7-Eleven Careers

7-Eleven Careers

7-Eleven is commonly known as the largest chain of convenience stores around the world. Its current base of operations is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in the US. It was founded in 1927 and was previously named Tote’m Stores. The company was then brought by a Japanese company in 1991 and made a massive rebranding and renovation essential to its global success. Today, the company has 71,000 store franchises and has thousands of employees under its helm. In this article, we will discuss 7-Eleven Careers.

7-Eleven Careers 1 – Sales Associate

The sales associate is the first-point person in the store. He or she is the face of the company. The associate greets the customers daily and assists them with their needs in the store. Being the go-to person in the store, the employee is expected to be approachable and friendly but not intrusive but in a professional demeanor.

Job Description 

The main responsibility of the sales associate is to provide courteous customer service at all times. Being the point person within the store, the service’s process begins and ends in his part. He or she must be cordial in dealing with the customer’s transactions and is expected to be punctual and calm. He smiles when a customer arrives and approaches his or her with a warm greeting. His job also is to maintain a clean and neat environment in the store. He or she is tasked with cleaning duties included in his job description but not limited to his scope of capabilities. He must monitor the regular cleaning duties in his job assignment and follow through with the task until finished. He is expected to create a warm and friendly atmosphere within the store.

He is tasked with the cash register’s operation, and it is his responsibility to preside over the daily cash transactions in the store. He rings the customer to the counter. He accepts the cash or credit from the customers and provides a correct change to avoid customer complaints. They are well-mannered and able to provide excellent service and providing a good buying experience for the customers. They are excellent communicators who have interpersonal skills to deliver a clear and concise approach to the customers and be easily understood. They also use their analytical skills to provide creative solutions to customer complaints and dissatisfactions. Being an excellent communicator and go-to personnel, they are tasked to answer customer inquiries about the products and services they provide to inform and assist the customer that will ease their buying experience.

He is also updated with the product information, specification, and prices to provide customers with their price inquiries. They intuitively suggest product suggestions, and new promos attract more customers and provide them with excellent customer service. He provides solutions to financial transaction problems and is responsible enough to fix any mistakes on the employee’s part. Assists in the daily cleaning operations within the store and the management of stocks and new merchandise. Coordinate with other store personnel to provide an excellent service in the day-to-day operations. Follow through with the cash transactions from start to finish and gives the customers a receipt as proof of the purchase. Assist in other services like pre-heating frozen foods, packing sandwiches and beverages. Complying with the other tasks provided by the store manager.

Salary, Age, and Application Process

An average 7-Eleven sales associate earns up to $55,991 a year, including an estimated base salary of $39,324 with a $16,667 bonus. The salary increase is subjected to the performance of the employee. It is usually based on his or her attitude towards work and level of competency, and the capability to provide excellent customer service. There are not many age requirements for a sales associate in 7-Eleven. As long as the candidate is legal of working age, he or she is qualified to apply. The application process usually takes up to two weeks or less. However, it depends on the candidate’s level of competency and his skills in handling the daily work of a sales associate. The interviews usually consist of four levels and are monitored by the hiring manager. If the candidate has passed, they will be informed and might be offered the role.


The applicant must provide at least a high school diploma, which is required to prove his literacy. Another requirement equivalent is a certificate authenticating his or her competency level, such as a completion certificate of the retail associate program. Strong communication skills, verbal and written, are required for this role as one is tasked to interact with customers daily. Basic math, accounting, and computer proficiency are required to assist in daily cash transactions using computer equipment via retail tools and software. Physical requirements such as endurance to maintain a constant standing and walking position. He or she must lift not limited to five pounds and sometimes 40 to 50 pounds if needed.

Benefits Guide

Full-time employees can enjoy the following benefits of working in a multinational retail store. Medical benefits encompass health, vision, and dental benefits. Life insurances for employees that seeking a more secure life. A profit-sharing plan is provided to the employees who completed a 90-day work. Paid time off for vacation, emergency, sick leave, and other reasons understandable. They also offer EAP or Employee Assistance Program. Simply put, it is a telephone counseling program for employees with financial or legal problems, work-related issues, drug and alcohol dependency, or other emotional or social difficulties. The employee can also benefit from exclusive retail discounts for entertainment, gifts, travel, and other things.

