How to become an H&E Working Professional?

How to become an H&E Working Professional?

In 1961, H&E kicked off its journey as a rental equipment service firm with an envision to offer exceptionally standardized sales, parts, and services. It has broadened its reach across the United States by grasping a national fleet of equipment. Toiling with clients assist experts to comprehend the urge and demands. To build value, the firm offers cost-effective rates, consistency, support, and top-notch services.

What are the requirements to be an H&E expert?

H&E encapsulates a myriad of special services like service capabilities, fleet maintenance, remanufacturing, structural repair, operator, and safety training. For attaining a job in H&E, aspirants must complete a diploma course. Secondly, 5-7 years of expertise are required to seek a different vocation. In addition, 3 years of driving knowledge and patience are essential. Finally, proficiency and practical comprehension of mechanics are a plus. Toiling with diverse heavy explements like excavators, forklifts, compactors, and many more can enhance your chances to get desired results.

Why join the H&E team?

H&E Equipment services are considered the booming equipment supplier firm for material management, handling clients, earth worming, construction, and many more related services. Besides this, the firm aims to deliver wide-ranging repairing and maintenance services in the contemporary world because of their forte in sales and rentals. Some of these services involve mobile service, strategic upkeep, fleet management, crane remanufacturing, and many more.

As an unstoppable and unique firm in the heavy equipment sector, we strive to taste success. We are familiar that dedication and devotion are the only keys to unlock an optimum level of perfection. Several employees at H&E work as a central pillar of an organization. Their constant contribution empowers us to lead and attain tremendous growth. That is why the firm is ready to invest in its devoted employees by providing exceptional lucrative, additional perks and professional working environments filled with myriad opportunities to grow. 

Different Job Opportunities at H&E Careers

  1. Sales – H&E sales professionals are the central pillar of the firm because they generate an enormous number of perks in both sales and rental. These working professionals identify and turn prospects into loyal clients. Sales representatives create an unbreakable bond with the clients. The sales team encapsulates proficient, ambitious, and determined individuals who are always ready to embrace the challenges. Exceptional customer-focused approach tells the lore itself about the sales and firm.
  2. Service and Maintenance – As a service and maintenance profile, experts have to deal with the maintenance of technicians and the firm’s growth. Their sole purpose is to meet the mission and vision of the company. To be an ideal service and maintenance expert, candidates must embody expectational technical knowledge of revamped diagnostic tools and upgraded troubleshooting tactics to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization. The firm is all set to recruit aspirants with the optimum level of practical expertise and who can deliver top-notch client service with ease.
  3. Corporate – Corporates are the backbone of a legion because to climb the ladder of success, they achieve the urge of firm and toilers. These intelligent and knowledgeable individuals possess the talent to effectively run corporate headquarters after creating eloquent strategies to stand apart from the crowd. They supervise every single operation to evaluate firm progress. The unmatchable leadership skill invites growth, success, and rewarding career prospects. H&E has an urge to acquire empowered and proactive individuals dedicated to producing excellent outcomes.
  4. Branch Management – Do you have any idea who is the leading player behind creating a conceptual framework that aims to deal with customers professionally. Well, brand managers are those protagonists who have the quest to lead and rewrite the firm’s success stories. They are responsible for managing everyday tasks. They directly supervise different operations, including sales, rental, direct, oversight, etc.
  5. Drivers – Driving sounds easy but covering numerous routes all across the nation is indicating. So, to perform these tasks, devoted drivers are hired. Drivers have the main agenda to deliver different equipment safely without deteriorating its quality.  
  6. Parts – Parts department plays a vital role by elevating our profit projectile and revenue. Comprehensively talented teams are responsible for figuring, positioning, and accumulating details to meet the company’s aim, technicians, and clients. The dedicated team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to quality and delivering impactful services. We rely on higher authorities to direct toiling and inventory control, research, and order implicit and explicit parts. Exhibiting excellent qualities is paramount.

List of Services Provided by H&E

  1. Fleet Maintenance – Do you want to keep your fleet still running efficiently? If yes, then be a part of the H&E fleet maintenance group that has already saved numerous clients annually by eradicating obstacles by upholding and dealing with equipment. To get exceptional services, contact the firm’s local branch or submit a request. After going through the request, our team of professionals will assess your central urge. After that well-crafted design will be formulated for those suits operations. Now let’s get a glimpse of the benefits of these services or customized plans.
    • Cost-effective upkeep and operation price.
    • Enhanced equipment productivity
    • Ensured equipment security
    • Protracted life of the equipment
  2. Remanufacturing – Taking full advantage of your crane is a dream of many. But H&E can help you to achieve this dream via remanufacturing and restoring. Remanufacturing is a process to refine productivity, capitalize, and save significant investment on the new crane by modifying old. H&E has already completed its successful five decades in the crane business. To operate remanufacturing process, H&E provides extraordinary revamped and innovative equipment parts and specific crane facilities. Their well-rugged remanufacturing centers are established all across the US. Further. They are certified or trained working professionals to take full charge to return machines in their original state by refining their devices.
  3. Structural Repairing – Sometimes accidents happen, leading to tear or deplete the condition of your crane equipment or element. So, to terminate such hassle, structural repairing is the best method because it is durable and pocket-friendly. H&E has embodied a team of highly motivated certified experts and technicians who can analyze damages on significant parts, components, and areas. After extensive assessment, damaged are can be salvaged by well-known structural repair methodology. Here are some of the benefits of having structural repairing services from H&E.
    • For new component replacement or modification, you can save up to 50%.
    • Renovation or renewal of old, hard-to-find parts and structural integrity.
    • Enhances security and resale value.

