McKesson Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

McKesson Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Do you have a strong inclination towards a medical background? Do you want to stand out from your peers in the medical field and choose a career path in medicine that deals with medical equipment, health information system, and care management tools? Then it would be best if you looked for job opportunities available at McKesson Careers. It is one of the leading companies in the field of supplying pharmaceutical products in the United States.

Job Description

You can work in any department imaginable, be it in the corporate jobs sector, distribution & call center jobs, military & veteran opportunities, and student opportunities. Your role also extends to contacting hospitals and healthcare centers, taking their orders, collaborating with manufacturers and dealers, and sourcing medical supplies. 

Preliminary Requirements To Be A McKesson Employee

  • You should be at least 18 years of age. 
  • You are required to work for a period of 8 hours. You may be required to work in shifts. Timing is normally between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. You also have Saturdays & Sundays off.
  • You should have organizational skills, and you should be a great team player.
  • You should have proven work experience working at any other pharmaceutical company.
  • You should possess excellent vocabulary skills.
  • You should have analytical skills and interpersonal skills.
  • You should possess customer service experience.
  • You should be able to handle various tasks handed out to you and be flexible to accommodate the business’s requirements.
  • You may be asked to work for long hours, including evenings, weekends, or holidays. It would be best if you were comfortable doing this.

Application Process

To apply for a job at McKesson, you can go to their official website, Then go to their careers page. It will display a list of all the positions available at the current moment. McKesson’s job opportunities are Customer Service Representative, Accountant, Human Resources Support Center, Operations Supervisor, etc. You can select a job area that interests you and apply there. You will get to see a description of the job. They will display the duties and qualifications required for the job. They will ask you your experience, application questions. Finally, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Once you are done with this, you will complete your application process. The same application process applies to any job position you are applying for on their website.

Hiring Process

There are mainly 5 steps to this process:

  1. Review – McKesson reviews the candidate’s application based on the education and job requirements
  2. Screen – The shortlisted candidates will be contacted on the further steps.
  3. Interview – An in-person interview is connected to know more about you.
  4. Offer – The selected candidate will be given a deal on which they will have considerable time to decide.
  5. Post-Offer – If you accept the offer, McKesson will further guide you with the onboarding process. 

Job Openings

They have a wide rand of jobs available in all the sectors. Some of them are mentioned in the list below:

  1. Staff Accountant: As an accountant, you prepare financial statements, analyze financial activities, and find solutions in case any discrepancies come up during the financial functioning of the company. You are also responsible for preparing budgets and maintaining the ledger of the company.
    • Duties:
      • Prepare the company’s financial reports and submit them in the company’s board meeting on the last day of the financial year.
      • Prepare account reconciliations and help prepare the month-end close to keep an account for McKesson’s transactions that occur in a month.
      • You should be proficient with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in the United States and comply with these principles.
      • You have to work in close coordination with the accounting manager and assist them when need be.
    • Requirements:
      • You need to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance mandatorily. Alternatively, you can also be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
      • You should have more than 2 years of experience working in the accounting sector.
      • It would be best if you had worked in an institution where you have applied GAAP knowledge.
      • You should have the ability to solve problems in a set time restraint.
  2. Human Resources Support Center: As the title suggests, the job of the human resources support center is to increase the efficiency of the workers employed in the company, address their problems, and provide them with benefits for their work. They also help to promote the productivity of the workers in the company. To summarize this, a human resources support center assists in developing human resources in an organization.
    • Duties:
      • You have to perform the duties and functions of HR.
      • You should assist the HR supervisors by providing administrative information about the candidate to them.
      • Maintain a record of all documents of the employees working in McKesson.
      • Participate in the HR meetings and record the minutes of the meeting.
      • If any employee is facing any company problems, you have to provide support to them or direct them to the departments that can assist them.
      • Prepare the payroll of the employee, taking into consideration their bonus, leaves, or absences.
      • Organize an orientation program for freshly hired recruits.
    • Requirements:
      • You must have prior work experience as an HR or any other relevant department.
      • It would be best if you were affluent with Microsoft Suite and must have the ability to type fast.
      • It would be best to have worked with ATS software and maintained resume databases in your previous companies.
      • You should mandatorily possess a degree in Human Resources or any other related field.
  3. Operations Supervisor: An operations manager is in charge of monitoring a specific department’s entire operations and implementing processes to speed up the operations. They also hand out tasks to be carried out in a specified deadline and collect the weekly, monthly or annual reports from each department under their supervision.
    • Duties:
      • Assigning budgets to various departments of the company.
      • Maintaining a stock of the inventory and ordering the office supplies when they run out of stock.
      • Strategize ways to improve the financial situation of the company.
      • You have to evaluate the departments’ performance and give them feedback when they are not producing efficient results.
      • Suggest better working ways to create a stable atmosphere in a department or the entire McKesson organization.
      • Report the activities of the department to the top management.
    • Requirements:
      1. You must possess a high school diploma or a GED certificate
      2. You can also possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management or operations management
      3. You should have a minimum work experience of 2 years in this field.
      4. Have worked in compliance with operational procedures and policies.
      5. Prior experience in strategizing operational functions of a company.
      6. It would be best if you had leadership, organizational, time-management, and interpersonal skills.
      7. You must have handled a project before.

