Hertz Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Hertz Careers-Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

The company was incorporated in the year 1967 in Delaware. We will discuss Hertz Careers here in the article, They are corporate successors who are engaged in vehicle rent and leasing. Hertz holding was established in the year 2015 to become the top company for rental car holdings. They operate the rental business through brand names called Hertz, Thrifty, and Dollar.

They have a franchise of approximately 10,200 in locations such as Europe, America, Africa, New Zealand, The Caribbean, and the Middle East. They are one of the largest worldwide vehicle rental companies. Hertz is a globally recognized brand name. They are the leading company that maintains vehicle renting at the airport in U.S. and major portions in Europe. They are the leading brand to provide vehicle leasing that is integrated and comprehensive through its subsidiary by Donlen. They provide rental cars to airports, with approximately  1,635 locations worldwide. Additionally, they operate international markets and sell vehicles through a program called rent2buy. They also own fleet management and also vehicle leasing.

Hertz offers several openings such as sales representative, auto technician, vehicle service attendant, business Analyst, sales coordinator, maintenance manager, etc. The working hours depend mainly on the role and the environment of the work. The applicant shall have attained the age of 18 years to get placed in the company. They have part-time and full-time jobs available. The current number of employees in the company is more than 30,000.

Available Positions

There are several positions available to the aspiring applicants at Hertz Global, it includes the following positions:

Claims Clerk, Counter Sales Representative, Flexible Service Representative, National Account Manager, Domestic Reservations Agent, Automobile Technician, Branch Manager, Field Service Mechanic, Vehicle Service Attendant, Assistant Branch Manager, Outside Sales Representative, Courtesy Bus Driver, Airport Location Manager, Instant Return Representative, Yard Worker, Mechanic, Manager Trainee, Business Analyst, Market Development Representative Intern, Flex Service Rep, Maintenance Manager, Security Rep, Sales Coordinator, Remarketing Sales Rep.

These are the available positions at the company.

Employment Prospects at Hertz

The company has grown high in its field. It has created several job opportunities for many people through extreme hard work, dedication towards their service, and a business that is so profitable. The company oversees the hiring process in its location situated in 18 countries, which the company located in other countries works as a franchise. The aspiring candidates eligible for the role can encounter job requirements and standards at the location of company-owned offices and job locations located independently. Because of the daily job routine, the company requires experience and new entrants to the work front.

The various other positions include warehouse supply and call center jobs and are easily accessible. The applicants that are experienced may get a management role within the company. Few higher authorities may seek a job in the headquarters of Hertz Company that is located in Estero.

Hertz Careers and Salary Outlook

The applicants interested in seeking a Hertz company’s job should possess a degree in high school diploma or any other equivalent qualification. The candidates applying to the specified role should have attained 18 years to work at the company. The rental chain includes the following jobs:

  • Sales Representative at the Counter: This role applies to candidates who are having experience of one year of in customer service. Their job involves promoting the products that are available and answering the queries regarding the product. Familiarity with computer knowledge will help you seek a job early, as the employees shall use the computers regularly to keep a record of the transaction. Applicants shall be able to work as team players. They shall be convenient to work for extra hours which might be extended sometimes. Since this is a rental service, it requires the employee to work at different schedules and have duty outdoors in extreme weather conditions. They make up to $11.00 per hour.

  • Automobile Technician: Their duties involve inspection of the vehicle and testing them. They need to maintain the vehicle’s function, such as maintaining the engine, oil change, rotation of the tire, replacing components of the vehicle, and repairing them. They are also responsible for maintaining the appearance of the vehicle by keeping them clean and painting them. They are paid up to $26.37 per hour.

  • Business Analyst: They work within the organization to improve the system. They help in analyzing the structure of the business. They shall identify the problem within the business through modeling techniques of data. They communicate with experienced senior people to find out ways to deal with the problem. They are responsible for running workshops and conduct training sessions. They earn about $62,465 per year.

  • Sales Coordinator: They are responsible for improving sales productivity by helping the sales team. They are supposed to handle calls, messages, and emails. They shall answer customer queries and inform them before delays. They shall work as a team player to collaborate with many other teams to ensure the deliveries. They make about $41,768 for a year.

  • Management: The applicants have a diversity of options in management roles available through the rental chain. Their role as a manager includes conducting interviews for a job, selecting the candidates to hire for the desired role, reviewing inventory, providing feedback to the employees at the subordinate level, and overseeing work at the store. The entry-level candidates can seek trainee jobs; they help the job seekers attain the required role over a while. Supervisors’ salary depends on their level of responsibility, education, company tenure, and previous experience. Fresher’s make up to $11.00 per hour. The managers are paid up to $40,000 annually, whereas senior managers at branch offices are paid up to $50,000 yearly. The managers at Hertz are required to have a complete degree at college to get the manager role.

