Bob Evans Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Bob Evans Careers - Job Opportunity, Salary, Application process, Interview questions

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we are going to look through the company called Bob Evans careers opportunities containing the Job, Its salary, the application process, and the types of sample Interview questions asked in the Bob Evans company, which you can have handy for your reference before appearing on the day of Interview. Now get deep into the company’s career and opportunity.

The employees working at restaurant-based companies are trained much enough on their fast serving ability to work towards the value offering of good food. Having a peaceful state of interaction with the customers enables the company to grow more in the future to increase the foot-walks of the customers into the restaurant sustaining the long-term relationships to gather more loyal customers into the shop, which is one great profit for the present and the future of the company as well.

Bob Evans Restaurant has implemented a structured career plan to grow their career on the best way to train the employees. The candidates applying for the Bob Evans job openings can check for their website’s job description and apply based on their suitable match for the role. In the company, the customers visit quite often to taste their freshly served farm food, and the employees are maintained to serve politely and engage with the customer’s needs. Let’s jump into details of the job opportunity, salary, the application process, and the Interview questions on the further go.

Bob Evans Background

The company has been in the present for around 73 years and still serves the traditional methods of serving fresh farm foods where they initially started their business. The company’s deepest value is to greet the strangers and make them friends and turn them into the family to engage them by serving fresh foods like snacks, baked foods, and other American style dishes to make the customers delight. The company best implements training for their employees to seek more customer findings during the present spot into their restaurant, ushering them with good food choices and making them try. 

The employees are groomed with the company’s vision and value offering to the customers to turn them into the company’s greatest profit more than the perception of focussed sales. They treat customers as the best assets for the company to join the family with all of the young employees to the experienced employees to answer their queries at any time they need for.

Nonetheless, the company is focused on the embraced multi-diverse culture and cohesive work environment binding all the team members together for the task accomplishments. The employees are the main contributors for enhancing the brand name and the profits for the company by treating their customers by serving fresh foods and making them happy, which is what their motto is.

Job Opportunity at Bob Evans

Bob Evans has plenty of opportunities given right from the cooking role to the regional vice president. You grow in an improved manner having an experienced mindset taking care of the entire store. The candidates could enroll for the job openings that are available by matching their skill sets so that you can get into the company approaching the interview once you get shortlisted. I have picked up some busy roles for the candidates to apply through the portals or even the Bob Evans website. 

These are the roles offered currently at Bob Evans, and you can check the elaborations of these roles in the salary details which would explain the benefits and salary package offered based on the difficulty of work of the role,

  • Accountant
  • Analyst 2 – Business Systems
  • Assistant Manager
  • Grill Cook
  • Key Supervisor
  • Host / Cashier
  • Carryout
  • Kitchen Prep
  • Dishwasher
  • Server

Each of them has their own set of difficulties based on the role structure to work in Bob Evans. The core aim of Bob Evans is to serve customers with good fresh farm food by employee’s involvement and their work potential to execute it possible. We will head into the Salary section of Bob Evans and analyze how each job is positioned upon the work levels to be implemented.

Salary at Bob Evans

Bob Evans’s special way to encourage the employees is coming up with an enormous set of benefits provided along with the career than any other companies in the relevant industries. The employee’s performance is measured upon the hours of working and extra timings for which they accomplish the tasks, the team involvement, and the agile mindset of working in this environment are calculated for the salary compensation offered by Bob Evans to the employees. We will now check out the salary of each job role and responsibilities for the appropriate positions.

  1. Accountant 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $60,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate who applies for this role must have a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and relevant subjects to get into Bob Evans. Along with them, CPA eligibility is required. 
    • The candidate must have strong analytical skills, foreseeing the company growth to give some recommendations based on the monthly account details entered at the journal. 
    • The candidate needs to take care of the monthly ledger and enter proper financial details with error-free work. 
    • The candidates must be good at handling software account tools like the generally used Microsoft excel, word, and similar to other tools.  
    • The must-have good communication and research skills to handle the accounts department and update and discuss with the account team to focus on its right benefits in the future and the present.

  2. Analyst 2 – Business Systems Analysis 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $25,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must have a degree in information technology with database and SQL skills to know all the nooks and corner processes of the system analysis finding out the errors related to the hardware and software technical issues. 
    • The candidate must have strong problem-solving skills, analytical knowledge, and support the service desk team and your contribution to finding out the issues related to software, hardware, and technical errors. 
    • The candidate must also focus on answering the customers’ calls and solving the issues by creating user documentation and submitting it to the supervisor. 
    • The outbound conversation with the other clients is necessary to develop the service improvements in the future.

  3. Assistant Manager 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $40,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The manager who is applying for this position must hold a high school degree that is mandatory and possess fair leadership skills to attract the crew members and workstation teams to focus on doing their work effectively. 
    • The manager working for this role will assist the Restaurant Manager to inform whether things are going well in the company and what needs to change when treating the customers with joy if they aren’t satisfied well with the taste of the food or service. 
    • Handling employee’s queries by understanding the issues during the in-store experience for doing work and making a valuable decision to do a smart job in the agile environment.

