Social Media Manager Interview Questions (10+ Sample Answers)

Social Media Manager Interview Questions (At Least 10 With Short Sample Answers)

Being the social media managers, they will oversee an organization’s internet presence by creating a strategy, engaging content, analyzing user statistics, enabling customer support, and managing projects & initiatives. In bigger organizations, social media administration is also known as social media collaboration. However, in small & medium-sized businesses, the job may be merged with additional communications & marketing tasks. Hence, the phrase “social media manager” is frequently used in organizations. In this article, we are going to discuss the Social Media Manager Interview Questions over here.

It’s not always simple to carry social media platforms properly.  However, companies are now devoting a significant amount of effort to researching and testing various social media tactics and which additional networks they must be present on. We have provided a list of questions with sample answers. Incorporating even a couple of these questions into your interview procedure will assist you in distinguishing the professionals from the posers. To determine whether your potential social media manager seems to be the standout player your company needs, ask probing questions and listen carefully to the replies.

Duties of a Social Media Manager

  • Contributes to the marketing plan by identifying and acquiring clients through social media.
  • Receives market share through creating social media advertising plans & campaigns for every product, as well as coordinating promotional assistance.
  • Handles online customer relationships by planning and implementing customized customer-relationship initiatives.
  • Directs market research gathering, analysis, & evaluation of market information to produce short & long market predictions as well as reports.
  • Develops innovative techniques for market expansion, including data acquisition and analysis, as well as consultation with internal as well as external resources.

Salary of a Social Media Manager

The Social Media Managers make an average annual income of $50,088 as in the U.S.

Social Media Manager Interview Questions

  • Question 1: What attracted you to social media marketing in the first place?

Answer: I have been operating social media for more than a decade; however, it wasn’t until 5 years later that I opted to pursue it formally. Because I began to notice all of the new & creative ways businesses were trying to catch their viewer’s attention, I decided to pursue a profession in it. Being a dynamic person, I felt it was the type of job that would allow me to blend my artistic skills with my smart planning.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

  • Question 2: Which social networks have you previously managed?

Answer: The objective isn’t to create profiles as well as pages & then publish material to them; many people can accomplish that. Perhaps somebody seems to be the social media manager, and even the social media users are determined by their ability to develop and participate with a network.

  • Question 3: Which tool do you use to schedule your posts? 

Answer: My preferred programming tool for social media is Later. Because I use Snapchat so much compared to other social media networks, that tool is beneficial. Managing numerous accounts, planning posts, and reposting are all made simple using Later.  This is also user-friendly & has relevant metrics, which I appreciate. I consider their post to be quite useful and frequently consult it for Snapchat strategy tips and data. 

  • Question 4: What do you mean by social media marketing?

Answer: Social media marketing includes the process of gaining attention, building your brand, increasing website traffic, & increasing revenues using social media platforms. Organizations & individuals may easily do this by posting interesting material to respective social media accounts, connecting with their audience, and executing social media promotions. Currently, there are numerous social networking websites worldwide. Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram are the most popular social media platforms in the user base.

  • Question 5: Which social media sites should we use for our business?

Answer: This question is entirely reliant on the sort of firm you’re applying for. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online, local, Business to customer, or Business – to – business company. As a result, educate yourself for such a response before going to the interview.

  • Question 6: How do you define engagement?

Answer: The term “engagement” refers to a brand’s ability to relate with its target audience through listening & answering to people. Brands are forming more human relationships with their fans, according to a new trend I’ve seen. Replying to audience comments and providing more engaging content are two ways to accomplish that for our brand. In addition, users appreciate it when businesses use live video and surveys to gain more about their customers. By using some of these methods, we will be able to reach out to more individuals and form more significant connections.

  • Question 7: Share a situation when dealing with a crisis on a social media network.

Answer: A dissatisfied user once criticized our Instagram account. He then encouraged his supporters to protest us, which caused Instagram to take down our company page for a while. I took action in this scenario by contacting Instagram to clarify the problem. To show Instagram that we were true, I recorded every communication which we did with that user. As a result, Instagram reactivated our account after 24hrs. Looking ahead, I’ll try to resolve customer issues so that this doesn’t happen again.

  • Question 8: What are the marketing implications of social media?

Answer: Firstly, social media usage is quite high, with many people using numerous platforms every day. As a result, companies must implement social marketing with a major marketing approach to contact their target consumers, turn them into clients, retain current customers devoted to the company, address their item defects, respond to their questions, and much more.

  • Question 9: How can you handle numerous social media sites properly at the same time?

Answer: In my prior position, I was in charge of a brand’s Twitter & Instagram pages. To keep consumers interested, it’s a good idea to offer distinct material for every platform. My approach is to schedule content for both pages a month ahead of time. Each one of these networks ought to have somewhat distinct content yet use the firm’s voice. Twitter, for instance, should focus more on photos, but Instagram may highlight things like corporate success. When I’m developing my approach, I consider what both platform’s communities see from it.

  • Question 10: What makes social media extremely famous?

Answer: Social media seems to be so prominent because users use it for various purposes all over the world. The following are the primary reasons: It allows you to keep in touch with your friends & relatives. It allows you to meet new individuals and interact with them. Social networking services are free and use methods to find what kind of material users would enjoy and present comparable stuff in their newsfeed area. Users of social media, mostly websites like Instagram, keep up with what’s going on in the world and interact with the companies they care about.

  • Question 11: Can you tell me about your worst social media blunder?

Answer: Everybody has failed at some point in their lives, some worse than others. All interviewers are, Of course, more interested in how they handled it. Please pay attention to how the situation was addressed to gain knowledge into their adjusting abilities and manage negativity.  

  • Question 12: When it comes to marketing, how might LinkedIn help?

Answer: One of the most popular social media platforms for promoting yourself and a company is LinkedIn. This currently has approximately 307 Monthly Current Users.  Firstly, a company’s account must be search engine optimized. Regularly posting compelling material on your company’s Facebook page might help you gain more followers. Rich material has shown to be quite valuable and will aid in improving the rate of interaction.

  • Question 13: When is the best time to share blogs or post on social media networks?

Answer: According to numerous researches, the hours between 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. are ideal for social media activity. Websites receive the most clickthrough at these hours. However, posting on social media sites before 8 a.m. or even after 8 p.m. isn’t recommended. Wednesday noon seems often seen to be a great time to publish.

  • Question 14: How much social media can be used to promote a website’s post?

Answer: To promote our blogs on social media, one can implement the techniques listed below:

  • Publishing & promoting information on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Make a little film regarding the blog article and upload it on video streaming sites like YouTube.
  • Make infographics out of them & publish them on social media platforms like Instagram.
  • Depending on this social media site you can use various names and descriptions.
  • While creating a post keep the sharing privacy on so that every person can share your post.
  • Question 15: Can we conduct a free event on our company’s Facebook Page in which followers who like & share our daily postings have a chance to win?

Answer: It is critical to understand the regulations and standards for every platform. Mostly to follow best practices and prevent breaking the terms and conditions, being suspended, and being removed from. So this question has a quick explanation: “no.” Facebook opposes misleading headlines that promote liking as well as sharing. However, you can also conduct a genuine contest & provide extra points to people who participate in that contest.

Social Media Manager Interview Questions (10+ Sample Answers)

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