Kmart Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Kmart Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Are you a college fresher or high school student on the lookout for job opportunities? Do you want to learn new skills like retailing, customer service, assisting, or cashier? If you think that the answer to the above question is a yes, then you can check out some of the jobs available at Kmart Careers. It offers individuals and career seekers some great opportunities.

Job Description

What does a Kmart employee do, you ask? Before I can answer this question, you need to know what Kmart is. Kmart is a retail store. They sell various items like clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, tools, healthcare products, pharmacies, appliances, etc. Kmart is quite popular among the masses. The job of a Kmart employee is limited to selling stuff and welcoming customers, listening to their queries, providing a refund to the customers if needed and addressing them, keeping an account of the stock, etc. A Kmart employee represents a company, promotes their products, and guides customers to find the product or service they are looking for. 

Requirements To Be A Kmart Employee

  • You should possess a high school diploma or a college degree. The latter is preferred.
  • You should be at least 16 years of age.
  • You will be required to work 12 hours a day. The time period may vary.
  • You should have organizational skills, and you should be a great team player.
  • A Kmart employee is required to have a basic knowledge of math.
  • You should possess excellent vocabulary skills.
  • You should have analytical skills and interpersonal skills.
  • A Kmart employee is required to have problem-solving skills.
  • You should pay attention to every detail while working.
  • You should possess customer service experience.
  • You should mandatorily possess basic telephone etiquette when interacting with a customer, peers, or higher-ups.
  • You should be able to handle various tasks handed out to you and be flexible to accommodate the business’s requirements.
  • You should have the quality of taking up initiative and doing a job with little to no supervision.
  • You may be asked to work for long hours, including evenings, weekends, or holidays. It would be best if you were comfortable doing this.
  • You may have prior work experience as a Kmart employee.
  • You should have a proven track record of providing the best results in the department you are building your career in.

You can also work part-time in a retail store when you are studying for college if you are planning to make your career as a Kmart employee.

Application Process

To apply for a job at Kmart, you can go to their official website that is, or select the website depending on the country you are residing in. The site offers various job opportunities. You can select a job that interests you and apply there. You will be asked to give your email address, contact information, and personal details. Finally, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Once you are done with this, you will complete your application process.

Job Roles

As mentioned above, to know about the various job roles available at the company, you can go to their website. You will see some current opportunities available. Here, I will discuss some of these opportunities:

  • Retail Department Manager: A retail manager basically manages the functioning of a department. As you know, Kmart is a retail store with many retail outlets. You will be assigned one retail outlet where you will be in charge of welcoming customers, taking their orders, and carrying out transactions. You are also in charge of the stock of your store.
    • Duties:
      • You have to recruit staff for your retail department, train them, supervise them, and provide them feedback on how they perform the assigned tasks.
      • You have to prepare the budget plan for your department and alter the budget as time passes by with your department’s growing changes.
      • You are required to prepare your department’s financial statements and record all the transactions that occurred during a given month or year in your department.
      • You have to address the problems that the customers are facing with your department.
  • Senior Instructional Designer: To understand this job, you have to focus on the keyword Instructional Designer. You collaborate with stakeholders and instruct them with improvement to their concepts and ideas and provide them with a solution to deal with the company’s growing demands.
    • Duties:
      • You have to plan and create training programs for the employees to educate them on the company’s functioning and vision.
      • You have to design course materials as per the company’s latest standards and implement these course materials in the training tactics of the employees or the management.
      • You have to collaborate with subject matter experts to produce the best instruction manual and alter your coursework as per your trainee’s needs.
      • You have to incorporate audio, visual, role plays, simulation, or gaming techniques and use technology at par with today’s media standards.
      • You will have to design assessment strategies to study the user’s response and effectiveness to your training techniques.
  • Learning Systems Analyst: A business as big as Kmart relies on software for its day-to-day operations. A system analyst checks for the software systems’ efficiency and accuracy and updates the systems with the recent advancements in the IT sector.
    • Duties:
      • Designing and modulating the company’s computer systems keeping in mind the company’s protocols, the system requirements of the company.
      • Identify a solution for the computer system in case if any troubleshoot pops up. 
      • Educate the trainees or clients on the computer system’s operation and guide them if they face any difficulties.
  • Duty Manager: A duty manager oversees the operations of the different departments of Kmart. You collaborate both with the top-level management and bottom-level management. You are also responsible for analyzing the accounts, administrative, customer service, and management departments.
    • Duties:
      • You have to monitor the entire operations of Kmart
      • You have to ensure that the job is done efficiently and unison with Kmart’s rules and regulations.
      • You have to report your daily target achievement or monthly reports to your supervisors or upper management.
      • You have to direct those working under you in regards to the workflow of the company.