7-Eleven Careers 2 – Field Consultant

The role of a 7-Eleven field consultant is challenging, albeit it can provide more opportunities for growth and development has rewards on its own. The job involves overseeing a specific area of store franchises and providing consultancy advice on the franchisee, and monitoring the store conditions’ status.

Job Description 

A field consultant’s main duty and responsibility are to monitor a group of 7-Eleven stores within a specific geographic area and coordinate with the franchisees of the stores if they comply with the brand standards. They preside over the checking of these stores if they follow protocols, providing re-stocking of the general merchandise, monitoring the physical conditions of the store, and other tasks. They provide consultancy work and advice for the franchisees within the area of their scope regarding their stores’ development. They usually provide solid information within their area of expertise regarding marketing strategies such as store concept, merchandising, food safety, and physical infrastructure maintenance of the store.

Their job is to monitor the store operation of franchisees within their scope of domain. They provide solid advice regarding the operational methods, coaching, and support of the franchisee in developing their stores. Monitoring the franchise agreements if it is compliant with the standards of the brand. They also can address issues regarding the franchise in a snappy and timely manner. They provide solutions and influence the franchisees to develop their approach in the important aspects of store management, such as staffing solutions, merchandising, and business strategies. They also provide planning systems and having regular visits to the stores to ensure that they comply with the brand standards. Carefully doing an occasional evaluation of each store and analyzing data regarding the daily operations of the store.

They are tasked with the business operations’ crucial part and providing an essential link between the corporate management and the individual store operators. They provide occasional guidance to the franchisee regarding their business strategies and operational procedures. They are tasked to recruit and hire staff members and allocate these personnel to the individual stores.

Salary, Age, and Application Process

The typical 7-Eleven Field Consultant salary is $74,409 annually. Field Consultant salaries at 7-Eleven can range from $40,560 – $93,456 depending on the employee’s performance and level of competency. There is no definite age limit to this role as long as the employee can pass all the application process requirements that usually takes up to two or one weeks if the candidate can provide the necessary documents and pass the interviews.  


These are the qualifications for the field consultant role in 7-Eleven. Each of them reflects a certain area of the key aspects of the field consultant role. One must provide proof of education limited to a bachelor’s degree in retail management and or a relevant experience in the industry that can augment the opportunity in being qualified in this position. A relevant management experience is required with at least two to three years of extensive experience that will prove the candidate’s familiarity with the industry of retail.

One must have at least three to five years of operational management experience in the retail or QSR setting. Must have an extensive ability to coordinate with the franchisees and give them practical solutions and demonstrate a framework of business strategies to augment their retail operations success. Possessing impeccable analytical and diagnostic skills that will help the employee seek solutions to problems regarding the operation. The ability to identify the root cause of many issues and develop a methodical approach to these problems.

Some management skills such as budgeting and time management are punctual enough to provide regular consulting sessions and inquiries from the franchisees. Project management skills by the ability to prioritize important projects and planning on how to tackle them daily. Strong observational skills and attention to detail are required for this role, with occasional reporting and monitoring of the franchises. The ability to discern with analytical data and has strong critical judgment will provide the franchisees with solid information about what is needed to improve their store.

Proficiency in MS desktop publishing software and internet applications such as Outlook for creating reports and data analysis, providing feedback, and opening essential documents. Excellent verbal and communication skills, one has to speak clearly and concisely to be conversant with anyone in the organization. Strong interpersonal skills can be utilized to coordinate with the franchisees for the store’s daily operational reports and status. They can demonstrate a collaborative attitude with the person within the company and in their area of domain.

Occasional travel uses a vehicle provided by the company and must have a driver’s license. Overnight travels but not always, only if needed, and usually provided with overtime compensation. The ability to occasionally stand and walk for long periods with remarkable endurance and without complaint. Occasional lifting of objects not limited to 40 to 50 pounds.

Benefits Guide

A typical field consultant employed in 7-Eleven can enjoy the following benefits and perks. Competitive compensation that is at par with the same roles in other retail companies. Bonus incentives for performance level and annual bonuses that rival with other companies. Health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision, and life insurance can help employees with their needs. Short and long term disability plan for employees with physical impairment. Vacation pay and paid time off for sick and emergency leaves. A profit-sharing plan, tuition reimbursement for student employees. Adoption, medical and calamity assistance for unfortunate employees. A provided company vehicle for occasional travels and store visits. Opportunities to grow in a multinational company and many more.