What is the Lucrative/Salary of H&E?

According to, H&E equipment workers typically earn up to $41,500 per year. Besides this, some employees receive $20 on an hourly basis. After in-depth research, it was extracted that it is 46% less than the regular income of $66,000 annually. The data highlights that H&E equipment is an Outside Sales Representative. Job profile of Administrative Assistant at H&E receives the lowest perks around $26,000 yearly. Last but not least, the Branch manager receives the highest annual package of $86,000 approximately.

Application Process of H&E

Typically, the application process of H&E for an interview can be done via an online platform, job referral, and recruitment agency. According to Indeed statistical data, it is highlighted that 78% of the aspirants apply through online platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and many more. In addition, 78% of candidates had a positive experience while applying and interviewing for job openings at H&E.

Now, in this section, we have represented a brief step-by-step application process for you. So, let’s take deep dive into the oceans of the H&E application Process.

  1. Applying for Specific Position – As mentioned above, enthusiasts are free to use for specific vocation by laying on the firm’s official website, via referrals, LinkedIn job offers, and through other online sites job openings. In numerous cases, candidates have to wait for at least 2 weeks or less based on the number of applicants.
    • If you are applying on LinkedIn for a job profile, you can apply and send your resume.
    • After selection recruiter will fix the telephonic interview schedule.
    • Based on your interview, talent acquisition will contact you.
  2. Face-to-Face Interview/Telephonic Interview – If your application is intriguing and matches their requirements, you enter the face-to-face interview round. It is a bit complex for a novice, but if you have relevant expertise, then you can single-handedly crack it. The management team and executives conduct this interview to hire an ideal candidate who can serve beyond expectations within the firm comprehension. They raise general interview questions to evaluate intrapersonal and technical attributes. For instance, Tell us about yourself? What is your expertise? Explain your most significant weaknesses and strengths? And many more.
  3. Selection of Candidate For Role – If your interview was outstanding, then within 3 weeks max, you will receive an offer letter from the firm itself.

What are the benefits while working for H&E?

H&E is always determined to assist its top-notch workers and team players. There is no conciliation while investing in employers. The firm offers exceptional lucrative and perks to fulfill both professional and personal urges. In addition, we include the best and unique plans to establish our employer’s healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, we have incorporated comprehensive benefits to create a solid foundation for your upcoming years.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

  1. Medical prescriptions and treatment facilities.
  2. Full-fledged wellness programs and vision care services.
  3. Dental treatment, employment assistance program, and Life insurance.
  4. MetLife additional benefits and Health Compensation offers.
  5. Paid time off and Paid holidays
  6. Employee discount programs.

Employee Testimonials

H&E genuinely acknowledges diversity and cares about its employees, who constantly inspire by performing their roles excellently. Now its employees also disclosed that why they are proud to be a part of H&E.

“This firm always provided a room for me to showcase my growth and move ahead. I had the support of great managers that pushed me to attain aspires of growth through which I succeeded. They always took care of me. I received rewards for my dedication and hard work.” – Stephanie (Inside Sales Representative at H&E)

“Without a doubt, H&E is truly the best-in-class organization because it includes specialized team players who are always available and eager to assist its customers.”Ryan (Vice President of Sales)

“I have already completed my 45 years of service in this organization. We are always having passionate people with us to work with. They always put their heart and soul into what they perform to meet organization goals. Further, they make sure that they perform their tasks right. I appreciate working with these great individuals that we have here at H&E.”Crag (Service Manager)

“My colleagues are like my family members. We work together and interact. Employees are also willing to support you. I take pride that my clients are always satisfied and that our experts can make them happy by taking care of their needs.”Daniella (Service Administer)

Frequently Raised Questions

  • What is your stock symbol? Its stock symbol is H&E Equipment services under the HEES symbol on employment with Nasdaq Global Select Market.
  • Who is the H&E equipment services stock transfer agent? Interrogations regarding lost certificates, dividend transactions, address change, and other related concerns should be discussed or directed to the transfer agent of the firm.
  • Can I purchase stock directly from H&E equipment services? Unfortunately, H&E doesn’t include direct stock buying and a plan for sale. For making a transaction, you have to utilize a broker.
  • How can I call the firm’s investor relations department? Send an email to [email protected] or contact Ms. Leslie S. Magee (Financial Officer).

Final Verdict

If you are an aspirant who has a desire to serve the largest unified equipment employment firm in the United States, then what are you waiting for. It is best to invest your time in H&E. While working in H&E.. You will manage wide-range responsibilities like hi-lift, cranes, earth worming, and supplement managing. In addition, you will get an opportunity to offer rental sales services as an active member of the firm. Through this immaculate expertise, you will become versatile and hone your attributes.

How to become an H&E Working Professional?

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