Top Employers Before Joining Kmart

While applying for a Kmart job, you may be a beginner or an individual with extensive experience in this field. If you are the latter, you can check out some of the top employers where you may have worked and get an idea of your chances of landing a Kmart job. The more experience you have under your belt, the higher are your chances are of securing a job at a top-reputed company. The benefit of this is that you will receive great pay.

  1. If you work at Walmart, you have a 23.6 percent chance of landing a job at Kmart.
  2. If you work at McDonald’s, you have a 16.6 percent chance of landing a Kmart job.
  3. If you work at Target, you have a 5.4 percent chance of landing a job at Kmart.
  4. If you work at Burger King, you have a 5.1 percent chance of landing a Kmart job.
  5. If you work at Wendy’s, you have a 4.4 percent chance of landing a Kmart job.
  6. If you work at Subway, you have a 4.0 percent chance of landing a job at Kmart.
  7. If you work at Sears Holdings, you have a 3.9 percent chance of landing a Kmart job.
  8. If you work at Macy’s, you have a 3.6 percent chance of landing a Kmart job.

Salary Of A Kmart Employee On The Basis Of Their Job Title They Hold

The position or the job title you hold in the company you are working for plays a key role in determining the salary you receive. If you have many years of experience under your belt, say you hold the position of front-end lead salary, you can expect an average pay of $79,288. Similarly, if you have very little to no experience under your belt, and for example, have been allotted the job title of stock clerk or customer service associate, you can expect an average minimal pay of $22,349

Front End Lead Jobs$79,000$68,000 – $91,000
Sales Representative Jobs$51,000$45,000 – $56,000
Assistant Manager Jobs$37,000$33,000 – $39,000
Warehouse Worker Jobs $32,000$29,000 – $33,000
Pharmacist Technician Jobs$31,000$28,000 – $33,000
Department Manager Jobs$31,000$28,000 – $34,000
Sales Associate Jobs$30,000$26,000 – $33,000
Supervisor Jobs$29,000$26,000 – $32,000
Loss Prevention Officer Jobs$29,000$28,000 – $29,000
Loss Prevention Agent Jobs$28,000$27,000 – $28,000
Stocker Jobs$28,000$27,000 – $28,000
Forklift Operator Jobs$28,000$26,000 – $29,000
Department Lead Jobs$26,000$24,000 – $28,000
Merchandiser Jobs$26,000$24,000 – $26,000
Cashier Jobs$25,000$23,000 – $27,000
Customer Service Representative Jobs$25,000$23,000 – $26,000
Stower Jobs$24,000$23,000 – $25,000
Customer Service Associate Jobs$22,000$20,000 – $23,000
Stock Clerk Jobs$22,000$21,000 – $22,000

The average standard pay for Kmart jobs depending on job title ranges from $20,000 to $91,000.

Interview Questions

  1. Why should we hire you for this job?

I am on the lookout for new job opportunities, and Kmart fits the criteria I want to work for. I have (no. of years of experience) experience in this role and have developed both the hard skills and soft skills required for this job, thanks to my experience. I can assure you that the results I deliver will be exceptional, and I will complete the job in the given time ultimatum. I require very little supervision and will not bother you much.  The roles available at Kmart will help me learn many things required in my profession. Kmart is an established brand that will keep me active as I pursue my career in the future.

  1. Does Kmart have a specific dress code to be worn during an interview?

Well, there is no specification on how you should dress up or groom yourself for an interview at Kmart. It would be advisable to wear formal attire or something more appropriate for an interview. It would be best to avoid any casual clothing that would not leave a good impression on your employer’s mind. You can opt for attires in a black or white color shade or some bold shades. It is recommended to stay away from bright shades or fancy designs.

  1. Does Kmart conduct a background check? If so, what kind of background check do they do?

Although Kmart collects your personal details while conducting the assessment test, they may ask you for a reference from your past employee if you have worked somewhere else before. They may also ask you to take a medical test to determine that you are not on any substance. They will also conduct a criminal background check to determine if you have been on the wrong side of the law or if you have dealt with law enforcement in the past.

  1. What are the perks provided by Kmart to its employees?

If you have just ventured into a career to earn an income, Kmart is the best place to start. The most attractive perk Kmart offers is providing you with holiday bonuses, special occasion bonuses, or end-of-the-year bonuses. You will also be guided and supported by the managers of Kmart. And if the sales of Kmart beat those of the previous year, you will be provided with a discount card to avail yourself discounts from whatever you purchase at Kmart.

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Kmart Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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