MGM Grand Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

MGM Grand Job Opportunities, Salary, Age Limit, Application Process, Interview Questions

MGM Grand is the leading casino in Las Vegas and has been housing customers since its inauguration in 1993. And has been responsible for thousands of MGM Grand Careers. It was the largest hotel complex in the world when it opened and is one of the leading casinos in Las Vegas. The hotel is widely famous for its attractions, huge shows, its luxury rooms, and food which have given the tourists a reason to explore all sections of the hotel. MGM Grand needs thousands of employees to function properly every day. There are many jobs that it provides every day for the people who are inexperienced and looking for work. Due to this reason, the company is always staffed and running. The reason for the overflow of employees is that the restaurant, rooms, and the shows are always packed with people and the management needs employees that can manage the traffic.

They have prided themselves in providing fast-paced services in any corner of their hotel, which is why filling out positions and ensuring the work is done smoothly is the primary job of any general manager in charge of the sector. Since Las Vegas is a cornerstone of the United States and people visit here to have fun and forget about their daily lives, they need to have fun and get good service, so MGM grand has many workers to ensure faster services. The shows that this company does is to provide entertainment and the luxury rooms always need housekeeping staff, if both of these parties are vacant, the extra workload gets put on the existing staff, that is why the employers are always looking to hire new staff that is going to help with the maintenance and functioning of the hotel. There is a vast range of employees for different activities that ensure quick service for the customers.

There are many hiring techniques this hotel uses for various staff. Every interview process is different for every position. That is why it isn’t easy to gauge what process each candidate has to go through for the interview. We will be looking at the job opportunities, salary, age limit, application process, and interview questions to determine how you can get a job in this hotel. We will also be looking at a couple of interview tips that will help you get an edge over other candidates.

MGM Grand Careers

As we discussed earlier, MGM Grand hires hundreds of staff every week to accommodate the lack of employment present in certain areas and reduce the workload of the already hardworking employees. This allows them to lessen the workload while also employing job hunters. You will find many options available to you but pick something that you can do or preferably have previous experience in.

By selecting things you already know, it will cost the managers less time to train you, and you will get to work immediately after getting hired. You have to remember that all of these posts require you to be a people person as a hotel requires you to take care of the guests and make them feel comfortable. So, a lot of interaction is to be expected at desk or restaurant positions.

Considering that, we will be looking at four positions that will help you get the experience you want and provide you the best salary and perks for the job. Some of the perks might vary from job to job, so be sure to consider the positions before applying.

  1. Front Desk Agent – The front desk is one of the most important positions since it involves putting a good first impression of the hotel in the customer’s eyes. Their primary duties are to provide rooms and assign accommodations to the guest. They must also coordinate with the housekeeping staff and ensure the rooms are up to date and ready for use. They sell rooms to guests and are in charge of processing payments from them. They must also ensure the calculations for the guest accommodations are balanced and every transaction is paid off. They also have to provide keys to the guest rooms and keep the keys with them if anyone gives them keys for safekeeping. The front desk agents usually make around 15 to 20 dollars per hour, along with perks such as paid leaves and flexible schedules.

  2. Cook – The Cook is responsible for making every item and preparing ingredients for various food items. They must coordinate and be in touch with the kitchen staff, the front desk, and the housekeeping staff to get the orders right and make everything up to the guests’ specifications. They ake food that is tasty and presentable, everyday need to make sure that they are using fresh ingredients and restock the kitchen with them. They also need to make sure the kitchen area is hygienic and sanitized so that the food prepared is healthy and free of any germs. They coordinate with other cooks and the chef to ensure the food always goes out in its best state. The cooks generally make about 13 to 22 dollars, depending on the customers’ rush and the year’s time.

  3. Guest Service Agent – The guest service agent is in charge of maintaining a positive relationship with the guest and providing them information about all the attractions and shows around the hotel. They must have innate knowledge about the hotel attractions but also about the Las Vegas strip. They must process all the requests for the use of the golf field, spas, and other things and must also process travel reservations and restaurant orders. The guest service agent is primarily responsible for making sure the people have a good time and do not have any problems accessing the hotel areas and providing them assistance for the areas they need to access. They must coordinate with the spa, restaurant, and golf field ground staff to ensure that they are well prepared for the guests to accommodate. The guest service agent earns a salary of 12 to 17 dollars per hour.

