Is Farming a Good Career?

Is farming a good career?


Always the question arises whether farming is a good career. Whether the career helps to move forward with expected profit? , is it recognizable, and is it possible to lead a safe life to move out with a career in farming? But, for all these questions, it can be pointed out that farming is a good career because we are leading a life completely depending upon farming, and it’s how we satisfy one among the needs to sustain our life.  

What is farming?

It’s well-known that ancient people are the ones who introduced farming, and people follow it with old and new techniques and from experiences. Farming is a type of business of growing crops like planting seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, and growing edible plants. Raising livestock is also part of farming that includes domesticated animals like cows, buffalo, sheep, and poultry for obtaining meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool. Farming doesn’t compare rich and poor because both categories of people are required for it. Nowadays, the farming system is improved; the old techniques like crop rotation, polyculture, mixed cropping with the tools like handle sickle, ax, shovel, a spade. Oxen plow the cultivation field are now replaced by new techniques like horticulture, tissue culture, monoculture with the brush cutter, power weeder, power tiller, and the oxen are replaced by the tractor. Raising livestock is also modified by techniques like milk collecting machines for the collection of milk, chicken feather cleaning machines for the cleaning process, and cleaning my hands. Now chemical fertilizers and pesticides are replaced by natural fertilizers.

How does farming work?

Farming gets worked under the hard work, dedication, and passion of farmers. They are the ones who are responsible for agriculture works to make different products. The process of farming is done through different steps like the selection of crops and seeds, depending upon the season and climate, tilling the land to make it lose, sowing the seed, irrigation, mixing it with the fertilizers to make it rich in nutrients and killing weeds using different pesticides and, finally, harvesting. These are the farmer’s techniques, and it depends on the planting of crops and based on seasons. The farmers should know the pattern and steps of growing different crops. It’s not an easy job because they need to look after all kinds of disturbances like weeds, insects, climate (rainy days and sunny days), and watering levels. The earnings of the farmer are based on the profit from the sale of products. It sometimes can be a load of harvest; it is completely based on the season, crop type, weather, and soil.

Farming – A Good Career

Farming is a good career because people can do it at any time with little knowledge. People can cultivate the necessary products for their daily life like chilies, different fruits, and vegetables based on the plot and can use them for their own basic needs. It can even be planted in an open space. It is easy to get a job, and anyone can also do farming. The farms provide opportunities to free people from poverty. They are necessary for food supply for human beings as well as for animals. People can spend their time engaging in farming. It’s not necessary to be an expert. It is applicable for beginners too. The income source that is its profit can be earned through the agriculture career. Making farming easier through new techniques and the inventory of new machinery and tools is time-consuming and requires less effort. It saves money because new machines can reduce the labor charge and reduce the farmers’ efforts, modern technology devices to control weeds and pests. Water supply is easily available through innovative technologies. Fertilizers are helpful to enrich the soil without any efforts of using other techniques. Livestock farming is also necessarily important and very much useful as it helps in a variety of fields in different ways such as plowing the soil, transportation facility, using the manure for the agriculture steps, and also helpful for earning income through the products like an egg from a hen, milk, meat, fur, leather, wool from animals.

Farmers and Farming – States, Farmer is a Good Career

The major type of farmers includes marginal, small and semi-medium farmers. Livestock farming has a variety of farming that includes poultry farming. It’s the farming in which birds like chicken, duck, turkeys, and geese are raised for getting meat and egg for our use. They can be broiler, breeder, or pullet-type birds. Dairy farming is the farming in which animals like cows, buffalo, sheep, and goats are raised to produce milk. Animal farming is raising animals to get meat, agricultural purposes by oxen, to obtain other materials like leather, fur, wool. Fish farming is breeding fish as food; they are cultured in fish tanks or fish ponds. Crop farming includes a lot of varieties based on old and new techniques of farming. Some of the old techniques include crop rotation, a method through which different crops are grown along with the other crops so that pests and weeds can be restricted. Polyculture is the technique through which more than one crop is grown at the same time to control the weeds and pests. Intercropping grows two or more crops in rows. Tissue culture is the commonly used technique for growing new plants. Monoculture is growing a single crop in a particular area. The new techniques in cropping cultivation have completely changed the farmers’ difficulty. They are more useful and easy, and time-consuming for them to move on without any trouble. It includes a brush cutter, a power weeder, and a power tiller, which helps trim weeds, small plants. Using synthetic fertilizers can make the soil fit for agriculture, and farmers also make sure that the amount of the fertilizers should be up to the required amount, not beyond that because it can make the land unfit for agriculture. The development of irrigation technologies made it easier to water crops. Chemical pest control is necessary for the crop. It kills the entire pest.

Courses in Farming

There is a wide variety of trending courses for farming which include animal science and management. It provides knowledge about how nutrition levels the genetic differences, physiological and behavior based on their eating pattern, response and action and the difference in their sound and their growing pattern are studied. Botany is the study of plants that deals with the growing pattern, explains different growing techniques, and helps the farmers to increase their productivity. Fertilizers and the techniques for controlling pests are used. Poultry Science researches about the pattern of growth, genetic difference, developments, breeding, and its nutrition level, 

Benefits for Farmers

They can apply for many long-term loans, intermediate and short-term loans, agricultural policies, or farm policies. Crop insurance is provided when the crops are destroyed during climate or by strong wind and rainy days. Farm credits are provided to purchase fertilizers, spraying to keep away from weeds and pests, transportation facility to the nearest market. Contract farming can be explained as it is based on the contract between farmers and buyers. They will be provided with land and an agreement to return in the future. 

Salary Information of Farmers

The salary depends on the work they do to get a product, hard work, and according to the market rate. The average salary can be starting from $15 up to $17. Farmers can also get an hourly pay of $21.

It is important to understand every job has its own value and should also be respectful, and farming is becoming one of the careers. 

Is Farming a Good Career?

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