Camp Counselor Job Description 2021 – Salary, Duties

Camp Counselor Job Description Salary, Duties

Introduction – Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors feature as an aspect of the body of workers of day camps. We will discuss Camp Counselor Job Description here. Their number one responsibility is to facilitate, direct, and oversee all wearing sports for kids and younger teenagers throughout their go to the camp. In addition, they are answerable to the safety of campers, simply as for creating a protected and fun for everybody.

Camps have particular subjects and, contingent upon the topic and their work varies. They should hold an eye fixed at each camper’s man or woman requirements, simply as to do sports that enhance social affiliation among campers. They direct and assure the health of kids as they take part in camp sports. They use a rightful resource to arrange measures, get amazing making ready to uphold kids and lead them to take hobbies in camp occasions. They are also known as camp consultants or guardians.

Who is a Camp Consultant? 

A camp consultant is a person who advises children and youths in the camp. He/she guides and gives advice for campers to follow.

How does a Camp Consultant respond? 

A camp consultant usually applies to have interaction youngsters and display them new abilities. He/she do that through conceptualizing imaginative sports and video games together with mountain climbing and others. He/she may examine emergency remedies for any capability wounds people may also encounter. Their responsibilities consist of welcoming campers after they begin with display up and supplying enthusiastic assistance to people trying to alternate according to the climate. 

Camp Counselor Job Description


They typically have an extensive scope of duties, and some jobs require professional mastery, for example, conveying swimming sports or giving a guideline. Commonplace duties of a camp consultant may also consist of: 

  • He/she puts organization video games like soccer, softball, and b-ball collectively, clarifying the requirements and going approximately as authentic or umpire at some point of the game.
  • He/she does sports like specialties and displaying unique tactics, and urging people to concoct thoughts.
  • He/she works with other guardians, giving updates wherein required and responding to inquiries.
  • He/she keeps an eye fixed on children with medical requirements to assure they’ve taken any essential medicine.
  • He/she is expected to give direction, suggestions, and backing each guest.

Daily Tasks 

  • Preparation with a different group of workers individuals. 
  • Planning and reserving daily sporting events. 
  • Disclosing physical activities to everybody
  • Observing physical activities to assure good welfare. 
  • Clarifying and showing the usage of particular hardware. 
  • Giving guidelines and exhortation.
  • Evaluating crises and putting everything in place.


  • A camp consultant must have abilities:
  • He/she must have medical resources getting ready to have the choice to react to minor wounds or sicknesses.
  • He/she’s safety facts to assist protect to all.
  • He/she ought to have relational skills and strategies for all guests.
  • He/she must possess administrative skills to direct and encourages all.
  • He/she is meant to have relational kills to bring together wonderful institutions with their consideration. 

Salary – Camp Counselor Job Description

A camp consultant makes a regular reimbursement of $9.31 every hour. Pay fee can also additionally depend upon involvement, experience, and others.

Learning and  Prerequisites 

A camp consultant typically wants a secondary college confirmation. Most camps deliver getting ready at some stage in which they will determine a way to lead sporting events, realize the camp timetable and get a few expertise into teen improvement. Specific camps can also require their consultant to have perception in their spaces, like display skills or getting ready in games. Candidates searching out a drawn-out function can also desire to seek a companion diploma in pastime and the tour enterprise.

Enjoyable Necessities

Generally, their jobs do not want perception, but job seekers who’ve labored with people earlier will experience a benefit. Those specific sporting events can also additionally earnings with the aid of using enjoy in the one’s spaces, for example, teaching horseback driving or riding a kayaking class. Camps with a selected reason, like math or games, can also require their consultants to have a few involvements with schooling their distinctiveness subject, but maximum will also provide lively enjoyment.

The Contrast Between a Camp Consultant and a Camp Consultant Controller

A camp consultant generally deals with normal undertakings that straightforwardly consist of campers. A Camp consultant controllers work above a camp consultant to manage larger scope matters and regulate the complete camp’s talent. They frequently teach the consultant to tune stock, meet with and deal with any discern concerns, recommend the sporting events consultants create and display screen any probably risky trips. 

Do, camp consultant controllers are generally extra certified than camp consultants and might keep months certification or have wide revel in filling in as a  consultant previously. Some consultant controllers may also have vital management or supervisor revel in and are recruited to use those competencies to help the camp with running successfully and beneficially.

Characteristics Of A Good Camp Consultant

To grow to be an awesome camp guardian, you ought to foster several personality traits. You have to be an affected person and sort even as participating with the adolescent campers. You have likewise to display a high-quality strength whilst gambling out the camp sporting events. Furthermore, you ought to use your inventiveness, force, and benevolence to enhance the day camp insight. 

