Agriculture Careers – Is It A Good Career?

Is Agriculture A Good Career


Thousands and thousands of people believe that they cannot work in Agriculture. One of the reasons for such thoughts is that these people do not want to work on a farm. They believe it is hard work that is not for everyone. What if I tell you that besides farming, there are a myriad of positions that you can still occupy? In the following article, we will cover the main reasons to pursue an agricultural career and what awaits those already on their way to getting into the field. This article will give you an overview of agriculture careers, is it a good career for you?

Agriculture is one of the high-paid spheres that is open to anyone, even without an agricultural background. There are many job vacancies, so the chances of you getting accepted for a given job are high enough. Working in Agriculture is not all about farming, animals, harvest, and hard work; it includes advanced technologies, numerous acute problems that need outstanding solutions, innovations, and renovations.

When it comes to choosing a career, many people are driven by salaries. In case you wonder how much people make in Agriculture, you should know that the employees earn pretty much a lot of money. The field is full of opportunities, especially regarding IT and Engineering. With the growing IT demands, every sphere experiences some drastic changes. So does Agriculture. Nowadays, it faces some challenges, as it faces a lack of employees. Hundred percent of Agriculture alumni find a job within the sphere. Yet, the gap is not filled. That is why there is no competition in the application. On average, the salary is between 60,000 dollars and 80,000 dollars a year. Yet, it varies depending on the type of job you are doing and the company or farm you are working for. Let us take into account that bonuses and other money gifts can raise the monthly salary too.

To cover some misconceptions about careers in Agriculture, we need to understand the job opportunities. After pursuing the Agriculture degree, there are professional careers such as Food Researcher, Farm Manager, Food Scientist, Biochemist. Yet, there are even more opportunities for those who did not do an Agriculture degree. The field is welcome for IT specialists, lawyers, engineers. On average, Agriculture Lawyers have the highest salary in the sphere – 115,000 dollars. Agriculture Economists get 100,000 dollars each year, and so on. Even if you do not own an Agriculture degree, that can never be a barrier to getting the job.

The field is much more preferable for IT specialists and Engineers. “Why?” you may wonder. As becoming an IT professional has become easier and accessible for many people, the numbers of workers as IT specialists are rising day by day. Even if the positions are not going to run out very quickly; yet, the competition is higher than ever. The Agricultural field suggests thousands of vacancies. And as, on average, an Agricultural Engineer earns approximately 75,00 dollars every year, it is profitable to become an engineer or an IT specialist specialized in Agriculture.

The research shows that in the United States, Illinois, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania have the most Agriculture vacancies. What can it possibly mean, and how to get the most of it? It turns out those who work within a farm or have to cooperate with some farm travel a lot throughout the country. So, once you start working with a farm, you will have to visit many other farms or partners. That means you are going to explore the United States differently. Does it not sound amazing?

Another reason to dig into Agriculture is that you help humanity. Agriculture is about feeding people and animals – producing food. You may start a movement of ending poverty. You have all the tools to plant trees and shrubs that, in the future, can become fruits and vegetables for the next generations.

Why Should I Pursue An Agricultural Career?

Some truly question if it is worth it to go into Agriculture. For answering the questions, I want to draw your attention to the benefits of the sphere. First of all, it is rapidly growing, so the job opportunities and vacancies are popping up every single day. Secondly, you will be paid a lot of money. The salaries rise when the job is not only about Agriculture, but also it includes another field as well. For example, Agriculture lawyers earn a lot of money. Above all, Agriculture can never go away, as humans and animals need food daily to stay alive. 

What Happened To Agriculture During COVID-19 Lockdown?

So many industries failed or faced enormous difficulties because of the virus and lockdown. The field of Agriculture suffered as well. The first response was to close all the roads and not to import or export any product. It was meant to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus. Yet, the idea was full of risks and challenges. The countries had to become autonomic at some point and get away with their resources and food. On the other hand, once again, the situation emphasized the importance of having a strong Agricultural system and economy. Another problem occurred when the Government had to distribute the food among its population. Day by day, Agriculture is recovering from the losses. The economic situation is promising to become better.

Is Agriculture Not Yet Fully Automated?

Not yet! With the era of growing technological sophistication, many employees lose their job. Technology replaces humankind. Yet, the industry is open to workers. Even if it includes a lot of high-tech equipment, there are vacancies for people to apply for. The technology still needs to be managed and monitored.

On the other hand, with the help of technologies, the industry is more productive than ever. Planting some seeds, collecting the harvest is much quicker and efficient. Hence, in the foreseeable future, it is predicted and expected to have fully automated harvesting. Nonetheless, like previously mentioned, there will be a demand for people who can cope with the advanced technologies.

Is It Possible To Start My Own Agricultural Business?

It definitely is! Yet, you will need to be aware of what you are doing better than ever for starting your own one. It has a lot of advantages. First of all, you will be your boss. No pressure, no rush. Secondly, you will make a lot of money as the tendencies of buying local products are rising. Above all, and finally, you will produce organic fruits and vegetables. It is a big plus as the organic supplies are comparatively expensive. So not only do you save on your expenses, but you also make a lot of money by selling them. Before you step into the Agricultural industry, you need to consider that your business will work out at least a year later, when you will have your harvest grown. Also, make sure you learn as much as possible about the facilities and fruits and vegetables you are about to seed, as the job is very responsible.


In short, the foremost purpose of the article was to indicate that there are much more job opportunities in Agriculture than we think. The industry is more than welcome to have you as a committed worker. Even if you do not own an Agricultural degree, it is not a problem. Many people who come from different backgrounds find a job in the sphere. Also, a reminder that workers in the field get a lot of money, so here is another reason to get into it.  As the practical experience shows, even during the lockdown and despite the losses and sufferings that the industry faced, it is still working. So if you were considering Agriculture as a career option, do not hesitate to start looking for a job and applying to one.


If you consider becoming a farmer, it is suggested to watch the TV show “Vikings” by History Channel. They wish they could go back to being a farmer, living a simple life, watching the sunrise…

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Agriculture Careers – Is It A Good Career?

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