  4. Carryout 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate needn’t be required to hold a professional degree as it is only concerned with the work ethics followed in usual restaurants like how to greet a customer, how to dispense choices of food varieties available at the company, what is serving hot at current, trending recipes or bakery items running at the company, etc. 
    • The candidate must have a duty to pursue right from welcoming customers to the serving and inquiring about the food quality, their taste, satisfaction, etc. 
    • They need to take hold of the entire workstation to ensure that the process of serving food is at the right place.

  5. Grill Cook 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • This job is essential for the cook to prepare the dishes based on the bob Evans company’s recipe. 
    • The candidate must cut the meat, poultry, and other items, including vegetables, etc., to prepare a mouth-watering dish daily and fast. Working is an important criterion as the customers could give multiple orders. The candidate must note down from the workstation to get them ready. 
    • Not any certified degree is needed for the educational background, but at least 2 years of experience in the relevant field is said to remain as rigid eligibility. 
    • Ensuring safety and sanitation is important on the other side.

  6. Cashier 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate needs to have an educational degree and require at least 2 years of experience in a similar field of ushering the customers to the respective table. 
    • Applying the same technique to the potential company Bob Evans and treating proper manners by serving food as they ordered and maintaining the restroom under sanitary measures for the customers to use them when necessary. 
    • The kids are also important to note when the customers take with them to eat in the restaurant. Facilitating the kid’s need is also important to have a positive impact on Bob Evans. 
    • Other than that a neat contact and communication with the workstation members is essential to maintain it as a part of the duty.

  7. Dishwasher 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate needn’t have any educational background but must have worked for cleaning the surroundings where the customers sit for eating. The candidate must ensure that the area of eating is debris-free and neat to have a healthy meal. 
    • The candidate must also take care of the restroom areas and have good contact or communication with the workstation members. 
    • The soiled plates must be cleared from the table after customers eat, then they should be moved to the dishwashing area to clear the eaten portions and use them for the next turn. 
    • Similar to that, the plates must be cleared without any noise and disturbance from the table where the customers had their food.

  8. Server 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • In this role, the candidates mostly serve food and necessary for the customer and do this as their full-time job. 
    • The candidates have to make sure that they take proper orders from the customers, ensuring you communicate the list of recipes and snacks other beverages from the menu and give customers a wide choice about the food. The candidates must also involve promoting new arrival or making any popular dishes at recent times and asking them to try one. 
    • The candidates must assist the customers, answering them for their inquiries about the food varieties, and have some good conversation until they peacefully eat the food served at Bob Evans. 
    • The candidate needn’t have to hold an educational degree except for a good 2-year experience in the relevant field of previous employment.

  9. Kitchen Prep  
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • This job is similar to that of the Grill cook but assisting the Grill cook by chopping the vegetables, meat, weighing the meat, and other poultry items required to make the dishes. 
    • The kitchen Prep must have proper maintenance of arranging the ingredients used by the cook and give them the right food items during cooking. 
    • The candidate must also properly handle proper sanitation criteria to keep the particular store’s workstation healthy measures. 
    • The candidate needs to have an educational degree to get this role, but a good experience in this field during the previous employment.

  10. Key Supervisor 
    • The average salary paid at Bob Evans for this role is around $40,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate who works in this role must initially hold a high school diploma or relevant field degree. 
    • This job’s work is to focus and monitor how things are going, are the members are heading at the right process. If not, go guide them to give a handful of suggestions and overcome their problems and difficulties.
    •  The supervisor must handle all the departments like all the crew members, work station, accounts department, sales department, marketing team, etc., for the store, they are working together. 
    • Finally, updating this to the head of the particular store and measuring an individual’s work performance and different departments’ team.

Application Process at Bob Evans

Here the application process at Bob Evans is mostly filled out online, and you can take the print of that to submit them into the physical store as per the convenience of them. To fill out the form, you must ensure that you have the details enclosed of the following specified in detail so that the first step of the hiring process is succeeded. Have a look through the application format.

  • The First segment is the submission of the resume and your cover letter. Ensure that you enclose the resume as per the required format and the same for the cover letter because this is one way to approve you for the next step.
  • The Second segment has the basic details about the Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, etc. Bob Evan’s process and reason to apply at the company are explained along with the California data protection agreement to secure the data collected from you.
  • The third segment is the educational qualification details about your highest school pursued, the previous employment, and the details about the mentioned educational details. The reference section for the potential company must also be specified if you know any of them.
  • The fourth segment is the general information collected from Bob Evans’s side to inquire about the previous working with Bob Evans, the medium of information you heard about Bob Evans’s job opening, the Age criteria to confirm at least you fall under 16 to 18. Along with them, the number of hours that you can work is also checked.
  • Finally, you have to confirm the attached details are true by check-marking the agreement of acceptance and tick for the applicant’s signature. Submit the application form. If you want to take the print and head directly to the store, you can also do it.

