Five below Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Five below Careers - Job Opportunity, Salary, Application process, Interview questions

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we are going to look through the company called Five Below careers opportunities. Therefore, containing the Job, Its salary, the application process, and the types of sample Interview questions asked in the Five Below company, which you can have handy for your reference before appearing on the day of the Interview. Now get deep into the company’s career and opportunity. People love to purchase discounted products if it is truly worth the discounted price assuring the quality, different collections, related to the specialty products like when your kids ask for toys, candies, the room that you want to customize and decorate, the sound systems which you wish to fix in your setup, the garments that you were to leave a ravish touch for all the parties, to groom your pets and play with their favorite toys, etc. whatever to you plan to set for.

So if all of them are available at a discount price of below $5 and nearly other superior products within $10, then you can do wonders around you. Five Below is such a company to offer this value and are thrilled to come up with exciting job offers at present WowTown leading to 100’s of job openings for all the freshers and experienced candidates give hands for them to enjoy the business success to cope with the value offered to the customers. Now let’s see the company’s background followed by the list of job openings, salary, the application process, and the interview part.

Five Below Background

Five Below is a specialty discounted store that offers many essential products that the customers are willing to purchase. Things which are required for customizing your room space with the necessary items, to arrange the sound systems to relish in music, eateries, and pets loving toys to make them delight, children’s favorite candies, arts and crafts, the styling elements when you get groomed for your parties, everything under one roof in Five Below! To run such a store, especially for the $5 less pricing strategy for most of the destination products that the company sells, it gave s good hit for the business model and succeeded for all these years, having 1000’s stores in the present position in the united states. Nearly 90000 employees are working.

Now for the current store, WowTown is inviting candidates to grab their desired position to embark on their career in this specialty store to unravel the tasks given at Five Below using their talent justifying the present role. The employee’s background is ultra diverse, and all of them treated as one involving multi-cultural aspects to preach everybody-is-equal-mindset. Each of them shares their thoughts for the company’s welfare and making them successful by executing the team’s cohesiveness building during the tasks allotted. As a team, they solve it together to dedicate the success as a part of each department’s team.

Job Opportunity at Five Below

The understanding about the FIve Below also unleashes the training and development are given to the employees to follow the team based working, and individual workings for the tasks assigned from their departments is way more effective and helps employees to build their career for the upcoming positions if they get promoted to the next level. This helps the employees broaden their skills for the superior, which they attain after a few years to guide their employees.

As a cyclic process, Five Below is good at planning to treat the employees with benefits for their productive working, to apply their extra potential to set their workflows to be achieved quickly. There are presently more than 100 jobs left as an opening for fresh candidates to apply for the seeking positions downtown. There are fruitful opportunities for the experienced candidates to show their expertise, for which the company could also benefit from them.

Here is a list of openings given at the WowTown, Five Below. We will be discussing in a detailed way for you to get a clear vision of the roles and responsibilities linked with the average salary offered by the Five Below for some of these job positions picked at random from the official websites,

  • Assistant Buyer
  • District Manager
  • Inventory Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Warehouse Receiving Associate
  • General Warehouse
  • Full-time Ship Crew Member
  • Asset Protection Specialist
  • Assistant Manager
  • Customer Engagement Manager

Salary at Five Below based on the Job roles offered

The salary is given based on the work performance and productivity level of candidates throughout their working hours. Understanding the candidates’ roles and responsibilities according to their hours of work, the candidates will be paid along with the benefits for their long-run survival of the company. Here are the briefed portions of the salary paid for each job under three major departments like  Home Office, Distribution Centre, and Store Career in WowTown. I have picked some jobs under these domains to understand the range of pay offered by Five Below based upon the roles offered to the candidates.

  1. Assistant Buyer 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $48,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidates must have a high school diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree to understand and work to opt for this role. 
    • Essentially the candidates must have a piece of strong knowledge in merchandising strategy and learning about the planning, distribution of the domestic goods sold in the company and have some knowledge in suggesting strategical ideas for assortments for placing the range of products offered along with the category extension of the product ranges to set the new and fresh type of merchandising sticking up to the trend set of the customers and the market.
    • Other skills necessary for this role are concentrating and working on product development, marketing, systems and processes, and communication with all the team members of the company’s current working atmosphere.

  2. District Manager 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $1,20,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must initially have a high school diploma and a bachelor degree along with some handful of 3 to 5 years of experience in the previous specialty retail work employment who can handle district wise store outlets and managing the human strength of hiring the right talent by guiding the teams of recruiting, selecting, interviewing, and onboarding the candidates into the store. 
    • The candidate must possess strong leadership skills to put forth good values to be followed by all the team members working for you. 
    • The candidate must have the 360-degree monitoring skills of all the store outlets handled among the districts and check the sales, accounting department, functioning departments, customer satisfaction handling through the issues on the spot, etc.