7-Eleven Careers 3 – Marketing Manager

The marketing manager has a critical role in planning the engaging activities that will enhance the marketing scope of the 7-Eleven brand. He or she will help improve the relevance of the service via social media presence and other methods. The manager leads up a team of marketing personnel who will collaborate in planning strategies in its marketing aspects.

Job Description 

One of the essential duties of this role is to develop business plans in increasing the awareness of the people of the brand’s services and products. This can be done by identifying the tools and methods in promoting the brand in various ways but maintains its established image and voice. Developing plans that will open opportunities for the brand that will reach out to many customers and help to the brand’s profitability and present them to the Directors of the company. Developing strategies that will make the brand personable and understandable will engage new customers and attract potential employees.

Plans and develops brand campaigns that can be translated to various media to engage customers to continue supporting the brand. It creates programs that will ensure interactivity between cross-departmental relations and affiliation to increase corporate solidarity and unite the company’s employees to a single goal. Managing the company’s social media accounts and profiles and plans marketing campaigns to create brand communities in the social media atmosphere. Leads the public relations aspect of the brand that will ensure brand awareness across multimedia outlets. Leads a team of marketers that collaborates to create a community of brand supporters to increase brand awareness.

Plans and develop strategies to increase partnerships with other brands to augment the brand’s engagement and recognize the brand’s vast influence at the national or local level. Plans activities and promotional campaigns to support these partnerships that will assist in solidifying collaboration with partners. Analyzing campaign results and identifying the aspects of what to improve in the future campaigns. Collaborating with technology partners will ensure effective communication strategies of the promotions. Coordinating with cross-departmental staff to ensure effective brand and marketing executions. Researching the brand satisfaction of the customers via online surveys and other methods to collect statistical data. Plans and supervises the budgets of the internal team to allocate what is needed for each campaign. Complying with the other projects suggested by the senior marketing director.

He is also responsible for managing the marketing projects of the company. He oversees the production of all promotional tools and marketing campaigns. He utilizes collated research data in developing plans regarding brand awareness and promotion. Outlining monthly reports and supporting documents to the senior marketing executive and presenting marketing campaigns for approval. Analyzing statistical data that will help the team to identify the areas of improvement.

Recruitment duties include interviewing, hiring, and training new staff members and guiding them to improve their work skills. Providing a solid leadership role in the team and demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude that will inspire subordinate marketing personnel. Establishing goals for the marketing team based on past performance and market forecasts. Overseeing the current promotions regarding new products and services. Providing research analysis of market trends of price and competitor intel to plan the strategies regarding the business’s promotion. Managing and approving promotional materials’ creative production and communicating with the team regarding the monthly marketing plan. Representing the team in departmental meetings and providing concise information regarding the budget needs of the team. Adjust last-minute corrections for creative promotional collaterals and provide quality control of these outputs to minimize do-overs and revision.

Salary, Age, and Application Process

An average 7-Eleven Marketing Manager earns an estimated $144,645 annually, which includes an estimated base salary of $114,995 with a $29,650 bonus. This amount is just an average estimation based on respondents interviewed, the actual salary is depending on the performance of the employee. There are no age requirements for this role however a university degree is required upon application and other proof of qualification to authenticate the workability of the candidate that might help him to be offered a job in this category. Typically, a shortlisted candidate is hired if he demonstrates an impeccable level of competency in his interviews.


These are the requirements to be qualified as a marketing manager in 7-Eleven. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or equivalent with a good track record and performance. A solid experience in marketing management and or retail industry with relevant credentials. A proven ability to be keen on observing activities in a business setting. A capability to make decisions regarding brand awareness. Proven leadership skills and ability to lead a team of individuals in achieving common goals as well as the capability to work independently. Proactive approach in dealing with challenges at work. Impeccable verbal and written communication skills that can be utilized in speaking clear and concise messages.

Project coordinating skills in communicating with cross-departmental staff to ensure the realization of the brand projects. At par creative skills, and the ability to use creative software is a plus but not required. Relevant experience in managing social media platforms and creating communities that will increase engagement with the company’s product and services. Ability to develop plans and strategies for business and marketing aspects. He or she can handle stress very well in a fast-paced environment and are confident and with a calm demeanor. Analytical skills and logical thinking skills backed up with impeccable observational skills that will develop over time as the career progresses—working within the limits of the budget provided.

