Director of Resource Development Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

Director of Resource Development Job Description, Salary, Duties

The Director of Resource Development Job position demands few basic chores from the full-fledged management of the company/organization like working directly with people at the office and with other companies, workplace campaign manager, campaign chairs, and board to build up essential and desired relations and resources.

The questions being answered here for better understanding: –

  • What is a director of resource development?
  •  How to become director of resource development?
  • What do resource development directors do?
  • What are the responsibilities they are assigned with?
  • How much do they earn?
  • How to become a successful resource development director?
  • Why does the development director leave?
  • How do I prepare for a resource development director interview?
  • What should all resource development directors look for?

What is a director of resource development?

The position provides a superior designation in the workplace, which requires tasks like supervising the improvement of the company’s financial, human resource and outfitted system, office management, and the acquiring of the quality standard by ensuring smooth ongoing processes of the organization which consistently provides outstanding hold up to the company’s frontline delivery, fundraising and business development functions and events.

How to become director of resource development?

We cannot see great things even when everything is visible to us when it comes to working as a resource development director. Considering examples like many people are not even aware that director of resource development makes an average of $50.09 an hour? Which is somewhere around $104,197 a year!

For anyone interested or aspires to a career in resource development as a director in designation, first, you need to consider the aspect of education which requires you to know how much education is entailed that is what all qualifications are required?

  • According to research, we have got to know that 62.9% of resource development directors have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Considering the spectrum of people who have pursued higher studies or education levels, they are approximately 18.7% in percentage as resource development directors who have a master’s degree.

Even though most resource development directors have a college degree, there is also a possibility to become a resource development director just with a high school degree or GED.

  • Opting carefully for the right major is always an essential tread while learning is and becoming a resource development director.
  • Commonly found major’s are bachelors degree or masters degree else than that, most of the time CVs also contain an associate degree or doctoral degree.
  • While in day today’s world, the importance of being multi-facet in our work approach or experience is evident, so being experienced in various other work fields as well would indeed be a boon to get you the first-place consideration for becoming a resource development director.

Various resource development director jobs demand experience in a role such as executive director. At the same time, few resource development directors even have prior career experience in roles such as development director or director.

However, to get things convenient, we have a list down directly a few primary basic qualifications that are the most commonly required for this particular job position along with the necessary skill set they are-

  • Bachelors degree in the relevant area along with 3-5 years related work experience
  • CFRE or corresponding qualifications preferred 
  • A coherent team associate with strong organizational and task management skills and attention to small details. 
  • Strong vocal and written communication proficiency, including public speaking and presentation
  • capability to create contacts with different corporations, workplaces, and contributor 
  • The high degree of specialized reliability to compact ethically with confidential information 
  • Ability to work under minimum supervision and pressure
  • Outstanding computer skillfulness and aptitude.

What do resource development directors do?

As resource development directors, these individuals enjoy one of the various other superior powers and designations in the company. However, with that comes some responsibilities like organizational development, revenue, application of resources for the company/organization, managing revenue streams, and imparting information about new campaign programs.

Resource development directors scrutinize business patterns to surge net profit drew on product and product study.

Including few necessary skills that play an important role, like leadership skills for this position to nurture relationships and create space for desirable change to the ethnicity and organization’s contribution.

Sometimes they also cater to the need for mentoring and provide technical data for enhanced services and produce programs to elevate productivity and effectiveness in all the assigned tasks at different departments in an organization.


With all these significant responsibilities there are few more which is related to the surrounding at the workplace for the mental well-being of the staff, creating a safe and sound work environment is as essential as every other work for the co-workers in which they can give feedback for the chores and create incentives for those who have worked with utmost efficiency.

Another technical aspect for resource development directors is analyzing and categorizing prospects for resource savings and branching out earning conduits.

These are the individuals who are required to have exquisite multi-tasking and verbal communication ability or skill to resolve unnecessary glitches with customers or clients, sellers, and distributors as they come up with well-educated staff with a human resource to promote services.

Resource development directors also supervise inventory activities that manage development efforts, assess results, and most commonly work in an office-based work environment during regular office hours. To keep up with the organization’s privacy, they use a separate private PC or laptop to log progress, trace information, and write reports.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications to innovate advanced files and develop spreadsheets.

They should coordinate well in a team environment with other resource development consultants to achieve goals on time and fulfill the targets.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is generally necessary for this position, and experience in a managerial ability priory definitely gives an approving nod and gets you a thumbs up. Certifications like industry and leadership are also beneficial.

To sum up, a significant area of responsibilities are: –

  1. Fundraising 
  • Build up, execute, direct, and evaluate strategically guided tactics to sustain and increase revenue in the course of projects at the workplace and corporate giving, personage contributions, leadership offerings, planned offerings.
  • Administer annual special events including, campaign kick-off and commemoration
  • Dole out as a spokesperson for the organization via dialogue with donors, workplace gatherings, presentations, tours, fairs, etc.
  1. headship responsibilities
  2. assessment and measurement
  3. Volunteer progress responsibilities
  4. Work directly with other officials like: –
  • Executive director
  • Finance director
  • Community engagement director
  • Community initiative director


According to a recent report the earning strata of the resource development directors depicts that:

50th% resource development dir.$216,527US
75th%resource development dir.$253,250US
90th%resource development dir.$286,683US

And the fact that this particular job position/portfolio would see a significant push in the coming future between 2018 and 2028, the career is expected to grow 8% and produce 6,300 job opportunities across the US, for those who aspire for this profession they may have significant future ahead!


Becoming resource development director as a career option is a great decision to take as it provides the exact kind of exposure and challenges that is required in today’s world, that surges the quality of life by handling more than one department and being and enjoying one of the special designations at the organization while enjoying powers like ultimate decision making responsibilities and the most top-level decisions are made or are approved by their consideration. By being consistent towards your approach gathering the right amount of experiences in the related fields’ one could quickly become a resource development director for a bright and standard future ahead.


  • How to become a successful resource development director?

To become a thriving resource and development director few requirements are essential that you need to keep in mind while learning about the profession, that is-

  • Being a medium of establishing relationships
  • Convey the donor the remuneration acquired from his or her offerings
  • Being bold and persistent 
  • Demonstrate your proficiency
  • Emphasize the goals of your organization
  • Why does the development director leave?

Research and various studies portray that many development directors aim to depart from their organization at times and sometimes entirely exit from the field, allowing vacancies for the position; this instability causes direct and indirect costs to their organization. Hence those who aspire to pursue this career prospect should aim to fulfill the gaps made or left behind and prove themselves as a boon to the organization 

  • What should all resource development directors look for?
  • Development experience 
  • Longevity at jobs 
  • Soaring level of responsibilities 
  • Dollar raise because without it could be proved as a red flag
  • How do I prepare for a resource development director interview?
  • Study about the organization in and out include the minor details.
  • Enter organization’s fundraising funnel
  • Build and search your network for better connections to be able to bring profits to your organization
  • Prepare yourself with a few commonly asked questions in an interview because only answers help you stand out from the crowd and are something that the employers want for the organization.
Director of Resource Development Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

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