  3. Inventory Analyst 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $52,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must have a high school diploma degree or equivalent, and a bachelor’s degree is not required. 
    • For this role, the candidate should be actively working forth inventory based calculations referring to the historical data collections of the inventory plan and comparing them with the current inventory plan to calculate the items to keep in the warehouse or distribution centers and check it on a day-to-day basis to tally the correct calculations to meet the stock placement when arrived new to the warehouse. 
    • Must be skilled at meeting the team requirements allotted tasks by pursuing great collaborative skills, team-building skills, and working mindset of the cross-functional team environment. 
    • Must have flawless skill with excel and other calculation tools to check the sales and inventory-related calculations.

  4. Data Scientist 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $1,20,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must be basically from a science background who has finished the masters in engineering, maths, computer science, and a relevant degree. 
    • The candidate must be skilled at solving complex business problems using the software tools like SQL, Python, SAS, R, Matlab, Tableau, etc. 
    • The candidate’s role is to foresee the business model and strategies that can workout with strong analysis techniques to predict the valid business projects to make them successful in the long run. 
    • The candidate must handle the data managed over the software platform, create various analytical assumptions, and test its suitability to produce new strategies to make a clear decision.

  5. Warehouse Receiving Associate 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $23,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate need not be compulsory to have a high school diploma, but practical knowledge of receiving the stocks before moving into the warehouse. 
    • Pragmatic mathematical simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division types of calculations needed to be checked whether the stocks or freights received match the calculations. 
    • The candidate must have a good connection with the supervisor or manager to update the day-to-day collection of the freights arriving at the warehouse and also must report the damages or problems with the stocks during the arrival to change them. 
    • The candidate should be capable of holding the heavy freights using the forklifts, pallet rider, etc.

  6. Full-Time Ship Crew Member 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $27,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • Again, the candidate must not pursue a high school diploma, but the physical strength lifts those stocks. 
    • The candidate must perform a similar operation to what the warehouse receiving associate did on the role. Still, a slight change is you will be doing those weight lifting operations assisting the warehouse associate by handling at least 50-pound boxes and placing them onto the warehouse. 
    • As a candidate, you will be responsible for informing the warehouse stock associates by doing the freight lifting operations using those forklifts, pallet riders, manual riders, etc., and updating the associates working in the warehouse responsible for moving the stocks into the center. 
    • Voluntary work pursues the other departments when they assign the task to you.

  7. General Warehouse 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $34,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate here doesn’t need to hold a high school diploma to work in this role. 
    • The candidate here will perform the additional duties of the Warehouse Associate and Full-time ship crew member. 
    • The candidate must take care of the assistants working for the freight lifting of the stocks arrived using the forklifts, pallet riders, electric and manual rider types depending upon the stock capacity and its types. 
    • The candidate should update the daily collections and product problems when arriving at the spot before reaching the warehouse such that the products can be replaced. 
    • The candidate must preach the lifting techniques to the other working members of the team and indulge in the fast processing of stock items.

  8. Assistant Manager  
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $42,000(as per glassdoor), along with the major benefits of long-term incentives and medium benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The manager who is applying for this position must hold a high school degree that is mandatory and possess fair leadership skills to attract the store members and other department teams to focus on doing their work effectively. 
    • The manager working for this role will assist the Main Store Manager in informing whether things are going well in the company and what needs to change when treating the customers with joy if they aren’t satisfied with the product or service. 
    • Handling employee’s queries in doing work and helping them make a valuable decision to do a smart job in the agile environment.

  9. Customer Engagement Manager 
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $31,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The candidate must have a piece of deep knowledge in handling the in-store experience of the customers. 
    • The queries raised by the customers should find an immediate remedy to solve the issue in a quick time. 
    • The candidate must be engaged with the customers for the long run and ensure that the customers are issue-free on the Five Below product or services. 
    • Needn’t necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree, but a high school diploma can be expected.

  10. Asset Protection Specialist  
    • The average salary paid at Five Below for this role is around $31,000(as per glassdoor), along with the benefits like medical, dental, visionary, retirement plans, etc. 
    • The role of the candidate is to keenly monitor the products, documents, other account slips which are necessary for the Five Below company under the safety measures by protecting them from theft, fraudulent issues, and need to inspect in a continuous process for the safe protection to save the documents and other essentials from the shop floor or store products. 
    • The candidate needn’t be required to hold a bachelor’s degree or the other relevant degree but must have some solid experience handling those theft-related issues and being certified in them.

