Cracker Barrel Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Cracker Barrel Careers - Job Opportunity, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we are going to look through the company called Cracker Barrel careers opportunities containing the Job, Its salary, the application process, and the types of sample Interview questions asked in the Crackerbarrel company, which you can have handy for your reference before appearing on the day of Interview. Now get deep into the company’s career and opportunity.

Many restaurants are much more focused on serving hot dishes at big hotels where not all the customers come to grab up their meal may be too priced or due to some inconvenience reason. But restaurants situated at the people’s mobility level or traveling places when they are moving from one place to another need at least to have a hotel or eatery shop for the people to move into and relish for another 10 or 15 mins until the tank is fueled. This adds many benefits for the customers to feel like they are at their place and wait for some time, chat, and slurping cappuccino then carrying on with their work.

Of the many best restaurants being on the highways during travel, there is one particular restaurant to be mentioned. The name is Crackerbarrel. It’s the countryside’s best highway restaurant for the customers to get in and have some pleasant time until they make their next progression. It is the best spot for the customers to have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with the fresh foods and natural fruits drinks served, gift shops with some popular gifts items, decors, candies, etc. for being kid’s favourite spots too.

Cracker Barrels Background

The nativity immense Cracker Barrel is proving its existence and serving for around 50 years till now. It’s now considered the customer’s preferred spot whenever they travel on the roads moving towards their favorite destination. There is no surprise for the waiting time since you arrived at the shop as the warm hospitality keeps you still at the spot. You can find your best couple of times to spend it in the restaurant and the gift areas and purchase the items you wish for.

 As mentioned, warm hospitality given at the restaurant is the point to be noted down. This is what the Cracker Barrel restaurant has scored a lot from the employees who work in the restaurant and guide the customers. The employees are given extensive training separately to enhance the experience even more than the customers set their expectations of spending their peaceful time at Cracker Barrel. Employees are true to the company’s value as it emanates pure guidance, warm welcoming, and hospitality till the end of customers leaving from the restaurant. Upon that enhanced level of treating customers at their heart center has made the company succeed till now.

Job Opportunity at Cracker Barrel 

The restaurant is more into balancing how to treat the customers and employees through the way that their employees are trained to gain the company’s position as the best restaurant present on most of the highways. Tell the employees are the biggest asset to them for making the customers happy, filling their tummy, and engaging them with some gift collections. So, the employees are compensated and trained through the performance appraisal techniques, which are widely followed at the restaurant under the name of “Personal Achievement Responsibility (PAR).”

The employees have great growth in their career when they progress along with the Cracker Barrel job opportunity when joining as freshers. Again, there are many shift timings involved here at the job role, where you can mention your time of availability under the role if given chives by Crackerbarrel. Based on some randomly picked roles, I have listed beneath to have a look at the kinds of jobs available at Cracker Barrel, 

  • Server
  • Host
  • Store Support Analyst
  • Talent Acquisition Manager (Remote)
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Safety and Sanitation Specialist
  • Kitchen Lead
  • Dishwasher

These jobs are much more elaborated on the salary sections, justifying the payment offered according to the job’s role that Cracker Barrel is offering. Let’s dive in to know more about the Salary section.

Salary at Crackerbarrel

At Cracker Barrels, they offer a meaningful salary for the employees based on their performance and the hours of work they do at the restaurant. This salary coming with enormous benefits makes the employee feel more productive to guide and serve customers until they walk out of the restaurant. A Crackerbarrel job’s salary is structured in the way of the difficulty of the job framed by the employees to cope up and do a better job. When leveled-up for other positions, employees start to gain more salary, which is the basic format of what other companies follow, and Crackerbarrel follows the same with an enhanced program like a personal achievement responsibility for all the hour-based employees who are working.

Now let us elaborate on the job roles and responsibilities for the salary given at Crackerbarrel.

