Saltgrass Steak House Careers 2021 – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Saltgrass Steak House Careers- Job Opportunity, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Saltgrass steak house is a restaurant located in America. It was founded in the year 1991. We will discuss Saltgrass Steak House Careers here. They have branches located across the country. They have more than 80 branches. Their headquarters is situated in Houston, Texas. The restaurant is owned by Landry’s Inc. It was first situated on the Katy Freeway in the year 1991, that is thirty years ago. It was located exactly along with the trial of the path where the herders of cattle would drive their stock to graze along the Gulf coast’s grass. During the livestock show, riders would travel the trail and pass by the restaurant.

In the year 2002, the president of Landry’s Inc, Tilman Fertitta, acquired the restaurant for $75 million. Later he moved the restaurant operation to the town area of Houston. Landry’s Inc had about 24 chains then. The restaurant, Saltgrass Steak House, captures the flavors with a campfire. They are famous for their steaks, seafood, and chicken that is grilled to perfection. Also, they steal hearts with deserts and soups. The restaurant offers both part-time and full-time jobs.

Available Positions

There are many positions available in the chain of restaurants, and that includes Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Cook, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Dining Room Manager, Host/Hostess, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Kitchen Manager, General Manager, Restaurant Front Manager, Chef, and Supervisor.

Saltgrass Steak House Careers

The restaurant focuses on traditional dishes of steak. They have decorated the restaurants with similar themes to enjoy the fine dinner. The employees represent the brand and hence should treat the customers with a positive attitude, possess interpersonal skills, and show a keen interest in working with the public. They should learn the knowledge of the menu that is presented in the restaurant. They should be keen on selling the daily special items of the restaurant. The employees receive job benefits and industry wages while working for the dining chain.

In Saltgrass steak house, freshers have both roles like front house and back house available positions. Employees working well with the public will be upgraded to higher positions like hosting. Employees with culinary work may also find a position in cooking, bussers, and dishwashers. A candidate with a professional background can expect a role like a manager in a chain of restaurants. But managers need an educational background to apply, and they can be promoted within the facility.

The applicant must be 18 years old to apply at the dining chain. Additional requirements involve possessing a degree or high school diploma. The interested candidates can choose any one of the following roles:

  • Cook 

Their role involves preparing meals and following standard recipes of the food chain to maintain quality. They were preparing the ingredients as per the menu from the restaurant. They should follow standard safety measures to maintain food health. They cook and assist others in cooking. They shall work in a fast-paced environment. They are responsible for providing quality food, thereby providing a pleasurable experience to the customers.

Cooks play an important role in the success of the business. They provide the customers with approved dishes by the company. The cook should ensure food safety as an additional responsibility. They shall also ensure proper sanitation and that the standards are met continuously. Also, they should concentrate on providing quality food with a good presentation to appeal to the customers. They should maintain the cleanliness at their respective work station. If the candidate has the experience, one shall be benefited from the restaurant chain. They earn based on their experience. They usually get paid about $9.00-$11.00 per hour.

  • Host

The role of a host/hostess involves greeting the customers during their entry to the restaurant. They shall also inquire the customer for the confirmation of seats for those who had a reservation. They help in guiding the customer to their table or booked slots. Sometimes, they help in assisting the staff members with serving. They monitor the waiting time and manage reservations. They should maintain the reception area. Also, they greet the customer during their departure from restaurants.

They are responsible for the greetings of customers and seating arrangements as per their arrival at the restaurant. They should roughly have the idea of the food menu available in the restaurant to guide the arriving customers. They should be aware of the daily specials provided in the food chain. Sometimes during a busy schedule, they help in assisting the server in serving food and drinks. They shall maintain cleanliness in the dining area. Their wages are paid as per their working hours in the restaurants. They can make up to $9.00 per hour.

  • Bartender

They prepare the beverages in the bar regardless of whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic. They should have good communication skills to interact with the customer. They should be aware of the needs of the customer and ensure to satisfy them. They are responsible for planning the bar menu and prepare cocktails as per the requirements. They should have a record of the stock and make the orders prior. They are paid about $5.00 per hour.

  • Dishwasher

Their duty is to maintain proper cleanliness and sanitization of all the kitchen utensils such as plates, pots, pans either manually or through a machine. They are supposed to keep the washing clean. They should possess strong organizational skills. Sometimes they require educational background. They earn about $16.54 per hour.

  • Server

Their duty revolves around taking orders from the customers. They are responsible for serving the food and beverages to the customers. They play a major role in customer satisfaction as they keep a check on customers by ensuring their enjoyment in the restaurant. They shall be ready to face any issue with the customers and solve it as they enjoy their restaurant meal.

