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When it comes to an interview, knowledge, and preparation can typically determine whether or not you are a good candidate.   Practicing your responses to the important interview questions is one of the greatest methods to prepare for a job interview. By preparing confident responses to some of the interview questions, you can gain an advantage over other candidates. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. Here we will see about “Uber Interview Questions”

Below are not only some of the most popular Uber interview questions, candidates are asked but also certain tips and suggestions so that you are well prepared. Read further to find out.

Uber Interview Questions

Overview Of The Job

Uber Technologies, Inc., or Uber, is an American mobility-as-a-service company established in San Francisco that operates in over 900 cities around the world. Uber is well known for its wide range of services such as transport services, food delivery, etc.  Uber employees people who are go-getters: people who believe in out-of-the-box thinking and are willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

Uber is committed to ensuring the safety of both passengers and drivers.  It is establishing new processes and technology, as well as forming collaborations with safety experts, to guarantee that safety remains at the forefront of its operations. Uber is dedicated to ensuring that its workforce reflects the diversity of the cities and communities it serves. It has created a completely inclusive workplace where people feel free to be themselves and where supportive and inventive managers and leaders can help them achieve great things. People that succeed at Uber collaborate across teams, recognize that diversity makes better, and relish the opportunity to direct their development.

Commonly Asked Uber Interview Questions

Q1.  Tell us something about yourself.

The first and the most important Uber interview question that you should prepare for. It is asked in almost every interview. Start your Uber interview off on the right foot by introducing yourself positively and clarifying what you’ll do if you’re hired. 

Sample answer– I am a diligent, devoted, conscientious, and loyal individual who is interested in working for Uber because I perceive you as an innovative company whose services are transforming the world. Now, over the years, I’ve always put my best effort into each task I’ve been given, and I’ve worked both independently and as part of a team. I’m also fully accountable for my professional growth. I tell you that I will always be competent in my work and that I will always operate safely and efficiently.

Q.2 What are your biggest strengths?

This is another one of the most relevant questions asked in an interview and would be asked by your employer sooner or later. 

Sample answer- My core strengths are that I am an avid learner and I easily adapt to any kind of change. I will quickly fit into the role assigned to me at the company. Customer service abilities, my capacity to collaborate with others, and my innovative approach to overcoming any obstacles are the most significant qualities that I possess and are also incredibly important for this profession. In my last job, my politeness and ability to take care of customers always made me praiseworthy and earned me recognition in the eyes of my employers.

Q.3. What do you believe are some of your weaknesses? 

Answer this question as smartly as possible. Use this opportunity to show your weakness and yet steer your answer in a direction that eventually looks like your strength. 

Sample answer- I believe my weakness includes my inability to answer with honesty when someone demands feedback from me.  I always tend to not hurt or criticize anyone and tell them some nice things instead of telling them the actual truth. However, I am learning to be honest in my feedbacks and learn from my previous experiences. Besides, I am always open to criticism as I consider all critical opinions necessary for the all-around character development of an individual.

Q.4 Why do you want to join Uber?

This question is another of those questions guaranteed to come up early on during your interview. The interviewer wants to understand the rationale behind why you want to get employed in their firm. They can also test your knowledge and research by asking you the question. Here’s a strong answer that might help you. 

Sample answer– I’d like to work for Uber since you’re a technology company that’s on the bleeding edge of what people desire in their everyday lives. You’ve changed the way people travel and order meals owing to your different services and platforms. You have achieved tremendous success in such a short period because you are always innovating, developing, and improving. I’d like to join you in your quest to reach those exalted objectives.  I creatively approach assignments, and I only want to work with like-minded experts who are always in a quest to achieve more.  I assure you to not only diligently work to achieve your goals but also make a valuable contribution to make Uber reach new heights. 

Q.5. Describe your knowledge about the company Uber? 

. If you answer this question smartly, it will show your dedication to the job. To prepare look into the history of the company; services they offer; and what are projects the company is presently working on. Make sure to update your information as per the changes happening in the dynamic of the company. 

Sample answer – Uber Technologies, Inc., or Uber, is an American mobility service provider established in San Francisco that presently operates in over 900 cities around the world.  A San Francisco-based technology company it is well acclaimed for offering a wide range of services such as transportation, food delivery, and courier services, among other things. Uber had 101 million monthly active users worldwide in the second quarter of 2021. Uber has a 68 percent market share in ride-sharing and a 26 percent market share in food delivery in the United States. Uber has become so well-known in the sharing economy that uberisation, or the commoditization of service industries through the use of computing platforms, has been established. It is no wonder Uber would become a household name in the future acquiring a lot of international prominence and recognition. 

