Pick n Save Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Pick n Save Careers - Job Opportunity, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we are going to look through the company called Pick n Save careers opportunities containing the Job, Its salary, the application process, and the types of sample Interview questions asked in the Pick n Save company, which you can have handy for your reference before appearing on the day of Interview. Now get deep into the company’s career and opportunity.

Generally, the customer feels to purchase based on the price. As price has been a major concern for its single penny to be purposefully spent for the product, and they want to acquire the satisfaction for which the money they spend. Many companies adopt price as their predominant strategy considering the most reflecting term among the 4 marketing P’s. Giant retailers in today’s world use this pricing strategy for the customers to walk-in and make continuous purchases.

A company like Pick n Save, which is a part of the front-facing brands coming under Roundy’s, which is a subsidiary of Kroger(According to Wikipedia), needs to pull in the customers through the penetration pricing, which initially focuses on the low price-fixing strategy for welcoming the customers and making them purchase more. Due to this pricing strategy, the company succeeded in offering a lot of essentials for the customer’s daily needs. Also, other categories of products are available offline and online as well.

Pick n Save Background

Pick n Save is one of a fore-fronting brand of Roundy’s (Subsidiary of Kroger) is a well-established company that started to welcome their first customers from 1975 and since the company has developed a lot in support with the Krogers to provide all the essentials right from the milk, eggs, bread, meat, cheese, to the health and wellness, personal care, kitchen durables, electronics, toys and games, pets care, etc.

Pick n Save has served a wide community with the guidance of Kroger by helping the hunger relief, education, cancer institute, and other physically disabled people through their valuable donation. The company hires the right employees and gives the right training to the employees who want to reskill their knowledge in a growing career at Pick n Save. 

The company has also covered wide benefits along with the salary package framed for each job role. The candidate who applies here to continue their career here at Pick n Save can surely benefit from procuring good training from the top supervisors, executives who can shape the career path they desire to build. The candidate also can have some good relationships with the customers to benefit the company in the long-run containing lots of new customers and loyal customers.

Job Opportunity at Pick n Save

At Pick n Save, there are departmental-wise opportunities to fetch with wide varieties for picking up your right career in the long-run to benefit the company and self-benefit as well. The job is available for full-time and part-time opportunities for which the candidates can choose accordingly to fit themselves to work on the given time limit or even beyond the flexible time if they are assigned with the extra work on the same day.

Ensuring the candidate’s skill and expertise would be hired and Pick n Save job opportunities are available at many of the job portals by which the candidates could apply anywhere to reach the company and proceed with the interview process. 

Here are some list jobs which I chose on random to make you clear about the types of roles available at Pick n Save based on the working domain of corporate jobs, hourly jobs, manufacturing jobs, pharmacy jobs, store management jobs, supply chain jobs, Technology jobs,

  • Pricing Lead
  • Frozen Lead
  • Produce Department Manager
  • Cashier
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • E-commerce Department Lead
  • Retail Clerk
  • Bakery Lead
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Grocery Operation Manager

Now let us get deeper into knowing each of its salary-based roles and responsibilities to perform during the work process.

Salary Based Description of Pick n Save Job Roles

Salary impacts a large way in an employee’s work career. Most of them seek to work if they get recognized, which is an intangible benefit among a humongous set of people or their co-workers. Otherwise, they expect to gain monetary benefit. Even both of them could expect which the candidates would strive to accomplish the tasks given. So most companies adopt these procedures nowadays and have improved the employee’s wellness and growth of the career through rewards and recognition programs conducted every quarter or yearly.

This could be identified similarly with the Pick n Save job by analyzing the pay pattern to fetch the employee’s productivity.

