How to Get a Job at Dollar Tree?


Wherever you are on this planet, we always have the urge to buy things at discounts. If you see a shop filled with loads of people, you know that some sale or a discount offer is going on in that shop. We can say that it is an instinct in all human beings regardless of where you come from. Believe it or not, the things bought at a discount have more work and value anywhere. They become the center of attraction. Things can be bought from any shop, but buying the same things for a discount is like rewarding yourself with a medal. 

About Dollar Tree

Under this idea itself, Dollar tree, a discount store company, came into the establishment. Formally known as only $1.00 is an American chain of discount variety stores that sells different items for 1$ or less. The headquarters of this company is based in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Founded 35 years ago in 1986, this company is now a billion-dollar company having fifteen thousand one hundred and fifteen stores across the United States of America. This company stocks a variety of products from national, regional, and private label brands.  

The application process to get a job in dollar tree 

  1. Meet the minimum age requirement: The basic age requirement to join here is to be above 18 years of age. No kind of exception is provided in this category. The candidate must contain their certificate of GED or a high school diploma. 
  2. Being well aware of the hours of operation: One should always be aware of the time that they are investing so that they can have a fruitful and productive work experience. They work six days a week with a timing of 8 am to 10 pm and work 9 to 9 on Sundays. These may vary according to the store locations and the holidays. 
  3. Dollar Tree’s career page: One of the most important things a candidate has to do while applying for this company is to look at the following page. This helps them to understand the kind of work environment they are getting into. Create your account on the page and search for the position required and apply there. 
  4. Being aware of the job they are offering: As a candidate, it’s important to go through their website and be aware of the kind of job openings that are offering and see which one suits you as an individual best and whether you can showcase your caliber there or not. 
  5. Follow up with the company but not too soon: Always give it a few days of around three to four days before you can enquire about the status of your application. Giving it too much or too little time can be harmful to your application. While waiting the candidate can get all of their things organized and prepare a detailed resume so that it will help them be strong and confident during the interview. 

Different openings of Dollar Tree 

There are around 29 categories of positions in Dollar Tree. Some of the following have been discussed below. 

  • Cashier: A cashier is someone who helps customers check out and helps them with their products being billed. A cashier should have good communication skills and always have a welcoming feeling. They should be kind, patient, and well-mannered. A cashier approximately gets paid around $8 per hour. They are not supposed to do any kind of inaccuracies and also be able to do other work occasionally such as stock and general tasks provided by the manager. 
  • Stocking Associate: A stocking associate is someone who receives and inspects the products. They have to be well aware of the quantities and also ready the products for shipment. One has to be highly responsible and methodical when working as a stocking associate. They get paid $9.55 per hour. 
  • Sales assistant: A sales assistant is someone who helps the customers in the stores. They help them find the required products and answer any queries or questions asked by the customers. They should be well aware of the price and discounts and the properties of the product. A candidate applying for this position should have customer service skills, should be thorough, and have good understanding skills. They are supposed to have excellent verbal communication skills and the ability to negotiate and persuade customers in the right manner. A sales assistant in dollar tree gets paid around $13.86 per hour.
  • Warehouse Worker/Associate: A warehouse worker or associate is someone whose duties include keeping track of the logistics of sending, receiving, storing, processing, and preparing an inventory according to the purchase orders and shipping schedule. A candidate applying to this position should be methodical, responsible, and should have the knack of being able to work under high pressure. A warehouse worker approximately gets paid $15 per hour. 
  • Sales Manager: A sales manager is someone responsible for looking after meeting the sales target of the organization through effective planning and budgeting. The requirements for such positions are much more. A person applying for such openings should be well versed in commerce and should have a background in the same field. They should have good analytical skills and strategic planning abilities. They also have good communication and high motivation skills. The income of a sales manager is $27.19 per hour. 
  • Store Manager:  A store manager or a retail manager is the head and is the most important person in the hierarchy in the store. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the store. All the people working in that store will report to this manager. The responsibility of a manager is to see to it that everything runs smoothly and effectively. The higher the position the more requirements of the candidate. One of the most important qualities of the store manager is that they should have great leadership skills and the ability to run the management united and with high motivation. Apart from these, the store manager should also be good with finance, accounting, marketing, budgeting, delegation, and so on. The qualification of a store manager is more than the other openings. A store manager is approximately paid around $46,115 per year. To be kept in mind is that the income is not hourly. 