  1. Server: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • In this role, the candidates mostly serve food and necessary for the customer and do this as their full-time job. 
    • The candidates have to make sure that they take proper orders from the customers, ensuring you communicate the list of recipes and snacks other beverages from the menu and give customers a wide choice about the food. The candidates must also involve promoting new arrival or making any popular dishes at recent times and asking them to try one. 
    • The candidates must assist the customers, answering them for their inquiries about the food varieties, and have some good conversation until they peacefully eat the food served at Crackerbarrel’s. 
    • The candidate needn’t have to hold an educational degree except for a good two-year experience in the relevant field of previous employment.

  2. Host: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • As a part of this role, you will be engaged and welcoming the customers with a happy face when they step into Cracker Barrel. 
    • The candidates must wear the necessary garments for welcoming the customers as per the Cracker Barrels company rules and norms. 
    • The candidates ensure that safety is the first to measure, especially for the current situation, and follow them before customers step into the restaurant and check on themselves as you must be hygienic without infections.  
    • Make sure you will be able to lift some 40 pounds of weight, and this role also includes long-standing hours because every time customers arrive, you will be the first person sent by them, ensure that you suit for this role, and apply for the role accordingly. 
    • No educational background required for this role is just a previous employment experience is expected.

  3. Store Support Analyst: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel’s for this role is around $30,000(as per glassdoor) along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must have a degree in information technology with database and SQL skills to know all the nooks and corner processes of the system analysis finding out the errors related to the hardware and software technical issues. 
    • The candidate must have strong problem-solving skills, analytical knowledge and support the service desk team and your contribution to finding out the issues related to software, hardware, and technical errors. 
    • These include troubleshooting issues like POS, payroll processing, check-out process, credit cards, processing gift coupons, gift items, etc.
    • The candidate must also focus on answering the customers’ calls and solving the issues by creating user documentation and submitting it to the supervisor. 

  4. Talent Acquisition Manager (Remote): The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $90,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • As there is a diverse set of applicants applying for cracker barrel’s company as a candidate, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and 2 years of work experience at the previous employment in the similarity of working restaurants. 
    • The actual job is to understand the company’s value and recruit, filter, select, and screen the candidates best on the best suitable criteria to fit the company’s role. 
    • To tell you to hire the best talents suitable to stay in the long run’s role or its dependency on the applicants’ potential performance. 
    • It would be best if you were in touch with the operation team and the talent acquisition team to know more about the eligibility criteria to recruit applicants as per Crackerbarrel’s openings initially. 
    • To be skilled at handling recruitment software that could easily process the suitable applicants onto the interview process.

  5. Restaurant Manager: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $45,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must be a native resident who stays in the United States. The candidate’s qualification included work authorization in this preferred place, and the education fill-outs is a high school degree holder in management studies. 
    • The manager must pursue an attractive leadership skill in guiding the employees and treating them well to focus on productive working. The best employees get recognized by your monitoring techniques over them and are motivated to do more work. 
    • As a store manager, one must monitor the whole environment, from delivering the food to the employees’ satisfaction level. 
    • This is a full-time permanent job. The candidate must handle all the departments under the right process and be updated with the current work on-going from all other team members to complete the task properly.

  6. Senior Marketing Coordinator: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $50,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must be holding a bachelor’s degree in the business-related or marketing-related field to know or have gained some experience in the previous employment of at least 2 years. 
    • The marketing team must handle the new campaigns, frame, and create a new line of a story for the upcoming new collections of products or food varieties and publish them on respective social platforms and increase the brand awareness for the customers who are using websites. 
    • The candidate must guide the marketing team to allocate the tasks and implement the respective timelines framed to publish fresh stories in the preferred platform they used to present. 
    • The marketers must also use high-resolution pictures to take from the logistics covering all the stocks’ pictures and create new stories to post in the media.

