Is USPS a Good Career?


While searching for employment opportunities, a job in a constitutionally authorized agency should theoretically be a very tempting offer. However, owing to the economic nature of the US and other attributes, the verdict on how good a career option is working for the USPS, needs a little more insight.

Depending on the individual, there are many parameters based on which they decide how good a particular career option is. However, few common parameters are given more weightage, the most obvious being salary offered. For example, the average salary offered by USPS is around $60K per year, while the average salary offered by all jobs in the US is around $53K per year. Hence, statistically, USPS can be considered a good (above average) career option, but more factors should also be considered.

Job Opportunities Offered By USPS

Obviously, to judge USPS as a career option, USPS’s various types of career opportunities should also be addressed and analyzed. These career types have specialized qualifications and duties ranging from automotive technicians, dealing with the maintenance of all motor vehicles, to custodians, who are made responsible for conducting manual labor. 

Owing to the variations in duties, the salaries vary in nature, with them reaching a maximum of around $115K, usually belonging to Labor Relations Specialists. Hence, judging USPS as a whole for pursuing a career is an unfavorable thing to do. A correlation between the specialized job and the salary offered is a basic requirement to start basing our judgment. 

Let’s evaluate the jobs offered, considering their salary concerning the national average of all jobs, which is around $53K per year:

Specialized USPS Jobs Below $53K Per Year

Under this subsection, the jobs to me are those that one would like to keep at the lower end of their priority list if the salary is their highest priority. Of course, it goes without saying that the type of labor associated with each job should also be deciding whether one is suitable for the job or not and can truly decide if the career option is good for them. So let’s start talking about some of the roles, such as: 

  • Data conversion Operator, whose job is to input data from source documents into the computer, being paid an average of about $30K per year to do so. While Data entry clerks are paid an average of $35K per year.
  • Distribution clerks are made responsible for distribution using machinery and are paid an average of $47K per year.
  • City Carriers are made in charge of delivering mail by either walking or driving under all weather conditions and they should have the physical prowess to lift around 70 pounds. They are paid around $42K per year to do so while delivery drivers are paid around $36K per year.
  • Custodians have to conduct manual labor to carry out duties such as cleaning and housekeeping in their designated location and are paid around $40K per year to do so.
  • The specialized jobs related to maintenance have an average salary of $46K per year, with roles of maintenance technician and maintenance person being paid around $45K per year and $46 per year respectively, while the position of the maintenance mechanic has a salary of around $49K per year.

The jobs mentioned above might be favorable to some, depending on what factors they prioritize. Still, if one is looking for an above-average “good” career option, they should aim for better USPS positions.

Specialized USPS Jobs Around Or Above $53K Per Year

This subset of jobs is the one which should be ideally aimed for to have a “good career” working in USPS. Again, it goes without saying that classification is based on the salary offered, which may not always be one’s priority. I have based the classification on salary to form a generalized idea of what statistically should be a good career option which may vary vastly with individuals. Nevertheless, let’s proceed with stating the jobs I have placed in this category, namely:

  • The automotive technician, who is paid around $54K per year to carry out the maintenance of vehicles functioning for the USPS.
  • Although the salary of most clerical positions in the USPS is in the $40K’s, the lead clerk is paid around $55K per year.
  • The postmaster is paid around $74K to oversee administrative and management-related operations such as supervising mail processing.
  • The customer service supervisor is made responsible for upholding the quality of the service to customers as well as ensuring that mail is received by customers on time and in good condition. They have an average salary of around $66K per year.
  • The role of the operation supervisor has a salary of about $70K per year but can reach around $101K per year too.
  • The labor Relations specialist is given the duty to supervise labor relation issues and agreements, for which they are being paid around $79K per year but can reach a maximum of around $115K per year too.

Comparison Of A Career In USPS With Other Career Options (Based on Salary)

As stated earlier, compared to the average salary offered by all jobs in the US (which is 53K per year), the average salary offered by USPS is around $60K, which makes it an above-average career option. However, it is also important to understand where this career option stands concerning the rest. As it is already established that this career option is above average, there needs to be an evaluation comparing it to the top-paying jobs in the US. The highest paying jobs in the US deal with medicine and healthcare, which have an average of about $207.5K per year, with it reaching as high as $261K per year. 

The jobs related to Computer/IT are average $146K per year, while judges, magistrates are paid around $133K per year. On the other hand, management jobs consisting of sales manager, financial manager, or maintenance manager have an average salary of around $126K per year, $129K per year, and $136K per year.

Even though financially, a career in USPS doesn’t seem too favorable once compared to the top-paying jobs, it is important to remember the figures are an average of a large collection of data of varying range and a job in USPS is of above-average nature. So, yes, if one can find a better option, it is advisable to go for it, and frankly, one should, but if one decides to settle having a career in USPS, they might not have the best job, but it’s certainly statistically “good.”


At the end of the day, no one can tell better whether a career is good for someone or not than they themselves. A career’s probabilities of success in a career can give a generalized idea of how good a career is, but an individual needs to form a judgment themselves due to parameters personally affecting them. Statistically, a job in USPS is an above-average career option, but whether someone wants to pursue it or is suitable for it, that is for them to judge.


  1. How old should I be to be employed by USPS? The minimum age requirement to be hired by USPS is 18 years old however 16 years old with high school diplomas are also eligible.
  2. What is the 473 Postal exam? The USPS postal service exams are a four- parted exam that is required for getting hired in postal office jobs such as city carriers, distribution workers, mail handlers, etc. It is to be noted that a specialties position also requires a written test while certain administrative positions are based on prior experience and not on examination.
  3. Are there any physical requirements to be employed by USPS? Yes, there are physical requirements depending on the job such as city carriers are required to have the physical prowess to carry 70 pounds of mail sack.
Is USPS a Good Career?

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