Lead Generation Job Description – Process, Responsibilities, More

Lead Generation Job Description

For a very long time, lead generation has been an excellent method for organizations for their sales. It is basically about making relationships and making connections for sales and advertisement. In addition, E-commerce and other businesses use this method to collect information from visitors. We will discuss the Lead Generation Job Description here n this article with additional details.

Lead Generation Job Description

Lead generation is the way of engaging strangers or candidates into someone preferable for your organization and its goods and services. It can be instrumental in any business. Approx 70% of marketers say that the critical point of every company is lead generation. This is the best way to increase brand awareness and build your relationships with people. Many activities generate leads through events, calls, the internet, and advertisement. However, the most effective source for generating leads is email. About 90% of organizations use emails for interactions and leads.

Process of Lead Generation

Lead generation is building trust with audiences and providing knowledge about the company and its products. There are the following steps to get a great lead generation:

  • Step 1: Acquisition of Lead. The process starts by generating content through various sources like Twitter, blogs, ebooks, and distributing this information regarding business through mails, slide shares, Linked In, and other social sources.

  • Step 2: Nurturing the existing lead. This step can take 1 to 12 months to nurture the lead. Next, you start building your relationships with your audience to become their customers and encourage them to nurture the sale funnel.

  • Step 3: Scoring each lead. In this process, you have to understand which lead is more beneficial for your system and is more valuable. For example, the most valuable lead of a business is online.

  • Step 4: Pass leads to sales. In this stage of the process, one should start interacting with the marketing team and help them in sales. The sales team should focus on the need of customers and stimulate the marketing team.

  • Step 5: Evaluation. After passing all four steps, evaluate where your lead dropped off and resolve your facing issues. Many leads drop off when they are at stage 4.

This process is basically to make you understand that what works best for your company and clients.

Responsibilities of Lead Generators

Responsibility means doing a job or a duty to complete a particular task of the organization. For example, the responsibility for lead generation is to set an appointment and contact clients, and share information about the products and company.

  1. Sales: Sales are the primary transactions that a company does by selling its products. Sales generation is done to explore information about clients.
    • Promote the organization and its products.
    • Maintaining and developing relationships with clients.
    • Technical at solving integration issues.
    • Dealing with calls and queries.
    • Gain potential leads from the company’s database.
    • The satisfaction of the guest should be fulfilled.
    • Work with the sales team and generate leads within the business.

  2. Team: Teams are those who work together with a different point of view. Team lead generation tells you about the basic things which you have to undertake as a team.
    • Encourage healthy relationships with the departments.
    • Attend all the pieces of training and meetings when required.
    • Take your team to lead and generate profit.
    • Suggest new ideas during discussions and meetings.

  3. Communication: Communication is the basis of any relationship. If you have good communication skills, you can make connections and contacts very quickly. For example, in lead generation, communications are the key point of the business.
    • Professionally interact with clients and guests on calls, meetings, webinars, face to face, and emails.
    • Developing good business relationships.
    • Work closely with the marketing and sales team.
    • Acknowledge the policies, procedures, and ethics of business.
    • Expertise in using social media tools (like Twitter and LinkedIn)
    • Have a precise knowledge of information regarding projects.


The experience in a field matter. In the lead generation, the interest and the experience took a very critical role. Therefore, the person should have the below experience for the job.

  • Experience of 1-2 years in sales management.
  • One should have a piece of good knowledge of customer’s understanding and market dynamics.
  • Strong knowledge in EXCEL, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • One should have the ability to do multi-tasking.
  • A good understanding and experience in handling issues.
  • You must have the ability to work independently.
  • You must be organized and upbeat.
  • You should have experience in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales experience.
  • We are looking for an ethical and confident person.
  • You must know to tackle uncertainties and technological challenges.

Skills Required

Skills are the knowledge that a person should have before going for the job. In lead generation, one should have the below skills as knowledge is the most significant power to tackle the uncertainties.

  • Has interpersonal skills
  • Must have writing and communication skills.
  • The attitude should be positive and well-motivated.
  • Must be passionate about its work.
  • Expertise in writing and speaking the English Language.
  • Has to be hardworking and confident.


Behaviour is an aspect that tells your ability. How do you interact with a person? What is your behavior towards life and goal? Everything matters in an organization. In lead generation, the person should have polite and respectful behavior by which the organization can generate a lead.

  • You should be polite and cheerful.
  • You should be responsible for your duties.
  • Respect your clients and colleagues.
  • Support each other in your team.
  • Guide your team with the best things.
  • Trust your colleagues for their skills.
  • Value each other in the organization.


  1. Why is lead generation important in sales management? Because they have an effective way to communicate and can bring the lead to the company. 
  2. What motivates your work in a team? The support and guidance of the team leader.
  3. How can I get a lead? By generating content and distributing them to the customers properly through a sound source.
  4. What is B2B lead generation? It means generating leads from business to business for sales and marketing. 
Lead Generation Job Description – Process, Responsibilities, More

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