Benefits Guide  

Being an employee of the most popular convenience store company in the world, one can enjoy these benefits. Basic health benefits encompassing medical, vision, and dental that can be availed when needed. Life insurance for you and secondary beneficiaries. Life and accidental death dismemberment insurance for coverage of emergency circumstances. Paid time off for vacation, sickness, and travel purposes, also for maternal and adoption purposes.  Employee assistance program for full-time employees with personal issues such as behavioral problems or marital issues. Other benefits that will engage the employees for increase in productivity.

7-Eleven Careers 4 – Store Leader

The store leader’s role is to lead the team of employees in a 7-Eleven franchise store. He or she will provide a leadership role by overseeing the store’s daily operations and monitoring the tasks if it is compliant with the company standards. They will provide and maintain a pleasant buying experience for customers who arrives at the store to purchase their needs. The manager coaches and supervises his team to ensure that they will provide excellent customer service.

Job Description 

The store leader presides over the day-to-day operations of the store. He must direct the employees in meeting the standards in branded customer service. He manages the inventory of stock and goods and ensuring that nothing is wasted in everyday operations. He is also responsible for filling several employees needed to ensure a sufficient labor division in a given setting. He develops a sales plan in promoting his store and instructing the employees to assist with the strategy. Recruitment duties such as hiring, training, and developing employees motivate them to improve their skills and competency level.

Demonstrate leadership qualities and setting goals for the team regarding the improvement of service and sales. Promoting new products and services and demonstrate them with the staff to familiarize them with the new promotions. Being a role model on proactivity and productivity to his employees to improve their skills and increase effectivity. 

Monitoring the inventory of stocks and goods and ensuring their good condition. Maintaining a safe and clean environment in the store and checking the store’s cleanliness if it is compliant with the local safety and health standards.

He is responsible for the effectiveness and the quality of the daily customer service in the store. Demonstrate excellent customer service abilities to ensure customer satisfaction that will inspire the team to be in their best foot forward at all times in doing their tasks. Motivate the team to meet the manager’s sales objective and provide training and coaching to employees to improve their level of proficiency in meeting their professional goals. Create and develop business strategies that will augment the sales status to engage new customers. Ability to plan to generate promotional methods to help the store increase customer traffic and augment the store’s profitability as included in the sales strategy.

Hire and train new staff provided by the field consultant. They are responsible for providing input in the quality of service in the store they are managing by interviewing and selecting the right candidate to include in the incumbent team members. Responds to the customers’ complaints and suggestions calmly and professionally by being open and communicative to the customer’s observation and ideas on how to improve the customer service in the store. Ensuring the compliance of the store to the health and safety standards that the federal health bureau sets. Reporting with the authorities regarding hazard and unsafe problems and emergencies such as accidents and fire. Developing and planning promotional materials and in-store displays that will increase corporate sales and profit. Assisting in planning to display promotional posters of new products and promos such as food and beverage combos.

Preparing monthly reports and other administrative tasks involving sales and accounting, like managing budgets and financial records. Monitoring the weekly inventory levels and ensuring the items are complete, have safe storage, and coordinate with the field consultant to order new items. Being a professional at all times in dealing with employee behaviors and implementing the store’s rules and regulations. Providing feedback to each employee regarding their performance and quality of customer service and giving disciplinary actions for non-compliant employees. Assessing the performance of each staff member and giving them advice to improve their performance and behavior. Demonstrating integrity and upholding the virtues of honesty and trust, and creating and maintaining a positive working environment within the workplace.

Salary, Age, and Application Process

The average annual salary for a Store Manager at 7-Eleven in the United States is $53,832, but the range typically falls between $47,095 and $63,258. The salary depends on the capability of the employee to maintain high-quality customer service. The full range of the financial benefits and bonuses are provided upon job offer. The application process usually takes up to two weeks or less, but it depends on the candidate’s level of competency.


These are the requirements and qualifications for a store manager. At least a high school graduate or a college undergrad with a two years education completed in college. A relevant solid experience in the retail industry and or management. Proven skills in leadership, decision skills, and conflict assessment and solution. Willingness to work in a fast-paced setting and ability to handle stress very well. Proactive and result-oriented with a coaching capability. Amenable to work in a flexible schedule, including days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Proven ability to provide excellent customer service professional. Physical requirements include endurance in standing and walking position for long periods and lifting heavy objects to 50 pounds.