  • Good Communication: Camp consultants have to have high-quality relational competencies.  A first-rate camp manual has to have high-quality relational competencies. There can be an exquisite deal of correspondence related to each day’s sporting events at day camp. Your relational competencies cross beyond being a terrific speaker. You ought to be a first-rate target market also. Camp publications have to see a way to track the youngsters consciously. 

  • Persistence: A camp guardian want to have a first-rate degree of tolerance. Camp guardians love being around youngsters. Be that because it may also, terrific camp advisors ought to have an endless stock of patience after they talk with campers. 

  • Empathy: Camp guardians have to showcase sympathy. Sympathy and thoughtfulness are essential traits for a first-rate camp manual. Unfortunately, positive occasions may also force the kids mad, dismal, careworn, or frightened. Regardless of whether or not the problem may also seem important to you, it’s miles vital to deal with each camper compassionate. 

  • Enough Strength: Camp advocates have to have high-quality strength. As a camp consultant, you may be encircled with the aid of using gatherings of unstable youngsters, who’re in large part lively approximately getting a price out of the past due spring. A high-quality camp manual has to have bunches of strength to live privy to those younger campers. The kids will see whilst a camp consultant does not seem like content material approximately a movement. Your demeanor may want to affect their day camp insight. 

  • Inventiveness: Creativity is terrific first-rate for camp advocates to have. Innovativeness is a treasured camp consultant first-rate in the course of sporting events. A resourceful camp teacher could make lots else a laugh, even on a darkish stormy day. Being imaginative will likewise help a terrific camp manual settle clashes or swiftly regulate every other timetable change. 

  • Drive: Camp guardians want to showcase a strong force. They have to have a ton of force. They want to recognize their work and what’s commonly predicted of them. Demonstrating enthusiasm means that the teacher will play out their obligations without ought to be requested or regulated. 

  • Magnanimity: Selflessness is an essential first-rate for consultants. They recognize they must offer every camper and connect with the revel in, now no longer to flaunt their capacities. The publications are accessible, for pretty even as attend to the campers. They commit their works to make certain each of the kids recognizes this, putting camp insight into the place.

Resume Examples 

Camp consultants direct and manage youngsters collaborating in physical games. Normal duties recorded on consultants retain getting taken care of physical games, making certain kids protection, imparting enthusiastic assist, welcoming new campers, and wearing out camp standards. The best person has to show off administrative skills, enjoy operating with kids, exceptional correspondence and relational skills, regard for protection, and an uplifting angle. No right training is wanted for this job, and executives well-known retain displaying a secondary college confirmation. 


Camp consultants are typically handy on an occasional premise. They do a lot of things in the camp. The instructive requirements to fill in as a consultant on the whole shift contingent upon the form of camp they are chipping away at. Most camps usually require consultants to be in any occasion 18 years antique and be senior secondary college understudies. Different unique places of work require them to have a few bases withinside the challenge rely on that the camp works in. 

Preparing withinside the usage of hardware and well-being techniques are given with the aid of using the company of the camp simply as emergency remedy guidance. Candidates beyond enjoy operating with kids and teenagers. It is also normal for campers to come to be consultants themselves as soon as they come to the critical age to utilize their enjoy as campers for their ability benefit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes an excellent Camp Consultant?

Excellent camp consultants are expected to be a stable true instance to the kids they are operating with. The campers can also automatically watch and duplicate the sports of consultants to assure they are staying proficient, type, and fine while they are with campers. 

They have to be organized to regulate to evolving conditions, as continually is particular, and they will automatically confront new problems to survive. Therefore, excellent camp consultants are creative and are always conceptualizing progressive procedures to expose campers to new skills and drawing in physical games. 

  • What are the things to be expected of camp consultants?

One high-satisfactory possible camp consultant’s curriculum vitae must include perception with getting taken care of physical games. They must concoct new, amusing physical games each day for campers at the same time as likewise displaying their critical skills. In addition, they have to have enjoyed operating with kids because an extra part of their time might be long gone via interfacing with youngsters and helping them with beating person or passionate problems they are confronting. 

So, they need to have well-made ready enjoy or a zeal to examine protection methods like scientific resource or CPR because they will want to offer essential attention to worn out or harmed youngsters. It’s moreover beneficial for guardians to have enjoyed operating in jobs that require mindfulness and meticulousness as they should observe campers to assure they are included continually. 

  • Who do they report to?

Normally, camp consultants report straightforwardly to the camp controller. Then the controller takes care of everything reported to his/her desk and makes sure they follow camp rules, display camp instructional plans accurately, and are going approximately as positive coaches for campers. In other words, camp controllers typically manage better-angle errands and provide routes, and assist camp consultants once they run into complicated issues.

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Camp Counselor Job Description 2021 – Salary, Duties

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