Pilot Interview Questions With Short Sample Answers


Finding a pilot job can be one of the most difficult tasks. This article will give you some idea of the mostly occurred Pilot Interview Questions. So when you get that phone call for an interview, you certainly don’t want to blow it off.

But before moving forward with the questions, here are some of the tips to follow, prior to an interview:

  • Study and prepare well. Just like flying takes a lot of practice and preparation, so does an interview.
  • Collect every possible information about the company you are applying for, like their history, start date, financial performance, etc.
  • Dress and groom well. Your appearance will be the first impression of you. The interview panel will get. And especially for a pilot, appearance matters a lot.
  • Make sure to arrive early because there’s nothing more awkward than you entering the front door all sweaty and flustered. It’s not professional for any pilot.
  • Do yourself a favor and bring all your documents (medical certificate, logbooks, licenses) needed in an organized folder or suitcase.
  • Present yourself with confidence, a smile, and a firm handshake when starting an interview.
  • Your voice should be loud and clear.

In a pilot’s interview, there are going to be three different sections of questions:

  • Personal questions like tell about your goals and dreams or why you choose a pilot as your career.
  • Personality-based questions to check your mentality will help them see whether or not you can be trusted with the lives of the passengers on board.
  • Lastly, questions to check your behavior in different circumstances. Such as emergency landing or engine failure.

15 Most Likely Asked Pilot Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself.

I want to put up myself as a confident, motivated, and positive-minded person. I have been flying an airbus 320 for the past three years. From my whole flying journey, I have learned what a good pilot means and how to cope with different situations.

  • What was your motive behind becoming an airline pilot?

I have been passionate about flying ever since. I was fully aware of the responsibilities it carries with the position. Doing a job that has some authority to it was what I always wanted. And the fact that I am so passionate about flying was enough for me to do anything it takes to become a pilot.

  • What do you have to offer to the airline?

I have been flying for the past three years now. I am aware of all the abilities a good pilot should have, and I do possess them. I will offer the airline the best I have of my training, experience, and dedication.

  • What qualities should a good pilot possess?

According to me, a good pilot is someone confident, focused, disciplined, and has a positive attitude. A pilot must possess qualities like time management, leadership, listening skills, communication skills, multi-tasking skills, remaining calm in difficult situations, and handling them effectively.

  • Tell us a time when you made a mistake and what did you learn from it.

Early on in my flying career, I entered class C-controlled airspace without clearance by accident. By doing so, I could have been causing a conflict with other traffic or impeding on arrivals or departures, and the ATC would have diverted the aircraft around me because there wasn’t any communication with me. Then I immediately dialed up the correct frequency, contacted the center, and told them what had happened. And they told me that they didn’t even notice it and there’s no traffic problem. What I learned from the situation was to be stricter when reading the maps and not getting too complacent.

  • Tell me about an emergency you have had.

When I was a flight instructor, I was out in the practice area with a student when suddenly, the engine made a loud bang. The compressor spring happened, and one of the valves broke, and the valve was struck. When a piston came up, the valve punctured the hole right through the piston. Immediately what I did was take control from the student pilot, put in the car pete, and start turning back towards the airport. Luckily we were only 15 minutes away from the airport, and we were able to lift the airplane back to a safe landing without the engine quitting and taxied off the runaway.

  • Have you ever had a personality conflict with someone you worked with?

Yes, I flew with a loud and obnoxious captain and would not listen to anything his first officer would say. I knew this kind of attitude might lead to some serious accident. So what I did was instead of getting mad or upset, I addressed the situation head-on and spoke with the captain directly. I explained to him even though I was the first officer, we had nearly the same amount of flying hours and that my input was no less relevant than his. At the end of the conversation, we concluded a compromise. He understood where I was coming from, and that gave me a little more respect in his eyes.

  • What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest weakness is that I am too hard on myself. Since I am a quick learner and I typically get things from the first attempt, I get angry, and I dwell on the past if I fail right away. I have learned to recognize when this is happening and prove that to myself from spiraling down into the negativity. And I’ve learned not to dwell on my past but instead analyze my mistakes in a non-emotional way.

  • What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my positive mindset. I have faced situations in my life where I felt lost. But then I’ve spent years working upon myself and not letting that happen. And to my surprise, it has now become my greatest strength. I have noticed from the past few years that my attitude towards difficult situations has now changed. Instead of freaking out, I can stay calm and work on solving the problem right away.

  • Are you a team player?

Yes, I would definitely consider myself a team player. I have had enough opportunities to expand my skills as a team player in my school and work. I can get along with others real quick and able to work as a team smoothly.

  • What you choose to work with your airline? What attracted you to us?

I choose to work with your airline because it is well-reputed. I have had a good experience in this airline as a passenger. I have also researched about the airline and am impressed by its plans. And I would be honored to serve myself in this airline.

  • Why do you think leadership quality is important in flying a plane?

I believe that while flying a plane, there can be possibilities of numerous emergencies. As a good pilot, we must have strong leadership qualities to cope with it effectively. As a pilot in command, we have the responsibility to direct every crew member and handle the whole situation in a correct manner. Here, our leadership quality comes in a role. Thus, it is very important.

  • How do you cope with stress or depression?

The best thing that works for me to handle depression or stress is to take some deep breaths and focus on something positive. After having a lot of experience, I finally realize that handling any circumstances under stress does not help. Rather staying calm and focusing on finding a solution will help cope with the problems even quicker.

  • In the next 5 years, where do you see yourself?

After five years from now, I see myself responsible for my job and my own family. I want to be very stable with my life and see a major improvement from my present. I want to see my family be very proud of my achievements, for which I am going to work hard.

  • What would you do if you’re rejected after this round?

I will try to take my rejection positively by finding why I couldn’t go forward with the job and work on it hard. And after I am fully confident and satisfied with my preparations, I will apply for the job again.

So, these were the 15 possible questions asked in a pilot’s interview. Please make sure that your answers are honest and relevant to your experience. These were just sample answers to get you an idea.

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Pilot Interview Questions With Short Sample Answers

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