  1. Pricing Lead 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $73,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate has to work on price-changing tasks. If any, the price must be updated following the store manager, department head decisions making the necessary changes. 
  • The candidate also must be able to work on the device’s scanner, coder, tape gun to pack, unpack the items and verify the pricing on the label. 
  • The candidate must have good interpersonal and interaction skills with the daily customers by understanding their needs and targeting them to purchase the right product that they need. 
  • The candidates must work along with the team members, including their supervisor and other managers, regarding the pricing decisions to be changed. 
  • The candidate must hold a high school diploma to get into this role and gain some experience in the relevant field.
  1. Frozen Lead 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $26,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate must be working under the coolers around 38-degrees and for the freezers -20 degrees whenever the frozen goods have arrived to be stored inside them. 
  • The candidate must have good patience, interacting skills, and understanding of the customers and discuss the product description if the customers want to know. 
  • The candidate will have to stay cohesive with the team members and give them hands to help out if they are stuck in the work process. 
  • Updating to the supervisor about the product concern to mention about the defects in the product, sales projection details to give some ideas. 
  • The candidates must know to operate the weightlifting instruments to move the product from the storage area to the shelves and helping the frozen leads with that operation. 
  • The candidate must have a high school diploma to get into the role.
  1. Produce Department Manager 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $29,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • As a Produce manager, one must be capable of working together as a team, especially for the produce-team, to manage and guide the co-workers or employees to welcome the customers into the stores and help them reach the right product. 
  • Ensuring the produce cleanse and sanity process and measures the employees are given training by your support and guidance to expose the operation. 
  • The product must be checked if it is stacked on the right shelves to buy the product. 
  • Must inculcate the sharing information process regarding the company and team-work to enhance the operation. 
  • The candidate needs to hold a high school diploma and must be experienced in the retail management or grocery sector.
  1. Cashier  
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $19,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate must work in a fast-paced style to welcome all the customers who have completed their purchase and are waiting next to the counter for the billing process. 
  • It would be best to handle all types of the bill, whether it comes in the form of Cash or Credit / Debit cards, even when bulk purchases are waiting for the billing process. 
  • Must be able to carry a weight of about 55 lbs. Pushing weight would be around 200lbs within the store to stock the products onto the shelves and actively interact with the team members responsible for respective departments regarding the filling of products if the items are sold quickly. 
  • The candidate needn’t necessarily have a superior degree, but a high school diploma or relevant degree is expected to know the basic math, weigh the products, and measurements.
  1. Pharmacy Technician 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $31,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate must have completed the high school diploma and have done some certifications to prove them certified pharmacists. 
  • The work process involves boxing and unboxing the medicines and necessary equipment to be placed at the racks and shelves. 
  • Must properly handle the medical equipment by not dropping them and messing the place. 
  • The candidate needs to source, check, and prepare the prescribed medicine label by typing in the computer, printing the label, and sticking it on the bottles or holders. 
  • The candidate must be skilled at operating computers to check for the medicines’ stock and the e-bills when the customer paid over online and same way working on the labeling part of the medicines.
  1. E-Commerce Department Lead 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $31,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • As an E-commerce lead, one needs to take the sole responsibility of checking out the operations happening at the online platform for the customers who are seeking the products at the Pick n Save Website. 
  • To concentrate on the traffic driving platforms and note the important metrics part of the E-commerce website and report it to the store in charge, departmental head, and the associates who work along in the E-commerce lead team. 
  • The candidate must also ensure that the web pages are properly directed, guiding customers to hit the right product page and taking them with the seamless working of checking out process and the transaction for the purchase process. 
  • If the problem still you need to take it to the technical working team imparted with the E-commerce department and solve them. A high school diploma with retail experience is required.
  1. Retail Clerk 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate needn’t hold any educational degree, but a handful of experience in handling all the store employees working in-store. 
  • Should have the capability to arrange and stock the product on shelves, clear them when not necessary. 
  • The area should be clean and debris-free considering all the rooms and functional areas, using proper cleaning instruments, and sanitize the area properly. 
  • The candidate must have a good interaction with the team members and customers coming into the store and enquiring about the product under different categories.
  • The candidate must take care of the carts section while shopping to make their shopping peaceful.
  1. Bakery Clerk 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $20,800(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate must hold a high school diploma or relevant degree and 2 years of maximum experience in the baking field and be able to bake delicious cakes, muffins, pieces of bread, pies, etc. 
  • The candidate must be involved in baking operations and simultaneously clean the wastes, wraps, and other pieces lying on the floor around the baking area after the customer has them and ensure that it’s debris-free. 
  • The candidate must be well involved with the customers interacting with them and answering queries regarding the baking items sold in the store. 
  • Must well engage with the working team to fulfill the baking business and accomplish the task during the time of customer orders and be agile at placing the baked items on to the shelves and checking them.
  1. Customer Service Manager 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $25,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate must be focused on the customer-centric as the role elaborates the interaction with the customers to be efficient and effective ways to give solutions to them operating on the store’s front-end. 
  • Must be engaged with the departmental store members, store manager and notify the customer raised queries to resolve them quickly. 
  • The candidate must be thoroughly knowing all the departmental functions operated at the store. Must also stick well with all the product categories offered at Pick n Save to guide the customers via the offline and the online platform. 
  • The candidate must be kind, polite, and have enough patience to handle the call-based queries when customer contacts through phone or even any other medium like email. 
  • The candidate must have a high school diploma and good experience in handling customers.
  1. Grocery Operation Manager 
  • The average salary paid at Pick n Save for this role is around $45,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
  • The candidate must have wide knowledge about the product placements inside the shelves based on the arrangements specified by the store manager. 
  • The candidate must ensure that all the operations are functioning without hindrance when the customers are shopping to purchase the products. 
  • The store must be under proper sanitization and instruct the clerks to clean the area and make them debris-free. 
  • The candidate needs to get aligned and work along with the team to note down the progress and measure the grocery section’s important metrics from the whole store. 
  • The candidate must have a high school diploma and relevant experience in the retail management supervising role managing the environment.