Benefits Guide    

Aside from the basic salary, the company offers yearly bonuses and performance incentives for full-time employees.  The benefits package includes health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision assistance. Life insurance is also available, and so are disability and accidental death insurance plans. The Employee Assistance Program or EAP provides the employee’s telephone counseling regarding work-related issues, financial difficulties, legal, medical, drug and alcohol addiction, and psychological problems. The hotline is open 24 hours, and employees can talk toll-free to professionals and experts in counseling to provide them holistic solutions and assist them in their problems and difficulties. Paid time offs for vacation purposes, maternal and sick leaves for emergencies. Other benefits include educational assistance and calamity assistance for unfortunate employees.

7-Eleven Careers 5 – Restaurant Manager

7-Eleven has expanded its services by opening a dine-in experience within their store in recent years. They started to launch concept stores that, aside from their typical convenience store, they added a dine-in cafe and Mexican food restaurant within the store proper. As a result, they opened additional job opportunities for the job seekers of foodservice. One of these job opportunities is Restaurant manager. Unlike the typical restaurant manager who works in a formal restaurant and coordinating with executive chefs, the restaurant manager in 7-eleven reports to the field consultant and coordinates with the store manager.

Job Description 

The Restaurant Manager presides over the over-all operations in the food service aspect of the store. They provide the guests with the pleasant experience of buying as much as possible. They are adept at providing excellent customer service within their scope of responsibility. They are also very courteous to the guests and welcomes them as they order their food. They can also intuitively predict the needs and preferences of the customers. They also treat the regular diners like friends and continue to engage them to dine in regularly by providing excellent food service.

They are expected to provide snappy and cordial food service. There are tasked to resolve customer complaints calmly and professionally. They maintain a clean and neat work station by providing a creative food presentation. They regularly do the prep work and cooking throughout their duty hours with utmost care and flair. Maintain cleanliness by adhering to food safety standards by cleaning up spills, work surfaces, display classes, and other workstation parts. They are tasked with restocking supplies if they run out, keeping the guest dining area clean, and occasionally emptying the trash cans in the food service area. Wash and sanitize all the tools, utensils, and other cooking and food preparing types of equipment. Keeping the products in their respective standard temperatures to avoid spoilage.

The manager is responsible for reporting to the foodservice consultant and store manager about the maintenance needs and the workplace hazards or incidents that require immediate attention. Accessing the food service station in case of emergency and complying with the company standards at all times during the shift. Assisting in the scheduling and training of new and regular Food Service Attendants by demonstrating the best practices in preparing cooking food products. Giving them solid advice in improving their skills and keeping them in check in case of incidents caused by negligence. Documenting the regular monitoring of proper disposal of spoiled products and take appropriate measures to prevent health hazards. Follow through all the company policies and safety standards on food preparation. Monitoring the food inventory and providing reports, and assisting in preparing and completing orders as requested by the guests.

Adhering to the company protocols when dealing with vendors, including monitoring and verifying the quantities and product specifications. Checking the accuracy of ingredients, recipes, portions, and qualities of the food products will be prepared in service. Completes the day-to-day tasks of preparing weekly paperwork, reports, and documents professionally with attention to detail and accurate input of data. Preparing bank deposits for the company if assigned. The manager may also be expected to assist in tasks requested by the upper management if deemed appropriate. It includes being trained with other functions in the store outside their area of expertise if necessary. Responsible for boosting the company’s sales and profits by enticing the customers with new products and promos.

Salary, Age, and Application Process

An average salary of a restaurant manager on an annual basis is $40,959, while entry-level positions can start with $29,000 and increase as they progress in their careers. As long as the candidate is of appropriate working age, one can work as a restaurant manager, but it usually involves having a bachelor’s degree in service. The application process usually takes up to two weeks, depending on the candidate’s level of competency.


These are the typical requirements for a restaurant manager candidate to qualify for this position. At least a high school graduate with a diploma and proven excellence in school and good morals. Relevant experience in food service and food preparation is required. Ability to provide excellent customer service with accuracy and good presentation. Has an optimistic mindset and can assist with promoting the products and services to the guests with flair and convincing prowess. A proactive team player with impeccable management skills. Has a neat and well-groomed appearance and adherence to safety protocols, and respect for rules. Must have strong organizational skills and leadership qualities. He can withstand a long period of standing and walking position in his shift.

