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One of the things that cannot be joked with is the security of lives and property. We live in a world full of fear of the unseen and fear of the bad eggs in the society who wanted to reap where they have not sown. Although it is a general belief by some set of people that God is the absolute security seriously, the human race has a role to play In other to secure their lives and property. Some individuals saddled with the responsibility of securing lives and properties are often referred to as security agents. An individual that ensures that the security performs their duties adequately and intelligently is the security agent. Different groups and organizations are responsible for the security of lives. In this article, we will discuss Security Supervisor Job Description.

Some security organizations include the Police, Army, Air force, Navy, Central Intelligent Agency, SWAT, Royal guides, Secret Service, Crime alert, local hunters, e.t.c. All these secret agents’ job is to protect the citizens’ lives and properties though they function in different capabilities and specialization. Their salary structures depend on the role, ranks, types of security agents, and academic qualifications. It should also be noted that skill, strength, perseverance, experience, and sometimes academic qualifications are key factors for joining security agents. 


Security of lives and properties is still always one of the social concerns in society today. It is no longer a new thing that lives and properties are being lost daily due to lack of security. Investors are scared of debts that may arise when their products are stolen. In fact, Security is an inevitable entity in society. The economic growth of a country depends on the state of its security. In this regard, no country will ever joke about the security of lives and properties. Part of the measures put in place by the National government to curb securities is the establishment of some national security agent. Also, even from one organization to another, security agents are established and put in place to compensate for the national securities’ effort at state and local levels. 

Before we dabbled more into the scope of the topic, I will like to discuss some of the security agent and their functions.

  1. The Armed Forces: The armed forces comprise the army, navy, and air force. Some special agents trained for special purposes, e.g., the SEAL, are also included in the armed forces. The armed forces’ major function is to protect the country against an external enemy that can cause insecurity. They are often referred to as the highest level of a security agent in the county because of their skills, commitment, and specialty. They are always dedicated and committed to the service of the country. 
  2. Secrete Service: they are a group of specially and tactically trained people saddled with the responsibility of protecting the president and his cabinet. They ensure the security of lives and properties in government houses. 
  3. Special Agents: Some special agents are also set aside to compliment the effort of the armed forces. Such agents include the FBI( Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the CIA ( Central Intelligent Agency). These agencies help source information through investigations and research about the country’s bad eggs’ hiding place. 
  4. Food and Drug Agencies: These agencies are also inevitable in the security of the lives of the citizens of a count because food, drugs, and drinks are consumed to determine an individual’s health. The agency ensures that the citizens consumed that which is good for the health. 
  5. The Police: They are often referred to as the internal security of a country. They help to protect the lives and properties of every citizen of a country. They also ensure that the citizens comply with the rules and regulations of the country. Within the police, there are some special units like SWAT specially trained to deal with armed criminals. They are always tactical and skilled in the handling of tools. 
  6. Security Guides and Local Hunters: With all the national securities put in place, individuals’ responsibility is to ensure the security of his/her jurisdiction security. Every organization that needs security employs the security guides directly and, in some cases, local hunters. Their duties are to ensure the safety of lives and properties of the domain been assigned to them

After expressly considering all forms of a security agent, we also need to discuss measures to ensure all the agents’ full compliance. Part of the measures put in place is the Security Supervisor. A security supervisor is a professional individual that supervises the activities of all security agents within its domain. He/She ensures that all Securities under his domain perform their functions with all honesty to their employer’s interest. Both private and public organizations can employ a security supervisor. 


In this paragraph I will like to talk about some of the duties and role of a security supervisor. A security supervisor performs the following function. 

  • He/She is the head of the security unit in the organization or has the case maybe.
  • He/She is directly or indirectly responsible for the lives and properties in his/her domain. 
  • He/She ensures that all security personnel performs their duties according to the constitution guiding them
  • He/She also is experienced in providing a tactical solution to any security problems within his/her domain.
  • He/She must assist the securities in solving difficult problems. 
  • He/She must be able to detect possible security threats to his domain within a short period of time. 


A security officer’s role is a very sensitive one, and only qualified personnel can satisfy the requirements for the job. A good and amiable security supervisor must possess the following. 

  • He/She must be educated and possess a degree in any relevant courses. 
  • He/She must have undergone tactical and combative training with any security agents, including training on using tools. 
  • He/She must be knowledgeable and smart. 
  • He/She must have undergone tactical courses on security and safety of lives and property. Such courses will be helpful on the field while solving tactical
  • He/She must have a field experience of more than 10years. During those years of experience, he/she must be involved in various missions involving the security
    of lives and property. 
  • He/She must have a clean record in the society and country at large and has never been involved in any criminal case. Such an individual must not be jailed for any criminal offense. 
  • He/She must have sworn an oath of allegiance to the country or the establishment that hires him/her. 
  • He/She must be honest and well behaved. That is, he/she must be truthful at all times. 
  • He/She must possess good communication skills and have good and strong interpersonal relationships among his/her teammates.
  • He/She must have a good team spirit that can cooperate and work with others without any problem or superiority complex. 
  • He/She must be proactive, that is, the ability to predict or see a security threat to his/her domain.
  • He/She must have the ability to solve problems within a short period of time. 
  • He/She must have the ability to deal with stress and pressure while giving attention to relevant and important matters. 
  • He/She must be well informed and have a deeper knowledge of what is going on in the community, especially those related to security threats.
  • He/She must have a good memory and the ability to recall past events within a limited number of time.  


The amount of money received by a security officer depends on so many factors. Such factors include the nature of the Security agent in which he/she is officiating, the years of experience of the security officer, the nature and financial capabilities of the company that hires the security supervisor, and the level of experience and education the security supervisor. The salary structure maybe weekly, monthly, or on a contract basis. It can also be said that a Security officer’s salary also depends on the economy of a country because a robust economy will likely spend more on security than an epileptic one. On average, A security officer receives approximately $400,000 to $500,000 per annum. Those working with the forces and national security tend to earn up to $800,000 per annum. On a contract basis, the wages are determined by negotiation and employer to employee relationship. 

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Security Supervisor Job Description

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