How to Get a Job at Discord

How to get a job at discord

Discord provides free services such as texting, voice and video calling, live streaming games, building communities, etc. It gained immense popularity during the pandemic because most people spent their time socializing online and playing games. Therefore, many people want to work for this booming platform.

This article will help you land your dream job at Discord. It encapsulates detailed information about various job opportunities offered at Discord, selection process, interview, resume tips, etc. This will help you take you closer to the diverse workplace and continuous growth Discord offers. 

Suitable Job Position

Discord offers a huge amount of job opportunities in its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Having a look at the types of jobs will help you find one that resonates well with your career and interests. You can apply for the desired job position at the official website of Discord. The main categories of available jobs are as follows-

  • Design– This section demands hands-on 2D and 3D motion concept development, creative storytelling, illustrations, motion design projects, etc. The job positions for this section are as follows-
  1. Art Director, Motion Design
  2. Illustrator
  3. Lead Motion Designer
  • People, Talent, and Vibe– This section has its recruitments for market pricing analysis, factoring Compensation philosophy, facilitating HRIS product implementations, empowering the recruiting team, etc. The positions offered are as follows-
  1. Compensation Manager
  2. Senior HRIS Manager
  3. Senior Manager of Recruiting Operations
  4. Senior People Operations Program Manager
  5. Senior People Partner
  6. Senior Technical Recruiter
  7. Technical Recruiting Manager
  • Legal– Here, employees have to work on shaping strategies for growing the user base and the approach to privacy and product compliance. The available roles are-
  1. Corporate and Commercial Counsel
  2. Product and Privacy Counsel
  • Customer Experience- The people who are passionate about supporting others through problem-solving troubleshooting diabolical ethical issues are welcomed here. The available posts are-
  1. Customer Experience Associate- AM
  2. Customer Experience Associate- PM
  3. Technical Support Specialist
  • Data– This job requires building custom data sets, A/B testing, socializing insights, data analysis, increasing efficacy and usage of the anti-abuse platform, etc. The various jobs offered are as follows-
  1. Data Analyst
  2. Data Science Manager- Core Product
  3. Data Science Manager- Marketing
  4. Data Science Manager- Learning
  5. Senior Data Scientist- Machine Learning
  • Finance– This includes the Corporate Finance team and the Accounting team. Major works include building financial models, communicating monthly budget and forecast, etc. The available roles include-
  1. Director of Corporate Finance
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Senior Manager, Internal Audit
  4. Senior Manager, Stock Administration

Other posts include Engineering, Marketing, Product, Facilities, Trust, and Safety. 

 Resume Tips

The perfect resume has a balanced emphasis on job-specific skills and the soft skills that make you an exceptional applicant. Soft skills are those non-technical skills that describe or relate to how you work. These include problem-solving skills, your interaction with colleagues, etc. Resume preferences tend to change over time, but certain qualifications always remain valuable as such. These include –

  • Grace under pressure
  • Strong communication skills
  • Quality of being an effective team member 

Before writing your resume for Discord, you need to remember some strategic tips to enhance your resume. The tips are as follows-

  • Highlight your credentials as different posts require different certifications. 
  • You may include information about working for any discord server if it is relevant to your applied post. It is helpful especially if you applied at an entry-level position with less or no professional experience. 
  • Focus on your most important skills and achievements. Include them in the form of six to eight bullet-pointed lists.
  • Try to avoid cliches as hiring managers have to go through hundreds of resumes. Therefore, over-used phrases like ‘goes above and beyond or ‘hard worker’ will not grab attention.
  • Mention your soft skills such as compassion, empathy, kindness, etc. according to your personality. 
  • To show a figure-it-out mentality, describe how an idea you spearheaded helped solve an issue or increase efficiency.

Many people have a misconception that it is a requisite to be a gamer to join Discord. Unfortunately, many of those working at Discord are not gamers.

Preparing for a Discord Interview

The interview at Discord takes place in several steps. First, refer to the selection process overview to understand how the hiring gears turn within Discord for the perfect preparation and presentation. 

  • Resume Review– The recruiting team reviews your application to one of the available roles in Discord. Then, they select those applicants they want to communicate with or reach out to them directly through a call.
  • Recruiter Screen– A recruiter will reach out to you and set up a time to talk to you. It is to get to know you a bit and ask some standard questions, such as.
  • Why are you applying for this position?
  • What are your compensation needs?
  • Are you eligible to work in the United States?
  • Hiring Manager Screen– This step is to ensure if you are a good fit for the role and, if not, to find one that is apt for you. The hiring manager will ask you about what you are looking for in Discord. Also, there will be some questions about your educational background. 
  • Skills Test– This session is for your qualitative evaluation. You will be given some tasks to perform in order to evaluate yourself. For example, if you apply for a position in engineering, expect a coding challenge to be given to you. It is typically a one-hour session.
  • Full-day Interview- This part takes about five to six hours. This includes a full panel with many sessions which differ with different job positions.
  • Some common sessions include:
    • Values- In this session, the Discord team tries to learn how you handle conflict, feedback, personal growth and what motivates you. 
    • Attitude- This session is conducted by staff outside of the team you have applied to. They will see how you coordinate with people from different roles and get to know you and your passions in a better manner.
    • Specialty- This session is for certain or more senior roles. It is again divided into two sessions- Troubleshooting (designed to check if you can handle a production incident) and Project Retrospective (typically for management candidates and very senior engineers).

There are three very important points you need to remember during an interview at Discord-

  • Be clear about your goals and needs before you attend the interview. You should know what you want t do. You can be asked questions like-
  • Do you want to be a manager at some point?
  • Do you like or want to lead a team?
  • Do you like a mission driven organization?
  • Are you passionate about liquid compensation?
  • Ask some questions too and show your interest in knowing the organization. It must be taken as a collaborative effort.
  • Be clear about the position and the amount of compensation you want. It is a very long process and you will not like ending up with a job that you do not want to accept later.

What are Some Common Interview Questions asked at Discord?

Many questions asked during the Discord interview will be based on the knowledge of your particular field. Other important questions you should prepare for the interview are as follows-

  • Why do you want to join the Discord team?
  • Tell us about a project that did not land how you had initially planned. How will you handle it?
  • Recall an experience where everything went wrong. What did you do to change it?
  • How did you manage to handle adversity at your last job? 
  • What will you prioritize among thee reported harms (distributing game cheats, harassment, self-harm, etc.)?
  • Create a guide for a Discord user with the help of a specific scenario. 

What are the evaluation parameters at a Discord interview?

Discord not only checks your knowledge of the problem domain. You will also be evaluated based on the following factors-

  • Did you understand the requirements in an in-depth manner? 
  • Did you seek clarification, ask good questions and incorporate the suggestions into your work?
  • Was there clarity in communication?
  • What tradeoffs did you make and why? Were they pertinent to the hypothetical needs of the customer for the particular problem?
  • Were your choices both simple and best to the particular problem. Also, did they have an eye towards growth? 
  • How effectively were you able to use your resources and environment?
  • How well did you approach in refactoring your solution to consider the new requirements? 

The interview process at Discord typically lasts for around three weeks. Therefore, honest dedication to your preparation and knowledge-seeking is the best way to crack the interview at Discord. We hope that this article proved beneficial for you to understand the interview session’s hiring process and probable interview questions.

How to Get a Job at Discord

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