Finishing Supervisor Job Description – Salary & Duties

Finishing Supervisor Job Description

It is always a reality that every beginning of a project will surely have an end. Production starts from planning before it is executed. Execution of a project undergoes a series of steps coordinated and handled by professional human power capable of utilizing limited resources. In the manufacturing industry,  the quality of a finished good summarizes how best the goods have been produced. This refers to how well all the production factors (labor, capital, and resources) have been well combined to achieve the best. In a well-organized industry, every stage of production requires specialty and professional individuals. One of the most crucial stages is the finishing stage. At this stage, final and important steps are taken to bring the best of the product. A finished product needs no further processing but to be transported directly to the consumers. Packaging and transportation are part of the finishing processes of a product. The whole finishing process ends if the product reaches the final consumer wholesomely and meets the final consumers’ best demands. A finishing supervisor plays a key role in ensuring that the effort of production is not in vain. In the subsequent paragraph, I will discuss the Finishing Supervisor Job Description, meaning, and roles of a finishing supervisor. I know you can’t wait to read about that.

Finishing Supervisor Job Description:

A finishing supervisor is a professional individual that supervises all production activities( modification, packaging, branding, and transportation) in the finishing department, thereby ensuring that the goods reach the final consumer in a wholesome manner. Most of the time, he/she heads the finishing department and is directly responsible for any activities going on there. He/she performs an empathetic role in the production and must always be ready to pay attention to details. The nature of the work and the extent of the work determines his/her salary. 

Let me briefly talk about some of the qualifications and requirements of a finishing supervisor. 

Qualification And Requirements Of A Finishing Supervisor:

In this paragraph, I will write on some of the qualities of a finishing supervisor:

  • A finishing supervisor must understand the whole idea of producing a particular product or project in detail. This is very important because he/she can never supervise the end of what he/she never knows the origin of. 
  • He/she must be educated, especially in the field of that production. For example, you can’t expect a doctor to supervise a car manufacturing company’s finishing department. How can he/she be effective? Never!!. Having a degree or an equivalent certificate in courses relevant to the project he/she is supervising the finished product makes him/her the best in the department. 
  • He/she must understand the terms and conditions guiding the project he/she is supervising. This is very important because every project has its code of conduct and regulations. 
  • Also, a diploma or certifications in administrative courses is an added advantage. This will improve his/her knowledge on how to manage human resources effectively for better output. 
  • He/she must always be patient and not a rushing type. His/her duties and obligation requires carefulness.  
  • He/she must be sensitive and always paying attention to important things. 
  • A finishing supervisor must also have good coordination skills. This is the ability to manage people and resources for better productivity effectively. 
  • He/she must also be proactive enough that is the ability to make adequate preparation before something happens. 
  • He/she must ensure that the finished product got to the consumers in a wholesome manner. 
  • He/she must have good communication skills that can communicate effectively with co-workers without irrelevant superiority. 
  • He/they must have the ability to decide within a limited period of time. The decision must be accurate and precise because any mistake can forfeit all other production departments’ effort. 
  • He/she must also report directly to the managing director or the administrative department all activities taking place in the finishing department. 
  • He/she can also participate in policymaking with other professionals in the organization. This includes new project ideologies and how they can be properly executed. 
  • He/she must be disciplined and have a high standard of integrity. Not a corrupt type that is after only his/her selfish interest 
  • He/she must know how to manage limited resources for greater output. 
  • He/She must have a good memory and the ability to recall past events within a limited number of time.  
  • He/she must be smart and skillful. 

Duties And Roles Of A Finishing Supervisor:

A finishing supervisor performs the following role according to the laid down principles and conduct guiding the profession in an organization. 

  • A finishing supervisor must work together with other supervisors to make a plan on how a project will be executed. 
  • He/she observes all the steps followed by other departments in executing a project.
  • He/she uses the information to think of the best way to finish the product. 
  • A finishing supervisor uses his/her ideas to draft out a better way of finishing the product. 
  • He/she caters to the welfare of the staff directly under him/her.
  • He/she is in charge of all the production activities in the finishing department. 
  • He/she ensures that the product has the best packaging and branding. 
  • He/she collaborate with the transportation unit to ensure that the goods reach their final consumer in a wholesome manner. 

Salary Structure Of A Finishing Supervisor:

The amount of money received by a finishing supervisor depends on so many factors. Such factors include the nature of the project that is to be executed. This can also include the product’s the consumer and market demand—the years of experience of the finishing supervisor and the company’s financial capabilities that hire the finishing. The salary structure may be weekly, monthly, or on a contract basis. It can also be said that a finishing supervisor salary also depends on the economy of a country. According to, a finishing supervisor receives approximately $60,000 to $61,000 per annum. Although this amount varies from one organization to another in the United States of America.

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Finishing Supervisor Job Description – Salary & Duties

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