Benefits Guide

These are the benefits of being employed as a restaurant manager in 7-Eleven dine-in areas. Paid time offs can be used in emergencies like sick and maternity leaves, and leisure such as vacation or travel. Financial perks such as annual bonuses and performance bonuses for an outstanding employee with good customer service performance. Tuition reimbursement for students that are also enrolled in a university at the company’s expense. Medical benefits can be used in medical emergencies, other health benefits such as vision, dental, and life insurance. Calamity assistance for employees with unfortunate circumstances. Employee assistance program, a 24-hour telephone consultancy for troubled employees such as work-related issues, marital problems, substance-dependence, legal and psychiatric conditions. This program aims to help the employees deal with their problems and give them professional advice to boost their self-esteem so they can go back to their jobs with new inspiration and holistic perspective. For tenured employees, a retirement plan is offered to assist them with their retirement life. This also includes health insurance and financial assistance package.

7-Eleven Careers 6 – Food Service Worker

The food service worker is assigned to prepare, pack, clean and assemble food products and provide customer service within the store. He directly reports to the store manager for the tasks’ completion, and status deemed appropriate with his job description. The employee is also tasked with responding to the customers regarding the food products they prepare and gives insight to them about these goods’ specifications and price.

Job Description 

The food service staff is responsible for preparing food items in compliance with their standard recipes, portions, and specifications that are ensured to be clean and passed the safety and health standards in food preparation. Monitoring the right quantity of these items according to the product list or inventory. Checking the freshness and quality of these foodservice products to avoid health concerns and mishandling food items. Prepares meat products by slicing them into individual proportions, weighing them according to recipes, maintain their right temperature, and keeping them fresh. Display the products according to their product category and ensure their presentation side is visible to attract customers to purchase them. Prepares and portioning dairy products following its right amount in recipes and retaining their freshness.

Packaging the food product to seal its freshness and for its readability to be marketed under product safety. Label the packages correctly and clearly, check the labels in the product list and check the product code to organize them according to their product category. Cleans the utensils and pieces of equipment used in preparing the food product and regularly sanitizing his work station. The employee must always comply with the established safety standards and do the appropriate methods in proper disposal of waste products to avoid cross-contamination with the fresh food products. Follows the standard dress code and maintaining good personal hygiene and a professional attitude towards work. Always adhering to the company policy regarding appearance, work-related activities, and punctuality. Submission to the store manager’s subsequent tasks deemed appropriate and within the scope of his job description.

Salary, Age, and Application Process

The food service employee earns up to $14,000 and $20,000 a year. The increase of the salary is subjected to the competence of the employee. It is usually based on his or her mindset towards work and level of competency, and the capability to provide excellent customer service. There are not many age requirements for a food service worker in 7-Eleven. As long as the candidate is legal of working age, he or she is qualified to apply. The application process usually takes up to two weeks or less. However, it depends on the candidate’s level of competency and his skills in handling the foodservice crew’s daily work. The interviews usually consist of four levels and are monitored by the hiring manager. If the candidate has passed, they will be informed and might be offered the role.


The candidate must be a high school graduate to be qualified for this position. He or she must also have at least 6 months of relevant food preparation or retail industry experience. He must possess a capability to discern simple instructions and can collaborate with fellow employees and customers. Basic literacy in reading, writing, and speaking can be utilized in product labeling and organizing. Basic math skills and computer literacy is a plus but not required. Ability to use food preparation types of equipment and tools such as knives and food processor. Willingness to endure long hours of standing and walking positions. Ability to lift heavy loads of meat products without assistance.

Benefits Guide

The employees of food retail service can enjoy the following benefits of working in a global retail store. Medical benefits encompass health, vision, and dental benefits. Life insurances for employees that seeking a more secure life. A profit-sharing plan is provided to the employees who completed a 90-day work. Paid time off for vacation, emergency, sick leave, and other reasons understandable. They also offer EAP or Employee Assistance Program. Simply put, it is a telephone counseling program for employees with staggering financial or legal problems, work-related issues, drug and alcohol dependency, or other emotional or social difficulties. The employee can also benefit from exclusive perks and discounts in retail stores for entertainment, gifts, travel, and other things.

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7-Eleven Careers

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