Why commercial real estate?- How to answer the interview questions?

Why commercial real estate? How to answer the interview question?


Real estate agents are a very important part of our society because they are responsible for buying and selling properties and dealing with clients for the development of different contracts. They are given of certain percentage of commission on every transaction which can be one large amount of a particular cost of a project so it is a fairy prospective career. Here, we’ll know the answer to the question- Why commercial real estate?

Answer: If you have sales-oriented skills and good communication skills with the clients that this is a great opportunity for you because you can expand your network and it can benefit you in the long run in a market being a commercial real estate agent can help you on millions and dollars of money annually.

Features of Commercial real Estate

  • Salary 

The major source of getting more real estate agents is that they can earn a good amount of money annually. It is around $ 80000 to $100000.They can earn more than 20%-25% of their commission from selling real estate agents.

  • Market Knowledge

Real estate agents have an opportunity to know more about the market trends and find out what works in the market. This is a piece of very important information because it helps in setting the properties and compares them well. That is why most people prefer going to the real estate brokers to get their properties because they have the required skill and experience in the information related to the commercial space. They have the required expertise and time the market information which is accurate and which provides more benefits to the brokers as well as their customers. So that you can rule the market and on a good amount of money.

  • Saving Time

It is written he said that time is money and you can understand the preciousness of time by investing your money at the right place at the right time and with the right opportunity to avoid any kind of losses in the commercial real estate agents can really help in investing the money other right project buy commercial real estate is much more profitable than a residential real estate because he is able to deal in the monetary transactions in a better way. This will help to get you a good amount of commission if customers are happy with the project.

  • Saving Cost

By becoming a real estate broker you can help the customers save lots of money which will help you to get more commission in return from the property owners. They have the required expertise to do negotiations in order to get the perfect base based on the different aspects of real estate dealings. It’s worth noting that other than the actual price of the project there is more requirement of getting to know about the improvement cost of operating expenditure and the right quality of the constructions and building the right properties for your contracts.

Process of becoming a real estate agent

  • Initial step: The first step is to pass and qualify in the interview and perform well so that you can get a safe job in the real estate commercial to get selected. Try to reach early and where are formal dress for an interview.
  • Degree: Should have graduated in the stream of commerce or management. Have done B. CoM, BBA
  • Confidence: Next show your confidence, be optimistic while giving answers in the interview when the questions are asked by the employer, don’t give wrong answers, or provide a lot of information. This will create a bad impression and try to give your answers in a simple and conversational style.
  • Prepared: Be prepared for the interview because the better you are prepared the better your performance will be. You will be able to answer the difficult questions also if you practice well.
  • Knowledge: Try to have technical and some work specialized knowledge regarding real estate for good performance in your interview because the questions will be asked based on what you have learned in your previous curriculum.

Merits of Commercial Real estate 

  • Large earning: Good amounts of money can be found in the real estate industry because they have the skill to create more money by selling the properties to the people and they often make large amounts of money as compared to the residential real estate agents because they have the knowledge about revenues and profits cost.
  • Conducting face-to-face interviews – It is very important for commercial real estate with the main task of an agent as he is required to understand how this industry works. You should be prepared for the interview and show your confidence.
  • Professional connection: If you have completed your graduation then you have a better scope of getting a job in the real estate industry. Also, helping in developing good networks and Groups with the Chamber of Commerce not only gives you the professional framework and experience of working but also helps you to develop professional contacts which will last longer and help you to grow. 
  • Achieve targets: You can give the information about your plan, ambition, and target to your interview. This will help you to get connected with them. They will also guide you to fulfill your dreams.

Some important interview questions

Q1:Why do you want to join commercial real estate?

 Answer: The employees can tell their experience and passion for the real estate business. Being in real estate the learning curve is mild and easy as compared to the technical and specialized learning curve. To build a great career there is a need to understand higher education and work-related experience. Working in a commercial real estate agency is a great opportunity for newcomers. 

Q2:Tell us about your professional network?

Answer: You can tell them about some of the professional networks you have when you have dealt with already this will help you to get the job easily and with also create the confidence in the employee’s mind that you will be the best choice for this job you can also discuss with your prior experiences and the details which you have already done in the past and can give them some strategy to get the project even if the client is not ready to give the. So the swot analysis helps in developing the right strategy for dealing with the right contractors. 

Q3:How will you deal with a tough situation in this industry? 

Answer: This way you can show your skills to the employer and convince them that you can deal with the client and know how to deal with difficult situations. 

You can easily turn your side career into us from income per year by having some required qualities in this area. There are a large number of people who have led to the changes in the area and are coming up with such new opportunities in this real estate agent by building the professional connection you can lead this career and having that mindset of leading this industry. Almost all real estate agents are required to deal with clients and conduct broker transactions in dollars and millions. The deals are required to be claimed with a level of confidence and work with the customers under pressure. By having the required qualifications and qualities you can easily become a commercial real estate broker.

Q4:Can a real estate job be done as a part-time job? 

Answer: The commercial real estate industry requires the full time of a particular employee to work in the real estate industry because there is a need for technical and specialized knowledge for working in real estate. So working as a part-time job will not help because more effort is required to deal with the clients, carry on the contract and work on different projects.

 Q5:How will you Create new deals? 

Answer: New deals can be easily created with the help of the specialized and technical knowledge process to find the acceleration so don’t get nervous about this question, have a rank attitude, and through your enthusiasm to host new opportunities and prospects. Also highlight your previous experiences if you have achieved any this will help in increasing the chances of getting selected for a job.

Q 6: Give the introduction to the term real estate?

Answer: The main question which is asked in most real estate interviews is the information related to the idea of this industry and the workings of the industry, specifically some technical terms. Also, be interested to know whether you know how to deal with the clients and interact with them to get the contracts with them. Table test whether you have some industry knowledge processes involved while completion of a particular project task management, organization of different activities, fund allocation, etc.

Q7: What other questions are asked?

Answer: They can ask you some of the important questions like whether you know the difference between a triple net lease or gross leaves. Triple net lease means that tenants are required to pay taxes on insurance and maintain the buildings along with paying the rent while the gross least relates to the landlords who are required to pay all the expenses.

Generally, the need of the company is that you should know at least the basics of the real estate industry. They do not expect you to know every detail about it.


It is clear that being a real estate agent is a very good career if you want to pursue it. There is a large amount of scope in this career because it requires knowledge related to commerce and management which will help get more clients and profitable projects. You may also receive a pretty good amount of commission on selling the properties and by keeping in mind some important points you can easily qualify for the interview also.

Why commercial real estate?- How to answer the interview questions?

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