These are a few openings that have been mentioned here. However, there are many more openings like: 

  • Assistant manager 
  • Freight manager
  • Stocker 
  • Customer service 
  • Operations manager 
  • Sales representative 
  • Call center representative 

The candidate can check their official career page for more details about openings and requirements. 

Common benefits at Dollar Tree 

Some of the benefits provided by the company to all their employees are as follows: 

  • Stock purchase plans: An employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is where employees can purchase the company’s stock often at a discount. They contribute through the whole process from the buildup date to the purchase date. These do not require a lot of processes and are very easy to handle. These kinds of plans increase the motivation among employees to work harder and not just observe development in their life but also the company. 
  • Health insurance: It’s always believed that only if you are in good health will you be able to achieve wonders in life. Health insurance always provides us with that safety. Health insurance not just protects you but also your family especially when your family is dependent on your income. Insurance is always the best example of prevention is better than cure. 
  • Vision insurance: The dollar tree company employee benefits are not just limited to life and health but also go one step beyond vision insurance. Though one might find this unnecessary or a non-requirement, often working for long hours and using devices for long can cause long term damage to the eyes and even if the device usage is reduced it cannot be completely removed hence vision insurance helps us whenever it is required. 
  • Life insurance: Life insurance when provided by the company often gives an upper hand to employees. People do not have to go around searching for the right insurance and their process is made easier when the company provides them with life insurance. Life insurance is really a great investment. Life insurance from the company is safer as the chances of being involved in crimes and fraud are very less.  Life insurance not just protects oneself but also their family. It’s always a safe investment for the future. 
  • Retirement plan: Aging can be a very difficult process for everyone and such times are when people worry about their future. They are often in this fear of losing everything as their body is getting older. Hence it is necessary to always keep their retirement plan in check. The retirement plan provided by the company not just gives an assurance financially but also mentally and emotionally. A retirement plan by the company motivates the employees to be satisfied and happy with their work and also reminds them of their value and importance in their workplace. 
  • Dental insurance: Yes people might find this unnecessary like vision insurance but what people fail to understand is that dental work often is very costly and can take up a lot of savings. Dental work may sometimes take months or sometimes years and it is during such times that such insurance comes into place and helps the employees financially. 

These are some of the basic things apart from this. Dollar Tree also provides other facilities under 8 categories which are as follows: 

  1. Leaves
  2. Flexibility at work 
  3. Child care 
  4. Meals 
  5. Financial perks 
  6. Insurances
  7. Retirement
  8. Other benefits 

Looking at all of these, we would want to apply to this company, so let us looks at the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Dollar Tree career page: as mentioned above earlier check the dollar career page to get a job in the company. It is easily available on any search engine. 
  2. Left-hand side: Once you open the page on the left side you will find a rectangular box that will be named careers. Under that one can find, search and apply and when clicked it will open a new browser window. If one wants to understand more and learn about the openings then they can click the link which will have a name as retails/corporate/logistics career. 
  3. Loading of results: According to the candidate’s requirement they can enter a job title/ keyword/ job category or location and search with the help of a link to load their results. If one wants to fill a more detailed form then they can do an advanced search 
  4. Applying for the right one: Once the results of your search have been loaded click the job opening title that you want. One must be careful and vigilant will choosing and are advised to think thoroughly before wanting to choose their option 
  5. Requirements: Once the candidate has chosen their choice they should go through the requirements carefully and then at the bottom of the page click the icon that says apply to the job. 
  6. Connecting apps: The candidate should log in using their Linked-in, Facebook, or Twitter credentials. If the candidate does not have an account then they can sign in/ register using the link that has been provided. 
  7. New account: If you are making a new account then create a username, password, and security questions/ answers and click the continue button. 
  8. Filling the application: Once all of the above requirements have been met press the button that says let’s get started and fill the application form. 
  9. Answer the questions: The form contains several questions which have to be answered to move forward. The question will be basic and does not require any kind of detailed thinking. The information collected here is basic and simple 
  10. Questions related to the job: once the questions related mostly to personal information are answered the candidate is asked to answer questions related to the job that they are applying for. These questions contain the drop-down lists of answers from which answers need to be selected. 
  11. Final and done: Complete the remaining part of the form and apply for the job. 

To conclude, I would like to quote Colin Powell, who says that “There is no secret to success. It is the result of hard work, preparation, and learning from failure.” 

How to Get a Job at Dollar Tree?

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