  7. Financial Analyst: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $75,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate who applies for this role must have a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and relevant subjects to get into Crackerbarrel, having 3 years of maximum experience analyzing financial considerations. Along with them, CPA eligibility is required. 
    • The candidate must have strong analytical skills, foreseeing the company growth to give some recommendations based on the sales achieved, GMROI, merchandise based calculation involving all the metrics, sell-thru performance, inventory turns, open-to-buy, etc.
    • The candidate needs to take care of the monthly ledger and enter proper financial details with error-free work. 
    • The candidates must be good at handling software account tools like the generally used Microsoft excel, word, and similar to other tools.  
    • The must-have good communication and research skills to handle the accounts department and update and discuss with the account team to focus on its right benefits in the future and the present.

  8. Safety and Sanitation Specialist: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel’s for this role is around $24,000(as per the glassdoor) along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate doesn’t require any educational degrees from high school or a superior degree for this role. It is about following the protocols of Cracker Barrel’s CDC guidelines and state-federal safety and health measures that are needed to be followed by the candidates. 
    • From the kitchen to the customer’s table and surroundings, the candidate must maintain a neat atmosphere by picking some unwanted pieces of covers of the food items, other debris to be free from the spot, and ensuring the customers have healthy food with a fresh feeling. 
    • The candidate must have an eye on the things happening after the customer has their food so that the place is cleansed and wipe the wastes accordingly to make the next visitor obtain the spot. 
    • Should have good communication with the whole restaurant teams to do the next process. 

  9. Kitchen Lead: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $23,000, along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • This job is similar to that of the Grill cook but assisting the Grill cook by chopping the vegetables, meat, weighing the meat, and other poultry items required to make the dishes. 
    • The kitchen Prep must have proper maintenance of arranging the ingredients used by the cook and give them the right food items during cooking. 
    • The candidate must also properly handle proper sanitation criteria to keep the particular store’s workstation healthy measures. 
    • The candidate needs to have an educational degree to get this role, but a good experience in this field during the previous employment.

  10. Dishwasher: The average salary paid at Crackerbarrel for this role is around $23,000, along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate needn’t have any educational background but must have worked for cleaning the surroundings where the customers sit for eating. 
    • The candidate must ensure that the area of eating is debris-free and neat to have a healthy meal. 
    • The candidate must also take care of the restroom areas and have good contact or communication with the workstation members. 
    • The soiled plates must be cleared from the table after customers eat, then they should be moved to the dishwashing area to clear the eaten portions and use them for the next turn. 
    • Similar to that, the plates must be cleared without any noise and disturbance from the table where the customers had their food.

Application Process at Crackerbarrel

Here the application process at Crackerbarrel is mostly filled out online, and you can take the print of that to submit them into the physical store as per the convenience of them. To fill out the form, you must ensure that you have the details enclosed of the following specified in detail so that the first step of the hiring process is succeeded. Have a look through the application format.

  • The application form contains the submission part of the resume and your cover letter; ensure that you enclose the resume as per the required format and the same for the cover letter because this is one way to approve you for the next step.
  • The application form has the basic details about the Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, etc. Followed by Crackerbarrel’s process and reason to apply at the company is explained along with the data protection agreement to secure the data collected from you.
  • The application form details educational qualifications about your highest school pursued, the previous employment, and the details about the mentioned educational details. The reference section for the potential company must also be specified if you know any of them.
  • The application form is the general information collected from the side of Crackerbarrel to enquire about the previous working with Crackerbarrel, the medium of information that you heard about Crackerbarrel’s job opening, the Age criteria to confirm at least you fall under 16 to 18. Along with them, the number of hours that you can work is also checked.
  • Finally, you have to confirm the attached details are true by check-marking the agreement of acceptance and tick for the applicant’s signature. Submit the application form. If you want to take the print and head directly to the store, you can also do it.

Interview questions at Cracker Barrels

The Crackerbarrel’s employees listed some of the important questions in the job portal called glassdoor under the company’s reference that you can have for your interview. I have come up with an approach of producing a fair idea to answer them in a preferred style to impress the interviewer during the interview process organized by the Crackerbarrel HR Team. Have this as a supporting guide to perform the interview process successfully and increase the chances of getting hired soon.


