YC Interview Questions 2021 (10+ With Short Sample Answers)

YC Interview Questions (Atleast 10 With Short Sample Answers )

Introduction: The YC interview is just 10 minutes long. We will discuss YC Interview Questions here. So make sure you’re on top of the game and can communicate all of the important details to your partners. It’s a fantastic experience in its own right. The interview focuses on the concept, why your team is the best team to create the product, and how large the product will be. While Y Combinator looks for large market sizes and future billion-dollar companies,  Before the meal, the speaker usually arrives before 7 p.m. and speaks with the founders unofficially. The real conversation takes place over dessert. The majority of the speakers are successful startup developers, and their talks are generally about what happened behind the scenes at their business (s). Since the internal story of most companies has been more vivid than the one shown later to the media, conversations are strictly off of the record to promote candor. Since YC has been around for so long and we also have personal relationships with many of the members, they are confident that what they say will not be leaked, and they say a lot of moderate information.

What is Y combinator?

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Y-combinator is a Silicon Valley-based accelerator that offers seed funding and advice to early-stage startups. It is the most well-known accelerator, having helped some of the most popular startups of the twenty-first century, such as AirBnB & Dropbox. It was founded in March 2005. Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, Ubereats, Coinbase, Instacart, Onedrive, Twitch, or Reddit, are only a few of the businesses that used it to release. As of January 2021, the net value of the top YC firms is almost $300 billion. Mountain View, California, hosts the corporation’s agile transformation. The overarching aim of YC is to assist startups in reaching their full potential. They arrive at YC in various stages. Some have not really begun to operate, while others have been operational for a year or more. However, regardless of a startup’s stage when they arrive, our mission is to assist them in being significantly better four months ago.

Need of YC Interview: 

YC teaches entrepreneurs how to use weekly benchmarks to monitor their startups and maintain rapid iteration and development. That’s perfect for a small business looking for a product-market match, but it’s not the best way to lead senior executives. Instead of week-to-week jobs, you manage senior staff to extended outcomes. To do it too well, you must first determine the business’s and each official’s annual and quarterly milestones. It is indeed your responsibility to acclimate new managers to the organization’s growth. Expect to spend more time on community & collaboration, usually developing independently and in groups as you develop your premier league. Instead of pressing new managers to start actually changing things right away, you should demand that they take the time to develop connections around the company.

Process of Application

There are 5 steps of application procedure:

  1. The Login — First, create a Hackernews account, and log in with the one you already have. Instead, on the y-combinator portal, create a new request. 
    • You’ll need to build a Hackernews profile unless you don’t already have one. It’s fairly easy and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. 
    • Just go apply.ycombinator.com to create a new application after you’ve tried to log in with your profile!

  2. The Form — The first phase entails filling out a lengthy questionnaire covering every aspect of your company. If you’ve made it this far in the application process, you’ll be confronted with a lengthy questionnaire recognized as the Company Application.

  3. The Video Call (Optional) — If your pitch is well received, you will be invited to participate in a short video interview with one of the YC partners. I’ve heard of startups skipping this phase and moving through to the next round, but we did get a call, so I’ll elaborate. As soon as it receives the notice, choose to use a video slot for a time that is convenient for you. The video calls normally last no more than 10 minutes and is conducted by a partner. Dalton Caldwell became our partner.

  4. The Final Interview — If the video call goes well, you will be invited to the YC headquarters in Mountain View, California, for both the final interview. After a few days, reports began to circulate that people who had applied had been denied. We were approaching the Invite deadline (the address by which YC sends out all interview invitations) as well, as, like us, a slew of people began posting their anxiety on the internet.

  5. After the final interview, the Result spends what feels like a lifetime (but is only just a few hours!) for the tests. Unless you’re approved after your interview, you should hear from the Partner who interviewed you by 6–6:30 p.m. the same day. If you don’t, you’ll get email disapproval from him after 7 p.m. 6:30 p.m. came to an end, but no calls were received. Our hearts sunk, and we began to anticipate the inevitable rejection text.

Why should you apply for the Y-combinator?

You may be interested in joining an acceleration program for a variety of reasons. However, there are distinct advantages to entering a world-class accelerator such as Y-combinator. Here all the information related to the Y-combinator method and distills is given. What you get from the world’s most successful accelerator program into three main points in his interview:

  1. Access to immense capital

Here it is explained how joining the program will over double triple the value of your business because an enormous amount of risk-tolerant capital is waiting to participate in Y-combinator companies. Every fresh generation of Y-combinator startups has between 500 and 1000 high-performing investors waiting to participate on demo days. That is no longer the case. That’s not the case. There will be no haggling. That’s what there is to it. However, if you can or even triple the somewhat planned valuation, 7% becomes insignificant quickly.

  1. Connect with the right people 

Being a member of Y-combinator grants you exposure to the entire Y-combinator alumni network, as well as hundreds of high-performing shareholders and other resources.

Many alumni organizations will become your customers. You can even form partnerships with some of them, which will help you develop your product/service while also significantly increasing your sales. Google Drive, AirBnB, Stripe, Coinbase, Twitch, and Reddit are only a few of the prominent companies that have graduated from Y-combinator.