  4. General Manager – The general manager presides over every department and ensures everything is going over smoothly for the management team. They must coordinate with all the staff regularly and make sure there are no errors in serving the guests. They must give every department instructions each day to ensure they get their daily tasks completed and get to the profit ratio desired for the segment of the week. The general managers are also responsible for contacting the higherups and receiving orders from them regarding various tasks for the day. They must solve queries for the guests and also maintain a friendly conversation with everyone. They are also responsible for processing requests from the guests and finding ways to meet requirements. They must ensure teamwork between every sector and its members. The general managers typically make 100 to 105 thousand dollars per year, in addition to perks like paid vacations, health coverages, 401k plans, and daycares.

Age Limit

The minimum age limit of working at the MGM Grand is 21 years of age. Since Vegas is a place where adults come in for entertainment, it is not ideal for teenagers to work in. Besides, there is a lot of rush in places like casinos and hotels to process and complete customers, not the kind of environment meant for teenagers. There is a huge difference in experience between the people working in fast-food restaurants and casinos.

Application Process

The MGM Grand application process is just like any other company process, except there are a couple of adjustments. First of all, you need to be more than 21 years of age, since you are not applying to a fast-food company and the other is that you must have proper knowledge of voluntary activities. The need to have experienced workers allows the employers to give the employees a platform where they can earn more than minimum wage.

You can apply in many ways to this hotel, but the primary way is to print out an application form and submit it along with your CV and resume. Attaching your CV and resume can prompt an interview on the spot. At the same time, you will submit your application since it lists the abilities and accomplishments, which might help the manager see your caliber directly. This will be a great opportunity to show your ability.

So if you’re going to give the application on the spot, then make sure you are dressed appropriately and also make sure you have a polite demeanor with the manager. This commands respect from both sides and can lead to them giving you an interview immediately. Be prepared to give an interview by researching the position you are applying for, and be sure to read the job description.

If you are going to apply online, then fill out your details properly and provide your CV and resume by mail if there are no attachment options on the website. The interview call should be expected in one to three weeks since the workload is too much for the hiring department. If you insist on calling, then be sure to call after a week, this will give them the breathing room to read and process your application.

Interview Questions

The interview is the most important part of job hunting. The employers decide whether you have the caliber to work for the company or not in these precious minutes. Be sure to dress properly fr the occasion, carry yourself with confidence, address the interviewer kindly and politely, and research the company and the job you are applying for. This is the ideal preparation for the interview. Make sure to be calm.

There are three main questions that every interviewer asks a person trying to seek work at the MGM hotel, those three questions are:-

  1. What are your past working experiences?
  2. Why do you want to work at MGM?
  3. Why should I hire you?
  • The first question asks you about your past working experiences or any volunteer work you did. Answer by talking about the college work you did in various events or stated your working experience in various restaurants or companies. Your references are essential in maintaining the relevance of the answer that you give for this question. Therefore you need to carry a resume and have your references on standby for this job interview.

  • The second question asks you about the reason for choosing to work at the hotel. Ou can answer by talking about its fabulous infrastructure and the friendly employees that give their best to customers every day. Talk about the various references you have received from friends about working for this hotel and praise the staff, You can talk about the pay as well, but it does not appeal to the manager in some cases. Emphasize the greatness of the hotel.

  • You have to use the job description to answer this question. All of the qualities on the job description must be mentioned to you to answer this question. For example, if you’re looking for a job as a cook, make sure you mention your culinary abilities along with your ability to communicate well with the staff and the customers, mention your fast pace and timing.

The Takeaway

This article’s takeaway is that MGM Grand will always be looking to hire more people for different parts of the hotel. Make sure to keep an eye out on any job postings. Be well-prepared for the interview by researching the hotel and then positioning you to want, dress well, and carry your references. Be confident and good luck!

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MGM Grand Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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