Application Process at Pick n Save

Here the application process at Pick n Save is mostly filled out online, and you can take the print of that to submit them into the physical store as per the convenience of them. To fill out the form, you must ensure that you have the details enclosed of the following specified in detail so that the first step of the hiring process is succeeded. Have a look through the application format.

  • The application form contains the submission part of the resume and your cover letter. Ensure that you enclose the resume as per the required format and the same for the cover letter because this is one way to approve you for the next step.
  • The application form has the basic details about the Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, etc. Followed by Pick n Save’s process and reason to apply at the company is explained along with the data protection agreement to secure the data collected from you.
  • The application form details educational qualifications about your highest school pursued, the previous employment, and the details about the mentioned educational details. The reference section for the potential company must also be specified if you know any of them.
  • The application form is the general information collected from Pick n Save’s side to inquire about the previous work, the medium of information you heard about the Pick n Save job opening, the Age criteria to confirm at least you fall under 16 18. Along with them, the number of hours that you can work is also checked.
  • Finally, you have to confirm the attached details are true by check-marking the agreement of acceptance and tick for the applicant’s signature. Submit the application form. If you want to take the print and head directly to the store, you can also do it.

Interview Questions Asked at Pick n Save

The Pick n Save employees listed some of the important questions in the job portals called indeed and glassdoor under the company’s reference that you can have for your interview. I have come up with an approach of producing a fair idea to answer them in a preferred style to impress the interviewer during the interview process organized by the Pick n Save’s HR Team. Have this as a supporting guide to perform the interview process successfully and increase the chances of getting hired soon.


  1. What is the one thing you have changed about yourself that has made your life better?
  • To answer this question, you can say something related to your personality and attitude. 
  • Because you initially can address this question by telling some drawback that you had in your personality, say if you were an introvert. You feel so detached having a conversation with people around you, so you missed many opportunities relatively in your career. 
  • Now tell the transformation you had after changing your attitude, which means you improved to be gregarious. You increased your conversation speaking with colleagues or peers, enhancing your networking and raising your career linearly. 
  • This is just a sample of instances that I have shared with you to answer this question. 
  • Similarly, if you have any drawback in your career relative to your attitude or behavior, tell the interviewer how you shaped it and changed your life.
  1. What does customer service mean to you?
  • This is all in the role that you are doing. Also, as a cashier, it is the duty to be customer-centric and have some healthy relationship to welcome the customers into the store and make a happy purchase. 
  • So, you can answer this from your perspective in terms of treating them with pleasure, having heartful patience under the difficulty of customer-facing, and giving quick solutions to resolve form confusions in the billing or product purchasing process. To approach this question, always remember the role that you play and the values you offer from being in that role to the customer because there are various functions to be played in the store to pursue your duty to customers. The definition differs being the customer remaining as constant in every other role to offer the value to them.

