A Career at Kids Foot Locker in 2021

A Career at Kids Foot Locker

A kid’s footlocker can be an option for you if you want to start your career as a beginner or even if you want to have a part-time job. We will discuss Career at Kids Foot Locker here. If you are a fashion-conscious person who loves working with children, then you should surely apply here. If you have all the required skills, then this is a place where you will want to work.

To be a part of Kids footlocker, you do not need any specific qualification just a high school diploma is enough. Just be sure about what kind of work you want to fill the application form and proceed further. Getting a job at a foot locker is not that tough as they are constantly seeking new trainees for employment.

Career at Kids Foot Locker

Foot locker is an American sportswear and footwear retailer company. It has its headquarter in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Kids footwear locker was established in 1974. The first Footlocker was opened in Puente Hills Mall in the city of California. In 1963 the F.W. Woolworth Company purchased Kinney Shoe Corporation. They even branched Kinney into a specialty shoe store, including Stylco, in 1967anf Footlocker on 12th September 1974. Footlocker is a successor corporation to the F.W. Woolworth.

Foot locker has over 3363 mall-based stores, according to the company’s filings with the SC. Footlocker primarily has its stores in United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Nearly 70% of foot locker’s products come from Nike. Many top footwear and apparel companies deal with the manufacturing and supply of products, but Footlocker mainly focuses on retail. Footwear had steadily raised its rank in Fortune 500 from 446 in 2011 to 363 in 2018. At the end of fiscal Footwear also recorded a turnover of 7.151 billion dollars.

How can I become a part of Kids Foot Locker?

If you are someone who enjoys working in a children-friendly environment, then this job is for you. All you need is to drop an application at Footwear locker’s official website. Once you have decided this is where I want to work, make sure you have everything in order. It is always a good idea to have your resume ready with a list of references. The minimum age requirement for the candidates applying for the job is at least 18 years. If you are a minor and not eligible because of your age, they may request a work permit before starting.

What is the application process at Kids Foot Locker?

After you have decided everything now, you can either fill the application form online or at the location itself. Normally candidates apply online to the retailers. Though the online method is standard with Kids Footlocker, some stores may use a print application to recruit. The candidate has to fill in all the required details in the application form and submit it. After that, you will receive an email about whether you have got an interview or not.

What is the best time to apply?

The best part of having access to an online application form is filling it at your own pace of time. But if you are planning to apply by filling out the form within the store, you must visit the store when the store is a bit empty. Because doing this will allow you to have one interaction with the manager of the lead sales representative.

How to check application status?

If there is no reply regarding your applications for weeks, you can contact the human resource associate to check your submitted application status. Telephone calls and in-person inquiries can help you show the employer how persistent and well-informed you are throughout the hiring process. Avoid calling or visiting the store during peak business hours as the staff will be busy handling the crowd, and there will be no one to address your questions properly. If you are given an opportunity, politely inquire about the status of your application.

Some Tips for your Interview at Kids Foot Locker

  • When you apply for a job, you want to look best even if you had applied online. If your application gets selected, then certainly you will have a face-to-face interview.
  • Now when you walk in for interviews, make sure you are at your best on that day. Find an outfit for yourself that will suit the environment of the place.
  • Keep everything handy before you go for the interview. This will help you to put your mind at ease.
  • Your first impression will be your last impression, so make it worth it. To set yourself apart from the other, you have to show the employer what is so special about you.
  • Be respectful while talking to the interviewer.
  • Always make it a point that you are looking into the interviewer’s eyes while talking, not anywhere else.
  • This will let the other person know that you are truly engaged in the conversation.
  • Find good references that will have something good to say about you. This does not mean you put your relative’s name.
  • Call those references ahead of time and let them know that someone will be contacting you regarding the application submitted by you.
  • This will help them be prepared for the call and be caught off guard by a random number that they may not recognize.
  • You always don’t have to give a reference to a supervisor. Maybe someone with whom you have worked also works.

Frequently Asked Question in the Kids Foot Locker Interview

  • Why do you want to work in shoes?
  • Do you have a background in sales?
  • What does customer service means to you?
  • Why did you choose to apply here?
  • What will you bring to the foot locker’s team?
  • Tell us about the time when you messed up at work and how did you fix it?

The company was around a long time before taking off in the early 2000s. It just happened that this outlet of the company grew a lot more than the others. In 2016 the worth of Foot Locker was 160 million dollars, so the company decided to put more stores in the urban areas.