Top Employers Before Joining McKesson

While applying for a McKesson job, you may be a beginner or an individual with extensive experience in this field. If you are the latter, you can check out some of the top employers where you may have worked and get an idea of your chances of landing a McKesson job. The more experience you have under your belt, the higher are your chances are of securing a job at a top-reputed company. The benefit of this is that you will receive great pay.

  1. If you work at IBM, you have a 7.6 percent chance of landing a job at McKesson.
  2. If you work at Walmart, you have a 12.1 percent chance of landing a job at McKesson.
  3. If you work at United States Army, you have a 7.3 percent chance of landing a McKesson job.
  4. If you work at FedEx, you have a 7.2 percent chance of landing a job at McKesson.
  5. If you work at Bank of America, you have a 6.1 percent chance of landing a McKesson job.

Salary Of A McKesson Employee On The Basis Of Their Job Title They Hold

The position or the job title you hold in the company you are working for plays a key role in determining the salary you receive. If you have many years of experience under your belt, say you hold a senior java developer salary, you can expect an average pay of $104,717. Similarly, if you have very little to no experience under your belt, and for example, have been allotted the job title of a cashier, you can expect an average minimal pay of $24,737.

Senior Java Developer Jobs$105,000$92,000 – $118,000
Software Engineer Jobs$99,000$80,000 – $120,000
Executive Assistant Jobs$92,000$76,000 – $110,000
Project Manager Jobs$97,000$79,000 – $118,000
Systems Administrator Jobs$90,000$74,000 – $109,000
Salesforce Developer Jobs$90,000$75,000 – $106,000
Business Analyst Jobs$87,000$71,000 – $106,000
Team Leader Jobs$84,000$53,000 – $132,000
Implementation Consultant Jobs$83,000$73,000 – $93,000
Quality Assurance Analyst Jobs$81,000$68,000 – $94,000

The average standard pay for McKesson jobs depending on job title ranges from $36,000 to $132,000 per year.

McKesson Employee Perks & Benefits:

The health of its employees is the top priority of McKesson. To ensure that you live a healthy life, McKesson offers Fitbit, a program designed to help you keep track of your health parameters and allow you to participate in worldwide fitness competitions or workshops.  Also, as McKesson is a socially responsible company, you can be a part of their annual program ‘McKesson in Motion,’ which aims at helping cancer patients by raising grant dollars.

Another really unique benefit is that they have locations established near fitness centers and recreational areas where you can meet up with other people. McKesson also provides its employees paid time offs, rewards & rebates for a healthy lifestyle, training programs, paid parental leave, employee stock purchase program, community involvement opportunities, online access to thousands of resources, time off with company holidays, 401k plan, competitive compensation packages, etc.

Interview Questions

  1. Will you be able to work overtime or on weekends if needed?

Yes. I can work for extra hours if the need is but would be glad if I get adequate to pay for it.

  1. What are your goals for this company? How will you build your team?

For now, my goal is to bag a good role in the sector I am applying for. I want to develop my skills and increase my knowledge in the area that I am working in. Eventually, in the future, I want to see myself in a management or executive role and would like to manage other departments. 

I will build my team by selecting candidates that I deem are qualified for the role depending on their performance in the company and how much sales they have generated for the company. I will also choose a candidate who can do the task without any supervision and has the ability to solve problems spontaneously.

  1. How would you describe your leadership style?

I call my leadership style collaborative leadership, wherein I include the maximum participation of those working under me. I consider their opinions and allow them to spearhead a task. I take authority when I notice that a project is not up to the standards of the company. I also discuss any group problems and give an equal platform for all team members to voice their opinion.

  1. What experience do you bring to the table? How will you set yourself apart from the rest?

I have (no. of years of experience) working in (company you have worked for) as (a position you have worked as). This experience has helped me gain meaningful insight into my job and realize the areas where I need to polish my skills and knowledge.

I believe that my ways of working and my efforts will set me apart from my peers. My unique thinking will provide an altogether different yet productive output for your company.

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McKesson Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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