Interview Questions To Look Through

The Bob Evans employees listed some of the important questions in the job portal called glassdoor under the company’s reference that you can have for your interview, and I have come up with an approach of producing a fair idea to answer them in a preferred style to impress the interviewer during the interview process organized by the Bob Evans HR Team. Have this as a supporting guide to perform the interview process successfully and increase the chances of getting hired soon.

Assistant Manager

  1. What was your prior experience?
  • This question is to check your expertise in working in a fast-paced environment like Bob Evans with busy customers and populated team members of different departments. 
  • All you can do is start listing out the duties and responsibilities you had with previous employment. 
  • Your relationship with the previous supervisor, customer, stakeholders, vendors, and the partners associated with the company. 
  • Your leadership skills are also the most welcomed answers for the interview to think about the quality in yours, which would fit the company’s role. 
  • This could help your chances of getting hired soon if you spot the points under this criteria.
  1. Tell me about one strength and weakness
  • You can approach a clever way of answering this question. Initially, for the strength part, start answering your way of working, handling customers and team members at your meaningful pace, which made successful profits for the company. You drastically improved the assets securing for the company and solved the customer’s issue in quick time. 
  • The weakness part is you can answer that you take a lot of effort to maintain the company reputation by handling the other works even though it’s not your part of executing and gives extensive value-seeking advice even if members don’t request you to explain. 
  • These types of answers could increase your chance of getting hired for those roles.
  1. How do you handle stress and stressful situations?
  • To answer this question, you can start talking about an instance in your previous employment. 
  • Please state the problem of the instance that you faced. Maybe it could be the customer dissatisfaction with the service. 
  • So you could know to reveal the steps you took on the spot to solve this customer issue. 
  • Also, explain the state of mind that you maintained to tranquil at the moment to dilute the pressure, like you keep telling yourself to calm down and you could solve this on your own, something like that. 
  • You can also share the family stress and situation if you had a poor work-life balance and the steps you took to overcome them. 


  1. Do you have any service experience?
  • In this part, as if you are a server from previous employment, you can briefly elaborate on the serving experience with the customers. 
  • Maybe if you had got love tokens, i.e., appraisal and appreciation directly from the customers, you could spot out to the Interviewer so that the interview will deeply understand your performance capacity when serving at the dining spot. 
  • Also, the team management skills at the workstation too can be added as a point along with these statements. 
  • You can speak and share as much as you are, making the conversation sensible for the Interviewer’s question.

Grill Cook

  1. Do you know how to run and maintain fryers and grills?
  • As part of your previous work experience, you can tell them about the cooking part’s roles and responsibilities of handling those fryers, grillers, roasters, baking instruments, or devices for maintenance purposes and carefully preserving those devices. 
  • This is to check whether you are eligible for the current position offering as a grill cook for Bob Evan Restaurant. So, you can express your points of roles that you had in your company.
  1. What would make you an asset in the kitchen?
  • You can spot the culinary skills of making out the Bob Evans Recipe and your own recipe of yours to match the standards of Bob Evans’s taste to entice and delight the customer. 
  • Discuss the best recipe that you tried out and become successful among the huge set of people you cooked and served previously. 
  • You can tell the interviewer about these types of experiences if you had in your previous employment or at your spot when given a try to the new recipe.

Dish Washer

  1. Why do you want to be a dishwasher?
  • This is a simple question to understand the motivation level of enthusiasm for joining as a Dishwasher of Bob Evans. 
  • You can explain the interest that you have in maintaining hygiene and sanitary work environment when collecting the soiled plates, making the eating area clean near the table so that the customers could eat in a healthy environment and create a good vibration of increased aroma when eating dishes. 
  • These types of answers would help you in getting hired soon for this position.

Kitchen Prep

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • This ultimately is to find you for the growing insights about your career. 
  • You can share the level of growth-related to your career, which is similar to the position that you have applied for, and make them know about the sequential ways of moving to superior along with the experiential gain over the upcoming years. 
  • Ensure that you only speak about the career improvement towards the related position that you applied for. Because the Interviewer would like to know only about the similar growth career to which you applied. 
  • The other you can handle is slightly modifying the present role of career growth to an individual business growth mindset if you would like to start a business related to building a restaurant and your career growth aspects.


I hope that would have been a useful readout for you to know about the Bob Evans career, its job opportunity and how to grow your career with the company, the salary details that is justified along with the role and responsibilities, the process applying for the jobs at Bob Evans, and the most important of getting hired, you would have gone through the interview questions asked at the company and suggestions for answering those questions too. Meet you all with the next interesting article.

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Bob Evans Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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