  1. What do you think you can bring to the team? 
  • For this question think about the team working techniques in how many good ways you’ll be able to contribute to the team with your knowledge and skills of welcoming the customers into the restaurant. 
  • So, you can probably tell that you are bringing in new customers who have been to the restaurant for the first time by warm greetings and moving into the restaurant to have leisure time until they start to travel. 
  • Even if some alignments are made in welcoming the customers, you can tell that you will engage with the team regarding the changes to be made in greeting them. 
  • Say that you will have good communication with the team members to look through the role and thereby you will perform better.


  1. Why do you want to work here?
  • You can tell about the interest that you have in working as a server. So, start with your interest part of this role and explain you can readily seamlessly serve customers. 
  • Tell about the previous employment role of working as a server in a similar field where you share why you won’t work here through the potential of work you did in the last restaurant and gained some good credits from the customers that you served by reducing the waiting time of their meal arrival previously. 
  • So, this could help you in getting hired for the role you apply for as the server. 
  1. What is the one thing you learned in the past 6 months?
  • For this question you can tell it related to the personal life or even the professional life situations like what you were spending productively, why because in this particular questions may be chances are interviewer could expect from you whether you had some purposeful working for this last 6 months so that you are remaining active and not idle somewhere without doing any work. 
  • Maybe you could tell “I was learning to cook which I was not familiar with. So, I had a great chance to know about cooking skills from my friends.” or else like photography skills, “I was moving towards snapping pictures of trees, dogs, cats and was posting in social media to get some good shares and likes.” 
  • This could be a good reply for the interviewer to know you are an active being doing things that you like with productivity.
  1. What does customer service mean to you?
  • This is all about the role-oriented questions framed in the other way to trigger your mindset about your definition of customers. 
  • Think about your reply based on the customer-centric perspective because that is the core answer that you will be speaking out. 
  • For example, you can tell the customer service all about making customers feel calm as the solutions we give will help them solve their issues and make them feel better. 
  • Another way to pinpoint definitions based on customer service characteristics is understanding the pain points and giving a thorough choice of solving their issues, making them feel comfortable that their issues can be solved.


  1. What are your great strengths?
  • You answer based on working justifying that you are good at doing fast calculations at the cash counter delivery after customers made their purchases for the billing process. 
  • Or else you could even tell that you are a multitasker helping out to the issues in the other team and working for your team too and sharing some instances based on the previous employment work where you did these kinds of work and tell you can execute here without interruption. 
  • Because this answer is relevant to the job’s role and your characteristics to push into the job. 

Sales Associate

  1. How would you take care of your customer who is upset?
  • As a sales associate, you know to handle customer queries regarding the product or services offered at Cracker Barrel. 
  • If a customer says the meal doesn’t add flavors and doesn’t satisfy, you can tell them that you will check on it next time and make sure that they eat a tasty meal. 
  • If it regards the pricing problem again, you need to justify why you charge that much amount for a meal or some other snack in terms of its special ingredient or a special way to make them. 
  • So, tell it as the step-by-step ways of solving the anxious customers by illustrating your previous employment examples. 

Retail Manager 

  1. Why do you want to work for Cracker Barrel? We operate 364 days a year, are you still interested? How do you motivate and develop your employees? 
  • As a candidate for this role, you can tell the interest that you have in working in this category to prove your work performance and honestly tell them you can give your best providing new strategies and working on the current strategies to improvise the current business working if something has to be changed in recent business strategies. 
  • Please explain how the team has to be functioned to overcome the additional issues that aren’t properly focused on before and give them some good cross-functional team working examples by implementing good suggestions to know your expertise in working for the restaurant-based companies. 
  • This could fetch a positive reply from the side of the interviewer.


I hope that would have been a useful readout for you to know about Crackerbarrel’s career, its job opportunity and how to grow your career with the company, the salary details that is justified along with the role and responsibilities, the process of applying for the jobs at Cracker Barrels, and the most important of getting hired, you would have gone through the interview questions asked at the company and suggestions for answering those questions too. Meet you all with the next interesting article.

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Cracker Barrel Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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