Q. 6 What makes you the best candidate for the role? OR Why should we employ you?

The hiring manager wants to know that you’ve thought about why you want to work for this fantastic company and that you’ve done your homework. The vast majority of those who make it to the interview stage are qualified for the job. As a result, simply having the qualifications will not be sufficient to set you apart from the competitors. You need to sufficiently give reasons to your employers to choose you over other candidates. 

Sample answer-  I believe there can be several reasons for you to employ me. I am a highly dedicated professional and a punctual person who has an acute sense of responsibility. I put in a lot of effort to ensure that my responsibilities are completed to a high standard. I feel I can deliver excellent customer service to your clients and will always strive to uphold the brand’s image. In my previous positions, I was frequently regarded as a team leader. I am a diligent team player who always works towards furthering the company’s goals. Furthermore, I will always abide by your rules and regulations and can be as flexible with my work as you want me to be.

Q7. What are the most significant traits and talents for working at Uber?

Now, the only way you can confidently answer this question is if you’ve studied their organization and understand what it takes to perform at a competent level. The following is an example of a possible response.

Sample answerWorking at Uber necessitates several key talents and attributes. Customer service is one of them. People will no longer utilize Uber services and will not suggest them to others if the customer service is poor.  Further, one will need an imaginative approach to developing products and services, as well as the ability to persevere in the face of issues and hurdles. Uber is one of the world’s most successful firms in the technological age, and it has achieved this position via hard work, persistence, and invention. Collaboration ability is now among the most crucial skills and attributes. You must be prepared to work to high standards in all roles at Uber; everything must be accomplished to stringent standards, and staff must be able to follow the company’s policies and procedures. Finally, great interpersonal and communication skills are required. Workplace communication and interaction go a long way toward ensuring that tasks and projects are done on time and to the required standard.

Q8. Would you be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you get this job? 

For large organizations, trade secrets and other sensitive information are immensely important. These big companies have a certain reputation in the market which they have to maintain at all times. They might have potential competitors who envy their business plan and want to steal relevant information. The employees are the most common target to achieve this. 

Hence, the employees must be prepared to sign any kind of non-disclosure agreement if the form demands it. Your answer should be smart and convincing. 

Sample answer- I understand the importance of confidentiality in any business and Uber is such a big corporation that has to ensure that certain matters remain private and confidential. I assure you I will not indulge in any practices that go against the regulations of the company and will maintain any kind of secrecy that is important. I would be willing to sign the non-disclosure agreement.

Q9. Tell me about an instance when you and a team member worked out a disagreement. 

This is one of the tricky interview questions that evaluate your ability to work in a team.  They want to discover if you can engage with others while staying focused on the organization’s purpose. Do not demean any of your previous colleagues or employer and try to highlight your capabilities while answering this question. 

Sample answerWhen I first started working at my previous employment, a co-worker disagreed with me about how to execute a particular task. Our manager assigned us both the task of doing a stocktake to assist in the creation of a company-wide product inventory. My suggestion was that we go through the products in alphabetical order, but my colleague offered a different approach. I thought his method would take a long time and be inconvenient. Now there was a bit of a disagreement between both of us and finally, I agreed to use his method provided the next time we both do the task by using the method I provided.  The next time we were given the same task we both used the method that I stated. As it turned out my method proved to be more efficient. I have always had this policy where anytime there is a conflict, I will always prioritize completing the assignment over-focusing on my personal beliefs.

Q10. What are your salary expectations?

This type of question is asked to determine your research and decision-making skills. The employer wants to know whether you are aware of everything related to your industry and would also want to know your reasons for demanding the salary you aim for. 

Sample answer – Before coming to this interview, I did a little bit of research to find out the average salary for this position within the industry. Now the average salary was around 25, 000 USD to 35, 000 USD. Now idealistically I would want 35,000 but I understand that am practically a stranger to you and yet to prove my capabilities. So with that responsibility, I would like the salary to from range 30,000 to 35,000 USD. 

Q11.  Do you have any queries for us?

This is an important question for a plethora of reasons.It is the traditional approach to end an interview.  It demonstrates how much study a candidate has done on the firm and allows both parties to dig more into the issues that have not been previously discussed. 

Sample answer -Thank you so much I enjoyed the process, I just want to ask a few questions if that is alright:

What plans do you have for the business for the next five to ten years? 

What has irritated you the most about the people formerly employed in the position that I am applying for?

What will be expected of me if I acquire the job?


The aforementioned answers and suggestions can also be used for interviews at companies other than Uber, but you’ll discover that each company has its version of the procedure and one has to tailor their answers according to it. Most importantly, these interviews built a sense of confidence and help you align with your career goals and skill set. These are only a few of the questions you may anticipate being asked during an Uber interview. Keep in mind that some of them will be position-specific, so keep your ideal position in mind as you prepare for an interview. Do not worry and practice the interview questions well, you will ace your interview.

Uber Interview Questions -Learn More

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