Here, is the list of some of the popular roles at Hertz, and their salary:

RolesSpecified Salary
Automotive Dealer $12.03 per hour
Location Manager$49,534 per year
Mechanic$30.19 per hour
Automotive Detailer$12.03 per hour
Lube Technician$13.92 per hour
Lot Attendant$10.92 per hour
Management Trainee$13.74 per hour
Entry-level Trainee Manager$13.44 per hour
Manager$43,766 per year

Tips for Job Application

Candidates who are open to work hours and experienced in their respective fields will enjoy work with the rental chain. Candidates looking for a specific role can apply through the company’s online portal. Though the current situation invites lots of applications online, applications applied offline are available at the Hertz office location. The applicants are required to have a background check before receiving the offer letter.

Application Process

Candidates can apply through job portals available on the company website. The aspiring candidates shall contact the staff managers to enquire about the application applied. The applicants will receive calls or emails from the company. The process may take up to two-three weeks from the date of application as the following up process shows your interest and eagerness towards seeking the job. During the phone call conversation, try to be proactive and confident. Sometimes, visiting the store will increase the chance of getting the job, as the company values their employee. During your interaction with the store associates, remain professional and courteous with your behavior and respect their time.

Benefits of Working

Hertz is one of the top companies in the rental service industry. They offer job benefits to the employee as per standards. They enjoy perks from the company, including spending on accounts, bonuses based on their performances, a 401K retirement plan, vision, dental, medical, and life insurance for the ones that are dependent on the company’s employee. They provide a plan for stock purchases. They have paid leaves,i.e., the employee gets paid even during vacation time, for a specified no of days in a  year. There are discounts available for the employee pursuing higher studies for their reimbursement of tuition fees. These benefits are given to the employee based on their job status, whether full-time or part-time.

Information on Hertz

They promote the idea of using smart mobility, which offers fuel-efficient cars, low on emissions, and fuel alternatives. According to the statistics, in the year 2012, about 74% of vehicles that were rented from the chain gave up to 28 miles per gallon, and they were better on highways. The company has started with the green initiative, which includes recycling oil, solar panels, and detailed waterless practices. In addition to the above-mentioned, the rental chain service donates their fund to humans’ habitat and provides sufficient volunteer hours to the mentioned community. They also have regional banks for food. They run a foundation called Make-A-Wish.

Job Process at Hertz

One of the common jobs available at Hertz is a counter sales representative at various company locations. The rental chain uses an upfront process to interview the candidates by screening them for interested candidates. The interview process for counter sales representatives’ role includes the face-to-face method, which is conducted for almost half an hour. The interview questions are based on customer service’s behavioral experience, which includes questions like,” Explain about one of the difficult situations you have had previously, and how did you handle it?” and many other questions. Post the job interview. The selected candidates go through a background check and screening of drugs.

Interview Question at Hertz

  1. Describe your primary duties and job role?

At our company, I started my role as a rental representative. Later, my role got upgraded to Assistant Branch Manager. As an Assistant Manager, my job was pretty much the same as a clerk with additional responsibilities that included car washing and handling customers, and scheduling properly. Also, it includes counting cash by the end of the day. I would also end up capturing business for the company sometimes. A huge part of the job was marketing out and working for sales, including front-end sales. They also provide extra insurance and service along with renting cars.

  1. Describe the application and interview process in your own words?

There were two continuous series of interviews. The first one included online applications through the computer. I hoped to get called back from the company, later got the call to attend the interview. I met the city manager first. It was a private interview that was conducted in the cabin. It included questions like “Tell me about yourself,” which was pretty much open. Also, I was asked about my ambitions for life and what I wanted to become.

  1. What should the candidate wear for the interview?

A formal shirt, with a tie, polished shoe. Try to look as good and formal for the interviews. Well-groomed with a properly shaven face. Being presentable is the key to success.

  1. What would be your piece of advice that you would give to a fresher, who is looking for a job?

You need to be the one that the company wants to hire. They don’t expect you to remain in the same job position forever. They want you to grow more and move forward in life. They also want you to earn as much for you to settle in life. They expect you to be the best in what you do. As higher the responsibilities, the higher the pay. That is what the company will be looking for in an individual, someone who wants to strive better in life for their living, and that’s how they hire the candidate.

Interview Tips

Hertz wants to hire people who are high with energy and enthusiastic about their work. Remain confident throughout the interview; at least possess the attitude to be confident. Always smile and try to be cheerful. Remember, their requirement is your response towards customers, and how you handle them will be their primary consideration. Assure them of customer satisfaction. Bring examples from your previous work to draw examples about the work. Focus on how you solved the issue and how you took part as a team to be beneficial to the company. Towards the end, show gratitude towards the interviewer, and thank them for the opportunity.

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Hertz Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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