to do. Your small steps will enlighten your world. 

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Police Sergeant Interview Questions [+Sample Answers]

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