Footlocker is a multinational retail company for sportswear and footwear functional in over 28 countries worldwide. In this article, we will discuss Foot Locker Hiring Age. There are separate stores as kid’s Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker as well.

Foot Locker Hiring Age Requirements

The minimum age qualification should be 16 years of age. The company hires with respect to Equal Employment Opportunity and does not choose or remove the seeking applicants on the basis of their color, race, religion, nationality or any other such bases.

Hiring Process

Both online and offline means of applying for a position at Foot Locker can be availed. Group interviews are a common scenario in their hiring process. Thus, one should be prepared for teamwork spirit and can confront a crowd of people. Their hiring process is rapid and may take just a few days. A background check is a must for every employee, so being untruthful will not have you get hold of the job.

Additional Services Provided

  • Customers can also avail of the after-pay option and buy their chosen products right away while paying for them in installments without any additional interest applied. 
  • It is the most customer-friendly store because you can return your products absolutely free if you are dissatisfied with its content. 
  • Customers are eligible to receive 100 points for every dollar spent at the store, which may later be compiled to avail product discounts on a huge variety.


The employees are paid twice a month, every second week to be accurate. A sales associate is paid $9 per for each hour he or she contributes at the store on an average. The store manager receives $15, Assistant manager $13, General manager $23, and Cashier $13.

Working Shifts

The functional hours of the stores are from 8 am to 10 pm. So work may flow in anytime between the provided range. 40 hours a week is the requirement of a full-time employee.


Sales associate needs to maintain records of:

  • Cash flow, 
  • Guide customers as well as fresher’s and give them necessary directions and greetings, 
  • Arrange the shelves and pairs back to display, 
  • Maintain stock and sizes.

Expected Qualifications

  • An employee is expected to have great communication skills with both fellow employees and customers. 
  • They must understand what the customer is looking for and provide them with the same variety, color options, and required size.  
  • They cannot afford to be shy and laid back for the customers to approach their help; instead, they should provide them with the required services without even being asked for. 
  • You must convince them to buy the stock and leave the store with a smiling face.

Dress Code

Black and white striped Shirts with collar and black slacks are a preferable dress code for sales executive.

Perks and Benefits

Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental Care, Paid Time Off, Holidays, Tuition Discounts, Employee Discounts, Mobile Phone Service Discounts are the various benefits at the employees’ disposal. They are eligible for a 1% commission on each pair of shoes they sell.

Employees are referred to as associates and are eligible for a 30% discount at any point of time during the year and an additional 20% discount on special occasions. Employees can avail themselves of their discounts on both online and in-store purchases.

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