  1. Gain free publicity

The media, as well as investors, are eager to learn about many new Y-combinator startups. If you want to break into the U.s environment and improve your visibility, Y-combinator will provide you with a lot of free publicity. Among several other news outlets, AirHelp has been mentioned in The Washington Post, TechCrunch, and also – as seen below – Glenn Beck.

How to get into Y-combinator?

There really is no pre-made formula for achieving Y-combinator status. However, we suggest that you listen to the whole story about Henrik’s appraisal meeting, along with how their Y-combinator acceptance interview went horribly wrong and led the new company to the base of tequila containers. Another significant thing to note is that Y-combinator mainly invests in companies concentrating on or wish to join the American market, but not exclusively. If expanding into the U.s. market is one of your company’s next moves, Y-combinator might be the right fit.

Furthermore, there are several promotional offers for other Y-combinator businesses’ goods and services, which you might already be using.

Earning Of Y Combinator 

About $50000.; however, 80,000 Hours, a career consulting firm, reports that entrepreneurs who have been through the Y Combinator expansion plan earn around $50,000. The salary could double if they collect more money. If the business fails, a founder’s income may be as low as $50,000. It’s all about the programs. Every year, Y Combinator interviews and selects two or three batches of startups. In return for a 7% stake in the venture, the companies receive seed capital, advice, and contacts. The fund allows Y Combinator to participate in their alumni firms with market values under $300 million on even a pro-rata basis.

YC Interview Questions 2021


Finding the right issue is the true talent of all innovation, not just in tech startups. Building the best answer that can lead to a company is much simpler once the problem has been correctly defined and understood. True problem identification entails delving deeper into the symptoms, the client, the effect, the solutions, the potential, and their interrelationships, all while avoiding “answer bias.” Founders of startups sometimes find themselves working on an idea that seems feasible but does not address an issue that people care about substantively.


A new product would not be able to meet the demands of the whole industry. However, you wouldn’t need the whole business at first. Determine who your target audience is. It would be best to find people who are actively struggling without your product because the substitutes they are using are ineffective, time-consuming, and incomplete. People who are really in pain will charge you for a cure and tell you what you’d like to improve the product. Customers that seem to be interested but are unsure are not the ideal customers.


Every early-stage product’s aim is to accomplish three things: 

  1. Confirm that the solution fixes the issue you’re trying to solve; 
  2. Ascertain that your potential customers will appreciate the solution. 
  3. Assess whether or not people were willing to pay for your solution. 

The aim of creating an MVP is to bring the bare-bones version of your product to launch. This way, you’ll be able to tell if it’s worth anything. And if it does, the first clients, the early adopters, will start paying you right away.


A concept is worthless. An issue is also worthless. It’s all about the results. Two companies can work on the same issue, but one may be extremely popular, with millions of consumers rise at a rate of 10% per week, while the other may die after a few months. Why do you think that is? Since success is the only number that determines in this industry. Always keep in mind that the key concept behind the startups is to learn. 


Iterating, calculating, checking, and developing your product quickly while completely involving your team is what product creation is all about. This is not the same as releasing a minimum viable product (MVP). You’ve released an MVP and are pondering your next steps (remember, yes? — the key concept behind entrepreneurship is learning). That’s where the majority of startups invest the majority of their time.

Some Of The Question Asked In YC Interview 

  • Q: Let’s pretend something happens to convince you that this plan isn’t feasible. Do you have any more suggestions?

Answer: “Of course we have ideas,” says the narrator. We’ll recognize if things aren’t going as expected and, if possible, pivot to one of our other wonderful ideas x, y, or z.”

  • Q: How do we decide which startups to invest in? 

Answer: “We’ll invest in businesses from all over the world. We invest in businesses that do everything from developing mobile applications to working in the healthcare.”

  • Q: What are our options for obtaining financing for our startup? 

Answer: “With our next funding period, submit an online application. We invest in new businesses twice a year.”

  • Q: How much money do you put into it? 

Answer: “We’ve agreed to invest $125,000 in a post-money safe in exchange for a 7% stake in the business when the safe converts.”

  • Q: Is it necessary for us to compose a business plan? 

Answer: “That is not the case for us. We make spending decisions based on the information provided in our registration form as well as personal interviews. We enjoy watching demos and never hear business strategies.”

  • Q: Our group is debating between two options. Is it possible for us to send two applications? 

Answer: It is not something we suggest. You should choose your favorite concept and implement it.”

  • Q: Will you invest in different startups with the same concept? 

Answer: “Yes, indeed. When you finance as many businesses as we do, you’re bound to have some overlap. Even if you tried not to consider rival businesses, there would be overlap due to the rapid evolution of startup ideas. Developers deal with it by not informing one another of what the other is working on while two startups are working on different projects.”

  • Q: Can this business create something that a large number of people genuinely enjoy? 

Answer: “When that is the case, and if ‘lots’ is big enough, the business has a good chance of making significant profits.”

  • Q: Will this business be easy to imitate? 

Answer: “The most effective businesses I’ve operated with have a significant competitive advantage impact, patented technology, complex teamwork, or some entry barrier.” In principle, I understand how to create a very profitable commodity business, but I have no idea how to do it.”

  • Q: Is there a simple and relevant mission statement for this company? 

Answer: “I normally get bored if I don’t have this.” Companies that lack this, however, have a difficult time attracting enough talented people to work for them, and therefore fail to grow very large.”

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YC Interview Questions 2021 (10+ With Short Sample Answers)

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