Sam’s Club Overnight Stocker- Job Description, and Its Benefits

sam's club overnight stocker


Sam’s Club is very popular in the USA. It has approximately 600 clubs in the US and around 100 clubs worldwide. Sam’s club is a grocery store that is associated with the Walmart stores. This article provides an entire overview of the Sam’s Club overnight stocker. It will provide an overview of the job, what the company expects you to do, the requirement, and the salary. It will also talk about the various benefits one would receive as an overnight stocker. Finally, some of the very commonly asked questions and their answers have been given below. Continue to read the article on how to apply for the job and get a position at Sam’s club.

Job description:

The job is very simple, yet involves a lot of physical work. The candidate who is chosen is required to perform all of the following tasks. 

  • Ensure that all the items are stocked, every day. This means that the candidate must have a good memory of the items as well as must co-operate with other workers to ensure a smooth flow of all the tasks. If the items are not stocked, the candidate has to ensure that they are brought into the store as soon as possible. 
  • The candidate must be friendly with everyone. This is an important aspect that one must not miss. Working in a grocery store requires good communication. Their priority must be customer care. They must always help the customers and their co-workers. 
  • The job demands the candidates to be fast and accurate. They must quickly offload everything from the trucks and arrange them. The candidate’s responsibility is to make sure that everything has been delivered and that they have all been counted and neatly arranged.
  • The candidates are also responsible for maintaining the security of the place. They must ensure that events like shoplifting do not take place. The candidates must be quick on their feet and keep an eye on everything in the store. 
  • The candidate will also have to respond to customer queries and help them solve their issues. They would also have to help them in and out of the shops and promote certain brands.
  • Promoting a brand should be according to the calendar. This job not only tests your social skills but also expects you to have strong marketing skills. 
  • One of the most important things the candidate has to do is to keep up with the calendar. They need to ensure that all the tasks assigned are finished well before the due date and all the seasonal festivities are up to date. ThIn addition, they must provide that must promote the season specials, and the promotions are always put up. 
  • The candidate is required to follow the rules of the company and uphold its integrity and values.

Salary: Typically, an overnight worker would earn at least $13 per hour. But the compensation may vary from $11 to $17. For example, if a person works nine standard pm, a regular 8-hour shift, they will earn $104 per day. So then, every year, a person would earn $26,728. It is a considerable amount for any student looking to fund their college/boarding school.


There are no requirements for this job. 


The employees get many benefits for themselves and their families. Some of them are,

  • Sam’s Club provides various health plans for you and those who are dependent on you. It includes multiple optical and dental care plans.
  • They also provide various financial plans like life insurance, store plans, purchase plans, etc. 
  • Employees have various unique plans both in the store and online. 
  • They also provide paid vacations and let you take paid leave for parental purposes, illness, and so on. 
  • They also provide paid leave when you are working in the military. 
  • Sam’s Club also provides educational assistance to the employee and those who are dependent on the employee.
  • Last but not least, Sam’s Club ensures to include people from various spheres. For example, there are special provisions for those who are disabled (these provisions help them work as an overnight stocker in Sam’s Club.) They also provide short-term and long-term vacations for post-pregnancy, illness, and disability. 
  • These are some of the primary benefits provided at Sam’s Club for all of its employees. In addition, various other benefits offer according to the candidates’ eligibility. To know more about the benefits that Sam’s Club offers, click here

Apply for the job here

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I fill out my application form? 

You can fill out your application form by clicking on the link here. Before you fill out your application, you need to create an account using your mobile number. You would also have to choose the place you wish to work in in the USA or Puerto Rico. 

If you fill out the application for the first time, it may take you around forty-five to sixty minutes. If you have previously applied before, you may take less time as the system would have saved your information. Some of the applications require you to complete specific assignments or assessments. These applications and checks may take more time. 

  • Is this job an internship?

No. This job is assessed solely on the number of hours put in by the candidate. However, you can check out various other internships in Sam’s Club once they are posted. 

  • Can I apply for a job that hasn’t post online yet?

No. You can only apply for a job or position only after it is posted online. 

  • Can I have part-time jobs in Sam’s Club?

Yes. You can choose your shifts and work accordingly. Sam’s Club is employee-friendly. The other employees are also friendly and cooperative. Sam’s Club is probably the ideal place to work as an Overnight Stocker. Again, this is the perfect job if you love managing items, ensuring they keep in order, and helping re-stock them. 

Sam’s Club Overnight Stocker- Job Description, and Its Benefits

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