Application Process at Five Below

Here the application process at Five Below is mostly filled out online, and you can take the print of that to submit them into the physical store as per the convenience of them. To fill out the form, you must ensure that you have the details enclosed of the following specified in detail so that the first step of the hiring process is succeeded. Have a look through the application format.

  • The first segment has the basic details about the Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, etc. Followed by the Five Below’s process and reason to apply at the company is explained along with the California data protection agreement so that the data collected from you is secured.
  • The Second segment is the submission of the resume and your cover letter, ensure that you enclose the resume as per the required format and the same for the cover letter. Because this is one way to approve you for the next step.
  • The third segment is the general information collected from the side of Five Below to enquire about the previous working with Five Below, the information that you heard about the Five Below’s job opening, the Age criteria to confirm at least you fall under 16 – 18. Along with them, the number of hours that you can work is also checked.
  • The fourth segment is the details of educational qualification about your highest school pursued, the previous employment, furnishing the whole details about the mentioned educational details. The reference section for the potential company must also be specified if you know any of them.
  • Finally, you have to confirm the attached details are true by check-marking the agreement of acceptance and tick for the applicant’s signature. Submit the application form. If you want to take the print and directly head to the store you can also do it.

Interview Questions to look through

The Five Below employees listed some of the important questions in the job portal called glassdoor under the company’s reference that you can have for your interview. I have come up with an approach of producing a fair idea to answer them in a preferred style to impress the interviewer during the interview process organized by the Five Below HR Team.

Assistant Buyer

  1. How do you let go and have fun?
    • The answer to this question is by you can specify your type of fun, maybe it can be your Sunday coffee’s at your favorite spot, or can be your favorite picnic spot spending with your family members, your favorite shopping spot for picking your mega snack pack, etc. this is not a technical as you want to be nervous. You can answer at your own pace and make it a shot for the interviewer to deduce your pitching and conversation interest with them.

Sales Associate 

  1.  Why do you want this job?
    • This question is especially to test your past sales experience at your previous employment, answering how many leads you made quickly, how the relationship was with your previous customers, and the way of retaining loyal customers at your previous employment. 
    • You explain all your selling techniques and the healthy conversations with the customers that you made them shop again to the previous company. 
    • You can also tell how effective you were managing the sales team and maintaining your existing and new customers’ contacts. 
    • Finally, collate them telling them all will be a good fit to position yourself for this role to increase the company’s ROI and loyal customers on the go. 

  2. How many years of experience do you have?
    • This is again a similar question asked to that of the previous one. 
    • This means you have to tell them the set experience you had in the sales department, how you generate leads, and how the relationship with the customers you gained to prolong the relationship as a loyal customer at the previous store. 
    • The interviewer might find the potential capacity to fit in this position who can increase the maximum sales of generating new leads within quick time. 
    • Because this question might have a higher possibility of hiring for the position that you applied for. 
    • So you can explain the position that you gained in the previous employment, share the good feedback that your team leader gave you based on your performance.

Seasonal Sales Associate 

  1. Tell me about yourself.
    • This is an all-known straightforward question in this interview and for most of the company’s first question asked to the candidates. 
    • In this part, you know much to answer about yourself, but few highlights that you can make while your speaking is trying to be specific and tell about your current working and some of the previous experience that you made in your previous employment. 
    • Avoid too much personal introduction and sharing. Try to speak more about part of your work alone only if they ask your details like family, hobbies, etc. You can answer and still be specific and short. 
    • This is not a technical question, though, and you can feel free to answer at your pace, being specific to detail and little elaboration. 


  1. Where did you go to high school?
  • You can share your past high school experience and the place you probably can mention specifically to give the detail of your schooling, what major you have done, and maybe a slight elaboration on your experience with the schooling and the atmosphere of where you have been doing your major. 
  • Make it not too much, and be specific to what you answer so that the interviewer may move on to other questions.

Support Lead 

  1. What is a team in your own words?
  • This is the role-related question which means you need to spot your perception of the team working, team building, communication with the team members, cross-functional team working to accomplish a task. 
  • The interviewer wants to check your interest in a team working to accomplish a task. This is a technical question asked concerning the role of the job you applied for, and the interviewer could be able to identify the team-building skills you can pursue when you are hired permanently.


I hope that would have been a useful readout for you to know about the Five Below career, its job opportunity and how to grow your career with the company, the salary details that is justified along with the role and responsibilities, the process applying for the jobs at Five Below, and the most important of getting hired, you would have gone through the interview questions asked at the company and suggestions for answering those questions too. Meet you all with the next interesting article.

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Five below Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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