Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description, Salary, Duties

Coca-Cola Merchandiser job description,salary,duties

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage invented in 1886 founded by a pharmacist named John Stith Pemberton. In 1889, an American-based businessman bought the formula to form a brand in Atlanta, and the rest is history. The Coca-Cola Company produces only the syrup concentrate; it is then sold to bottlers worldwide that hold its franchise. The bottlers, who contract with the company, produce the final production bottles and in cans with added sweeteners and filtered water. The final product is sold, distributed, and merchandise by the bottlers to the restaurant, vending machine, and retail stores. Here, we will discuss the Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description.

As you walk into the store, you get your hands on Coca-cola, well that is the impact of the product that is running in the market for hundred years. This is the scenario, as one cannot find the beverage in the store without the merchandiser. Like any other brand, the Coca-Cola Company hires the merchandiser to work in the stores to deliver products. Merchandiser is one of the most crucial positions in the Coca-Cola Company. They are responsible for ensuring that the deliveries of the product make it safely to the retailers. It’s a great choice of work if one is keen to work in a high physical environment. They possess an affinity to connect with the customers naturally. It is considered to be one of the key positions in the company of Coca-Cola.

They are responsible for the bottled product deliveries to reach the retailers out there that are assigned in a specified area. They shall also be aware of promoting the brand and thus creating an awareness of the product. They shall ensure the display of the product and to do the marketing effectively. Thereby enabling the availability of products to the customers. The duties, responsibilities, and salary of a Merchandiser and many other details are provided below.

Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description

The Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description is best suited for the applicant thriving to work in a high physical environment. They should have patience and politeness to connect with the customers. They are responsible for stocking and re-stocking the shelves to promote the brand, thereby creating awareness. They play an important role in promoting the product. The following include the role of a Coca-Cola merchandiser:

  • Physical Strength: The role requires one to work in a physical environment, as it involves one lifting and handling the packages containing bottles. They are responsible for stock the bottles in the store. They are also supposed to check the no of bottles that are sold and take a count of them.

  • Communication: They are supposed to interact with the customers to not down the beverage bottles’ requirements. They should possess politeness and humbleness to interact with the customers.

  • Brand awareness: This is one of the important responsibilities of the merchandiser, as he needs to promote the product and thereby creating positive awareness of the brand. The promotion of the brand plays an important role in enhancing the sale of the product. Thus it brings success to the company.

  • Stocking the product: It is the responsibility of the merchandiser to stock the product in the store. Each day of their visit to the store, they shall shelve the bottles and rotate the bottles for the product’s fresh display. They shall as well monitor the availability of the product.

Merchandiser Duties and Responsibilities

The primary role of a merchandiser in Coca-Cola Company is to transfer their product/bottles from warehouse to retailer store in designated area. The merchandiser shall track the products accurately. They are responsible for the stock levels in the store. Also, they are supposed to track the no of bottles in the vehicle and get the clients’ report and post the product’s delivery. In addition to the above-mentioned tasks, they shall regularly set up the store’s bottles’ display. They need to advertise the product often. The major duties and responsibility of the Coca-Cola merchandiser include the following:

  • They involve in the transportation of the product from the warehouse to various retailer stores in the designated area.
  • They are responsible for maintaining a positive image of the brand, which adheres to its standards.
  • They shall recommend the vendors to increase the sales of the product.
  • Displaying the product for the promotion of the brand 
  • Increase awareness and advertising the product.
  • They need to operate the box that contains the product responsibly and safely.
  • To maintain the policy of the company and meeting the expectation of the customers.
  • They guide the sales representative when needed.
  • They maintain the stock’s record, thereby having the proper count on the no bottles that are sold.
  • Some of the lead merchandisers have additional responsibilities to handle the customers when facing a product’s service.

Working hours for Coca-Cola Merchandiser

The work hours of Coca-Cola merchandise shall start early in the mornings and end in the mid-noon. The average work hour for the position of Coca-Cola merchandiser is 40 hours per week. Sometimes, they shall delay deliveries during the first half of the shift, as it involves many people in loading or unloading a truck with the products.

As far as the work is concerned, it shall fairly take overtime. The overtime of work happens during sports events, where the beverages have high demand. During holidays, there is an increase in demand for the product and requires extra deliveries, which the merchandiser takes care of.

Work environment of Coca-Cola Merchandiser

The work environment of a Coca-Cola merchandiser involves extreme physical work. It requires lifting the containers that weigh about 75 pounds regularly throughout the day. In addition to the above said, one shall spend their maximum hours in stores by crouching over your knees while arranging or rearranging the store’s products. Also, you should perform higher height reaching movements. The crucial point of this position requires one to operate the box truck safely.

Coca-Cola Merchandiser Salary outlook

The average pay for a Coca-Cola merchandiser for an hour is about the range of $14-$15.The average annual pay ranges from $24,106 to $43,244.But most of the merchandiser is paid on an hourly basis. The overtime pay for merchandisers is provided. There shall be no hike in the salary as most merchandisers stay in the position only for few years. You shall be paid slightly higher if you prepare display and rotating the product often. In addition to their salary, they can get commissions from the vendors by selling various products.

Apart from the basic salary, merchandisers can enjoy the benefits like paid vacation, health insurance, and 401k.In few cases, they also have a stock option as a part of their package.

Education Requirements

A Coca-Cola merchandiser should have completed a diploma in high school or any other equivalent. Higher education is not required to become a merchandiser. The company prefers applicants who have experience with customer service. A driver’s license is mandatory to acquire this role. An insured vehicle that passes the motor vehicle check. They must be physically fit and able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. They must operate a pallet jack that works manually, carried by the carts weighing up to 2200 pounds.

Growth trend for a Coca-Cola Merchandiser

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has provided any information for merchandisers. It is noted that the growth rate is slightly to be slower from now and until the year 2026. However, the higher turnover or the decline in the product’s market shall not affect merchandisers’ job rate.


Though the work requires physical strength, one shall be rewarded for this position from the Coca-Cola Company. It comes with a decent pay level for beginners with huge responsibilities. It is best suited for fresher as well as experienced.

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Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description, Salary, Duties

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