Sales Associate 

  1. Why do you want to work at Pick n Save?
  • This question is based on the interest that has towards working in the Pick n Save. 
  • So, start telling about the team working efforts and how to accomplish the tasks as a team member is a part of the team to share your major contributions and thereby understand your department’s working style and how you interact with the customers and learn from them. 
  • Engaging with the types of tasks assigned to finish within the stipulated time limit and learning about the techniques of managing the customers answering their queries and sharing the thoughts with the other functional teams to know the working functions combining your functional department to link with them for knowing the impact of the business flow which would improve the career. 
  1. Tell me about a time where you have excelled at work?
  • This is an interesting question that you can share from your experience when solving a business issue in your department. 
  • To quote an example, imagine if your customers have received a bad piece of product in delay within the 3 days after ordering that product. Now, the customer is highly ferocious, having received the bad piece product with delay time. 
  • So, you have been assigned to solve the customer connecting them with the phone call. 
  • After calling, you initially apologized to the customer for the late arrival of the product. You then stated it is an issue with the delivery process if it was the real reason and came back to the product replacement as the bad product piece was delivered and tell them the new product will be replaced in quick delivery and finally thank them for the patience to wait for the process in replacing the product and solved the customer issue. 
  • Similar to that, it could be a business strategy where you have shared some ideas on improving any functionalities in your department and excelled in work or any unfamiliar situation you approached and succeeded in.

Assistant Store Manager

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • This is the job role of handling the store monitoring, reporting, customer issues to the main store manager. 
  • So, the growth part of the actual role is moving to the store manager role. 
  • You can tell that you need to explore the learning part of understanding the business process happening in the store, involving the team members to share your thoughts, and listening to them. 
  • Proceed with all these points and if you want to be the owner of the company tell that you will improve all these qualities of becoming a store manager and catching the position after 5 years. 
  • Or else, if you want to start your own business and manage the team, you can tell that too. 
  • Ensure that it is aligned with the steady growth you gain at Pick n Save because the interviewer expects you to work in your company for a long period. If you tell some irrelevant career perspective apart from this role, they could think you to hire in this position. 

Produce Specialist 

  1. What is your strength when working in your team setting?
  • This is a pretty straightforward question, where you need to understand the role of the job you have applied and how you need to put your effort into your team to enhance the team spirit in accomplishing the goals. 
  • As you belong to the product team, you need to carry out all the in-store works right from arranging the products on the shelves to each of the categories and promote the product when the company arrives at new ideas introducing in stores, etc.
  • The teamwork would fetch many dimensions in various perspectives to identify a new strategy to develop customer satisfaction through enhanced value offerings and service qualities bringing in the store. 
  • This answer could help you in getting hired with a lot of possibilities.

Bakery Clerk

  1. You are stocking the shelves and a customer walks past you, what do you do? 
  • This is a bit situational question where you need to make your 6th sense to work and provide your service to customers. 
  • Maybe you could initially greet them and inquire about the product they are searching for and usher them to the department of the product where it is available. 
  • This is a nice approach for you to communicate with a customer by indulging in the first conversation, and further, you can promote new products and suggest it along the customer’s purchase side.  


I hope that would have been a useful readout for you to know about Pick n Save’s career, its job opportunity and how to grow your career with the company, the salary details that is justified along with the role and responsibilities, the process of applying for the jobs at Pick n Save, and the most important of getting hired, you would have gone through the interview questions asked at the company and suggestions for answering those questions too. Meet you all with the next interesting article.

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Pick n Save Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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