They are responsible for providing the customers a good service and experience. They should be accurate in taking orders. They should maintain proper timings to get the food and drinks on time to the table. They should possess excellent interpersonal skills. They should act as a team player and be capable of performing basic math calculations with ease. Their wage varies as per the restaurants. Sometimes, they are paid their gratuity by the customers visiting the restaurants. They earn up to $21,567 per year.

  • Management

The responsibilities of the supervisor include supervising the work and activities of staff working at the restaurant. They are supposed to maintain excellent work-relations with the suppliers. They should help in reducing the cost exceeding due to the supply. They should overall supervise and co-ordinate the work running in the restaurant. You should have efficient management skills to be successful in your work. One should ensure that the customer has a pleasant experience through their visit to the restaurant.

To apply for this role, supervisors must have a minimum experience of three years in managing a restaurant. They should display their knowledge of supervising the restaurant, customers and the staff working. You should possess techniques to serve the customers and improvise the experience of the customers to get this role. Managers also have a routine of work to administer the tasks and take order of food and drinks from the customers, make quicker decisions, tabulating profits from accounts, scheduling the work to staffs, and preparing reports as per the customer’s responsibility. They should be effective enough to make decisions even during a stressful situation and need to have the ability to face it, which ideally makes them a manager. Based on the restaurant’s location, the number of sales, profit made by the restaurant, they make up to $70,000 annually.

Tips to Apply

They encourage the aspiring applicants to fill the application form available at the preferred locations of their choice. The aspiring applicants should provide proper information in the application form, as providing wrong or false information may lead to rejection. Post the writing of the application. One shall cross-verify twice before submitting the form to check the form for missing content or to avoid providing false information. The applicants can also apply online through the official website of the restaurant for their preferred roles.

Application Status at Saltgrass Steak House

After the submission of the necessary documents, the applicants can check their application status. The candidates can visit the nearby location to check their application status or even call to have a conversation with the managers. The person responsible for hiring the candidates gets back to them within a week from the date of applying. Sometimes, it depends on the number of applications received; the waiting periods may take quite a long time. In case you get to call the hiring officials regarding your status of the application, make sure that you show interest in your role in the job.

Saltgrass Steak house-Benefits of Working

The chain of restaurants offers the wages as per the industry competition. They provide many facilities such as a flexible schedule, teamwork, and career-advising work. The employees get paid during the training period. They have reimbursement for uniforms and provide discounts for meals. Other benefits depend on the positions of the employees. But the eligible employee gets additional benefits such as the 401k plan for retirement, paid vacation.     

Additional Information

The history of Saltgrass steak house started in the cattle drive of Texas State, rated to be the popular diners in the country. The cattle drivers would often move along the trials. In the year 1952, a livestock show was held. From 1991 to the date, the restaurant is located along with the trial, welcoming the customers to experience their cuisine.

Interview Questions

They evaluate the applicants through interviews that are based on face-to-face. They ensure to keep the interview process in a more relaxed way. The interview does not last more than 25 minutes. The interview includes basic questions like, “Tell me about yourself” and “why do you wish to work with us?”

The hiring officials usually look for straight-forward answers and answer them with at least honesty. They look forward to your experience. Freshers can draw examples from schools, colleges, and internship programs. Post the interview. The applicants may have to wait for several days for a response from the officials.

A few of the sample questions and answers are the following:

  • Describe your role and duties?

I used to be a hostess. I would help people with their reservations. My duty was to keep the premises clean and to assist the waiters.

  • Explain the work environment?

It was busy most of the time and especially during weekends. The waiting period would exceed an hour or more. In my opinion, it’s the toughest job to deal with the customers and assign them tables.

  • What was your favorite part during work?

It used to be so much fun. The managers were very kind to me. They had great discounts for the employee and not to forget, the food used to taste delicious.

  • Describe the interview and application process in your own words?

I walked to the restaurant to get the application. The manager asked me to come for the interview the next day. I got my job. But I had a test which I had to clear to get my job. It’s all about learning.

  • What quality of yours differs from other applicants?

I’m good with communication. I would have a lot of conversations with the manager. I told him about my interest in the job, which helped me to clear the interview.

  • What would be your piece of advice to the job seekers?

Always show gratitude for your work. Put your maximum effort into your field of work. Remain positive and learn from your failures. Firstly, work hard and then expect success in your path.

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Saltgrass Steak House Careers 2021 – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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