What career options do I have at Kids Foot Locker?

The company has over 44000 employees covering different types of positions to keep the store running. As the corporation is huge there is also a wide variety of job opportunities for the candidates applying for jobs. And as a young adult with little experience, you may consider applying for an entry-level job as it doesn’t require much experience. Here are some common job listings for an entry-level candidate.

  • Cashier

Whenever a customer buys something, they want to feel like they made the right choice. The cashier is there to assure the customer that they have done that. Being friendly and accurate while commenting about how a product is good or useful is an important aspect of this post. If you are thinking of applying for this position, you must have good communication skills, confidence while communicating with customers, etc.

  • Sales Associate

A person working in a sales department is responsible for ensuring that the customer gets the right product. The person handling the sales must be friends who can give brief information about the customer. They should have good listening skills to be attentive and to solve problems of the customers. The sales associate has to endure that the customer’s requirements are heard, and then, based on that, the products are sold.

  • Stock Associate

The stock associate has the responsibility of organizing the stock inventory. They help in receiving shipments and displaying merchandise. It is the responsibility of the stock associate to take care of all the cleaning of the storage area and keeping it ready for products. The candidate must be able to follow the directions and also should be able to work under supervision sometimes.

  • Store Manager

To be on this post, the candidate should possess brilliant communication skills. Because in this position, communication is the key as the manager has to coach and manage the employee working under him/her. Also, it is the manager’s responsibility to see the overall working of the store and report it back to the corporate. The manager should also possess excellent customer service skills to handle any problem brought up by the customers. Professionalism is also a very important aspect of this job role. While maintaining the standard set for you, you must also be respectful toward the customers, employees, and the staff.

  • Merchandiser

A merchandiser is responsible for interpreting market trends. A merchandiser must be great with computers, spreadsheets and must have excellent communication skills. Merchandiser is also responsible for meeting all those market demands by allocating product assortment throughout the Foot Locker stores.

How much money can I make at Kids Foot Locker?

The pay scale varies from one job to another. The pay scale here depends on the hours of working, post, skills possessed by the employee, etc. Here are some estimated salaries of few positions:

  • Merchandiser – typical salary of a Merchandiser range’s from 49983$ – 56502$ per year.
  • Sales Lead – the hourly rate of a Sales lead is 8$.
  • Stock Associate – average wage of a Stock associate is 9.26$ per hour.
  • Store Manager– average salary of a store manager is 44794$ per year.
  • Assistant Manager – average salary of an assistant manager is 26146$ per year.
  • Cashier – average pay of the cashier is 8.28$ per hour.
  • Associate Buyer – typical salary of an associate buyer ranges from 48746$ to 53162$.

What benefits do I get at Kids Foot Locker?

If you are a full-time employee at Kids foot locker, then you can enjoy several benefits. Salaried managers get a 401(k) retirement plan and pension plan. Along with the financial benefits, the employees also get health-related benefits such as dental, medical, vision insurance. Qualified employees also gain access to maternity or parental leave. The company also offers up to 30% merchandise discount to all the employees. The company also provides its employees with flexible working schedule options. And the eligible employees can get vacation and sick days off too.

What the employees say about working at a Kids Foot Locker?

While working in these places, there is a lot of room for growth, and job security is also not a problem in any of the departments. Most of the job positions are filled with young adults ranging from 20 to 30 years of age who make enough money to live a sustainable life. Also, there are no complaints regarding the 30% employee discount.


  • What qualifications do I need?
    • There is no specific requirement of any qualification. Just a high school diploma is enough.

  • Which job profile is better at Foot Locker?
    • All the job profiles here are good. The set of skills which you have decides what’s better for you.

  • What is the minimum age requirement?
    • The minimum age requirement for any job profile here is 18.

  • Is it tough to clear the interview?
    • No, the interview is straightforward and easy to pass. If the candidate has all the required skills and confidence, then they can clear the interview.

  • How much can I earn from this job?
    • The pay scale here depends on the working hours and the position that the employee holds. But if you are an entry-level employee, then you will get pay on an hourly basis.

  • How can I follow up on my application form status?
    • The candidate can contact the human resource associate and ask them about their application form status.

  • How much time does it take to complete the whole appointment process?
    • It won’t take more than two weeks to complete the whole appointment process. The candidate can always visit the official site to get further information.

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A Career at Kids Foot Locker in 2021

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