Field Attendant Job Description [Updated] – Duties, Salary

Field Attendant Job Description, Duties, Salary

When you are talking about a field attendant, many jobs fall into this criterion because the job of a field attendant can be in any field.  For example, it can be a job in a sports stadium, in an open-air theatre or drive-in theatres, at a film site, etc. It simply means the job where you need to be out on the field and handle the things out there. This article will find a few things about the job as a field attendant at a sports stadium. The job description, the duties you need to do as a field attendant, and the salary you will get for the job. 

What is a field attendant?

A field attendant is a person you can depend on for doing the things on the field before the play begins. The stadium authorities will depend a lot on these attendants for keeping the field and stadium in perfect condition so that the sportsmen and the people who come to watch the game will not face any difficulties.

A sports field attendant job is quite interesting as you can meet all types of sports stars and also get the opportunity to watch your favorite sports without spending money on the tickets. So if you are looking for a job as a field attendant, then here are the things you need to know:

Field Attendant Job Description

  • The Job – Field Attendant
  • The field where you need to work – in a sports stadium
  • The work you need to do – complete the job the superiors allot to you in the field
  • Qualification of a Field Attendant – need to be young, energetic, and should be healthy. He should also have a basic knowledge of sports.
  • Educational Qualifications – basic qualification is enough with good communication skills.
  • The Remuneration – the salary will be every month and will not have any extra benefits.

What duties should a field attendant perform?

If you are taking up the job as a field attendant then you should be able to perform certain responsibilities or duties in the sports field:

  1. The field attendant is expected to arrive a few hours before the commencement of the game.
  2. Has to check the field and do what is necessary for keeping the field perfect before the play starts
  3. Perform safety checks on the field and the stadium and ensure that the field is safe and nobody has violated any safety rules and report to the higher authorities if any rules have been violated.
  4. Make sure that the field is properly groomed before the game
  5. Line the field and boundaries according to the sport being played
  6. In case of bad weather conditions, secure the field with appropriate covers so that the field remains dry
  7. Making sure that all the equipment for the game are available and keeping it safe 
  8. Reporting to the higher authorities in case there is any shortage
  9.  The field attendant will also need to keep an account of the game and keep a proper record of the ongoing game
  10. In case there are any accidents on the field attendant needs to document them in the records
  11. Keep track of the score and submit it to the supervisors and make sure that they sign the scorebook
  12. Check the field after the game is finished
  13. Clean up all the trash on the field and the stadium before the attendant leaves the stadium
  14. The field attendant is required to submit a timesheet to the concerned authorities every fortnight

The above-stated points are the duties of a field assistant of a sports stadium. He may also have to be helpful to the sportspersons and the other people in the group by bringing them drinks, eatables, etc., during their break hours.

A field attendant job description depends upon a lot of things like in which he is working. Like for sports, for hospitals, for theaters, even for engineering sites, etc., the salary to has different scales. Below are given a few field attendant salary scales:

Salary scale of field attendants in various fields:

Field attendant salary varies according to the job. They will get a minimum pay for weekly 20 hours of work. The average salary for field assistants is around $33,100 annually. 

Job Outlook for Field Attendants

You can expect a hike of 13% job opportunities in the future in this area, and in the US alone, there will be more than 30,000 job openings. It is quite easy to get a job in this field as a high educational qualification is not important.

Young people looking for a job and their studies can apply for a field attendant job because this job doesn’t require any long working hours and is not very stressful.

Work Environment of Field Attendants

Field attendants usually have to deal with outdoor work. They are not seen in offices. They work in sports grounds, zoological parks, etc. They must be on their feet all the time as their job requires them to be active. They have to work in different locations. It is not the usual desk job where people easily get bored. This job can be applied by young people who like to meet people and be out there on the field.

Skills Required for a Field Attendant

  • Should be able to communicate and should possess excellent communication skills
  • Should always be alert and be ready for action on the field
  • Should always be able to help the superiors with various activities on the field

There is always a need for field attendants in any job, and there is always a scope of getting a job in this field. So prepare yourself for this job and apply according to your interest, be it sports, medical, or any other field. This job will be great for people who want action and is the best job for healthy youngsters.

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Field Attendant Job Description [Updated] – Duties, Salary

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